bijou i don't think i can wait that long 010610
poppies in the bird seed tweedledee and tweedledum,
needle me and gimme some

the essence of the god of dreams and his poppyseed offspring

(mister sand man...)
sweetheart of the song tra bong It has no effect on me whatsoever. I can't get knocked out. No matter how much they give, I can still feel everything. Any more and your heart will stop, they said.

At that point I didn't really care.
nemo does it really matter anymore? 010614
paste! it can't seem to get away from me lately. warmer, warmer, disco. 011130
unhinged i remember the one_legged_man before he was a one_legged_man laying in the hospital with his morphine drip (or maybe he was a one_legged_man then; i guess the point is he was in the hospital to become one_legged) pretty much self-controlled. and he sat there watching the t.v. continuously pushing the little button. sometimes old people have it all. 011201
Valentine I told a girl in my class about Heather's morphine and she asked me to get some. Why would I steal some woman's only escape from the pain from her knees? Some people have no respect, ya know? They don't even listen and go, "Oh, that's terrible I hope she gets her surgery." insteady they immediately want you to pilfer drugs for them. Assholes. 030227
minnesota_chris I've heard counselors describe that (starting to take drugs or drinking heavily, when they're not just having fun) as self medication. They're avoiding their crummy feelings. 030228
jane i'm glad you're back 030602
misstree Leave your world, come to me. I'm closer to you than I seem.
Wish upon this melody and come to me Martha Lee.
- fr. "Like a Mirror"

Hand over hand up the lifeline, luckily the knots stay tight.
Silhouettes of the two of us climbing, climbing up a rope on fire.
Climbing up a rope on fire.
Trapped in a room in a fortress, running outta air to breathe.
Only seconds to go and we'll break free, I didn't think that we would reach.
Only the two of us can disconnect the bomb.
And save ourselves before the oxygen is gone.
I'll call for backup, you start to scream.
It's not the first time we've been in this dream.
She ripped the wings right off my back.
She whispered deep, keep it on the track.
She said you're no angel, no angel anymore.
All the wheels are coming loose. Close-up shot of a burning fuse.
The sky is filled with question marks. Will the chains come apart?
These few seconds that I've left to go. Flames and chaos down below.
And the earth opens wide. Got to climb a rope on fire.
-fr. "Rope on Fire"

On my fingertips. On the tip of my tongue.
I register your every touch. I hear your smell.
I hear your smile. Fast as light. Two hundred miles.
And all across that line. Stretched between your bed and mine.
All alone just for tonight. I'm yours and you're mine.
I got birds that shiver in a forest so thick. I got hands full of magic tricks.
And I'll part those branches with my hands.
Clear the land mines from your path.
-fr. "i'm yours you're mine"

morphine makes music that makes me breathe heavy.
disappear oxycodone 031110
you know me you suck of the purple shit and spit it out you grind your teeth back and fourth untill that pill is all gone, next you sallow that junk all man 12 hours of this how can i pass it up wow! this is nice i cant believe i spent ten $'s but i really do like it! the black in my eye's is almost gone I'm glade I got four more but i don't think it's enough it really makes the pain in my back go away when i sleeep jolt's go through my body and the dreams are amazing i am not hooked and never will be only 1 every other day or 1 every week never 2 in one day i just think it feels good but i'm not going to keep as a habbit or an addiction i put my self through withdraws and i still feel alright not take one b/c i already had pains before 031202
spacemanwithadeadbrain powerful enzyme released by the clocks. 050608
skyburst777 no thanks. 050608
jane jasmin had traded me for ambien when she was still here in california. i had saved the tablet for a special occasion, thinking it would be best to research the stuff before introducing it to my system. last night, it was remembered & we decided to split the large pill. it was kind of disappointing - i thought we would be seeing things or at least feeling euphoric. it just seemed to make us slightly wobbly. well the time came when we were drowsy enough to go to bed, & he left me on the couch after draping a blanket over me. "i don't feel good.. " i said. i figured i could just sleep through it. i decided i didn't want to spend the night on the couch, so i went downstairs to my room & got in bed. i couldn't sleep. my stomach reminded me of its issues, but again i felt if i could just get to sleep, i wouldn't have to deal with it in the morning. after hours of this, i had to get up. i ended up feeling feverish, hot & cold at the same time. i walked upstairs & felt the warm air hit my face & felt immediately sick. after a while i felt like i was going to choke from lack of oxygen. i knew i needed water but i could hardly breathe, let alone drink. i ended up back on the couch after looking at my pale green face in the mirror, hoping this wasn't really as bad as the last time i felt like that, when i went to the hospital & had an i.v. put in for hours 060118
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