andrea Frazzled and at my wit's end as the customers steadily poured through the door adding to the weight of my job. Frustrated by a rude bitchy old woman who only needed soy sauce tarnished the good mood I had been graced with. Then I saw him-goofy grinned and shoveling chicken fried rice into his mouth. My kind playfulness with him seemed to shock his family at first. But soon they warmed up and joined in. When his mother paid the bill, she thanked me for my attitude towards the five year old. "He isn't used to people being nice to Thomas. He's our foster son." Tears filled my eyes and I realized how blind I am sometimes to other's pains and burdens because I'm so wrapped up in Andrea's needs and pacifications. I thank God that little boy is with people who will show him the true meaning of trust. And then I pray with all my might that all the other Thomas' out there meet someone like that family. 991231
* is my cousin. we're the same age, but i don't know what happened with us. mebbe there was nothing there and i was just thinking it all in my head and tummy.

i miss him. he's distant and we sometimes play pool, but i don't know if he really likes me. does he? or is it just sympathy for poor nerdy me, like the kind his mom gives me?

but i want to get to know him. i'd like to tell hm what to do, but he won't. i just hope his friends (or whatever the hell they are) don't eat him alive first.
Leann 'Tis the last rose of summer, left blooming alone; all her lovely companions are faded and gone.
--Thomas Moore

thomas - also my brother...
blabbing died suddenly, still unsure why...
his mysterious silly grin,
his wide teasing brown eyes,
and his warm, easy, goofy personality
is missed.
Rhin oh tommy - dear brother of mine,
what have you done this time?

slayer of monsters.
my slayer.

baby bird.

willow whips.
chop down the willow.

free bird.

scars like ribbons streak your back.
tommy running...he can't hide.

hurt bird.

powerful army snatching you up.
MIA - sliced and diced.

free bird.

country pharmicist.
out of work - whirlibirds.

caged bird.
niska i love being here with you. if i tell you i love you every minute of every day, you will still never understand how much.

i'm surprised you have to question whether i plan to spend my life with you. i thought that's what we were already doing.

you know there is no one else. i wouldn't be here if you weren't.

Bizzar The wonder and mystery have faded in the light and radiance that shines from your eyes
and have been replaced with love, trust, and wishes of forever.
You hold the power to make my life worth living with a glance and a grin.

And the way the room lights up when he graces it with his presence is just the beginning of his good side.
And when he laughs, all my fear, and anything else wrong is nonexistant.
He can change my mood with his smile.

The talent that flows through his hands makes me weak inside, and he wears his art on his arms.

Thomas is the name of the man who pulls tears from my eyes when he sings.
The sound of his voice alone sends chills down my spine.
Thomas is the face that is sewn to the backs of my eyelids, just so Im not alone when I close my eyes.
Thomas is the kiss on my forehead in the morning, and he is what I feel when I first wake up.

He is somewhere behind my every thought, and somewhere behind the reason for anything I do.
He is my insperation to succeed, and my motivation to make myself better.

He is a teacher of truth, and he has shown me things that I never knew existed.
He sees things the way no one else can, or even wants to.
And he is so strong that it makes me weak.

He's not perfect, in fact most times hes an asshole.
But thats part of who he is, and I love who he is.
And when hes in the mood to be sweet, its the most brilliant and beautiful site I have ever witnessed.
He makes me heart so full it could burst.

And all I want out of this life on earth, is the memory of my time spent with him to never become dim in my mind.
May every second spent in his arms remain vivid when I close my eyes.
So at least I can have part of him forever.
And may he remember me as one who would stop at nothing to see him smile, to make him happy.

If it has to end, let my memory bring him happy thoughts, so that even when Im not there, I know I can still make him smile. Because his smile should never go unnoticed.
cube Falling in love with an asshole is one thing. After all, you can't always recognise an asshole when you first meet him. However, women who wittingly stay in relationships with assholes have always been a complete mystery.
Bizzar Deffinately depends on the kind of asshole we're talking about here. He's not an asshole that like beats me or anything, he's just a sarcastic kind of asshole. Know what I mean? Sorry if I gave u the wrong idea. He's deffinately not mean or anything. 030407
rubydee i taught him to dance
knowing full well it was more for my own benefit
someone to take me out for a swirl
a dip
a chocolate covered scoop of love

held tight in your arms
do-se-do-ing til dawn
and wishing for that sugar packet raft
to carry me away
dudeinanigloo my name is thomas 040121
Jess A-ha!
Thomas is a mighty fine name!
dudeinanigloo Well thank you. 040712
Jess It's ok!
rubydee so now you've left your girlfriend
who had a kid but not yours anyway
and you call me at two in the morning
professing all sorts of love
and i hang up quick
lest i linger too long
and get sucked into your orbit
the black hole
that is your love
what's it to you?
who go