sage in a vaguely abstract sort of way 981027
mareberry The things we've done, the glances we've exchanged, they're all meaningless. All we are and all we ever will be is nothing more than useless, meaningless beings, blind to the truth. Blind to each other. Blind to the meaningless paths we follow. 990505
poot nothing is meaningless. To be meaningless is to be less than real, to be of absolutely no value. Those glances you speak of tell more than a thousand page book ever could. They speak, silently, of the connection that we all share- as humans, as keepers of this earth. 990616
survival_car When there is no answer you can find. When there is no hope, then it is all meaningless-without meaning, without value, without soul. Nothing is incarnated in the form of deliberate meaninglessness. 991216
jennifer all those things that are not trivial, yet not for any significance

the rest stop between cherished and forgotten
klarchen I fear that I have blathed too much.

Like a fever that drains all energy, the sick is sickened.

My words are meaningless.

Perhaps I need some ice water to drown my words, to kill the fever.

It is much too hot now.

Give me glass.

Pour me the water.

I shall put a stop to it.
stan meaning is overrated 000731
... contemplation of feelings. 010121
peyton What we will will be in fifty years..

What blather will be in ten..
freakizh the pain when it travels through time 011126
calypso callling meaningless randomness,
freudian slips of truthfulness
seep through cracks of thoughtlessness,
tumbling from my consciousness.
Dawn the meaning of the word meaningless is "a thing without meaning" but even that has a meaning, Is like saying Leonardo da Vinci was wrong, AM I JUST SAYING STUPID THINGS!!!

A new day is dawning!!!
blown cherry the cynic e v e r y t h i n g 020407
Dack Rambo is my father These are my memories. Stupid places. Precious faces. That were meaningless before. 020407
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY you are ju§t a§
capable of meaningle§§
§ex a§ i am and you
know it.
Yooden Vranx It's almost a little comical, isn't it? Blathering on about the meaning of meaningless.

Well I have this to say about meaningless; it has veyr little use. Not much is meaningless, not if you're looking, not if you can move around a concept 360 degrees and notice it from every different angle. Sometimes, the light just hits these things differently from just the right angle. For instance, one moment it could just be a fishbowl, and the next the words, "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" could be suddenly visible.

Look for meaning before you take the easy route of meaningless, but nonetheless be wary; failing to find the meaning is not as bad as finding one that isn't there.

Think before you talk, yeah?

Insat My meaningless drivel will mean something to some and nothing to others. Makes it all not so meaningless afterall. 030202
no reason this word has meaning. 030202
unhinged meaningless_conversation

TalviFatin you and I 031005
Love Is All You Need I thought I could do it, the meaningless, the random encounter that once made my heart quicken with excitement when I heard his name. I thought I could lust and leave, and like a fool I told him I could for that brief moment of passion would mean more to me than he thought, but I could keep that a secret. I knew I would always have that with me, that thought that feeling that moment when I'd wake up with him next to me and I would always remember it. We between friends and strangers, it was close enough but different and that was the only reason we could. We got away with it. He came round in the dark, in the cold heartless rain, the impossible romance of it all. And I never felt so warm, so loved for that short time. And he kissed me like he meant it. I knew he didn't, but for the second, the niceties and the hugs and the snuggling up next to him meant something. But hours change and feelings go back from whence they came. And now I want what I can't have 031207
Dawn of Death no, i no longer care about meaninglessness
i have no reason to care
i dont have to do anything
because i dont want to do anything

i guess i am meaningless then

and what good would love be at this point

it's too late
stephin merritt and if some dim bulb should say
we were in love in some way
kick all his teeth in for me
and if you feel like keeping on kicking
feel free
why is there a w in answer? Your words strike a chord for me. I've felt this way. I've suggested to another that she is meaningless. And as time teaches, I've realized that my quip was merely a front. I did not want to accept the profound meaning of this woman in my life. (Reasons here) Now I do.
Its too late.
This is grossly cryptic because of emotions I've yet to comprehend. Knowing that she is more meaningful than my mind can reasonably or even (obviously) coherently expound upon leaves me breathless.
"Meaningless" is the only thing that is truly meaningless.
azzqim it doesn't mean a thing 040905
love & hate My whole existance on this earth is meaningless. Without her, without my love which i cherished so dearly, the meaning to my life has dissapeared. Never to return to me, as it has been left behind for no more does she give me what i need, what i crave, what i yearn for. Forever am i to live a meanigless life wandering around unknown streets while the sky is black and the smell of smoke chokes my lungs while i struggle to survive this rechid world alone. 040905
twist everything we ever do is meaningless because we are all eventually forgotten in the end 040927
god i won't forget me 040927
Britney You're all niggers.I can burp.Lean back.ah.
then looking upwards
i strain my eyes and try
to tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
from the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

"do they collide?"
i ask and you smile.
with my feet on the dash
the world doesn't matter.
pSyche it's meaning less to you
with every day
it always was meaningless to everyone
everyone but me that is
I'll never forget the way
that those words tumbled
and flew from your mouth
like 100 little angels
that pulled my lips into a smile
StealThisName Say "meaningless" 100 times
It becomes meaningless
michael lyrical lost invention has to leave the lingering lights to addressing the faulty magnetude of the initial force 050320
monika I'm a meaningless person

Although I try to ignore the fact...

I have saved no lives
I have done no good
I an nothing

meaningless, worthless
saveseverylife saved no lives? saved no knives. saved no drives. saved no hives. what the fuck is a life? one moment we're us, then that moment is gone. enjoy all the moments. take care but enjoy. saved no lives? saved no deaths. 050329
z meaning is a human construct
see: consensual_reality
z all things without observation 050405
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** anything, everyone, anyone, nothing, something, can you see it now? this is reality hitting you in the face.

opposite: see hope
pSyche existance.

So f*ing empty.
unhinged you say you love me
but you don't put your hands on me
the way i need you to
you say i'm special
but i'm just the other girl you run to
when the bitch leaves
to hear you say 'i_love_you'
meaningless to me now
what's it to you?
who go