Quintessensual E-mail fosters intimacy, as the telephone does but with usually greater permanency and potentially greater intensity.

One of the most intimate of processes is the merging of two minds or two souls through e-mail communications between them, when there is nothing material between them but wires and electrical or electromagnetic signals, not even certain knowledge of their real names or any knowledge of the bodies they belong to.

To be sure, this intimacy, as real as it is and as extraordinary as it might be, may be exceeded by what it sometimes leads to.

If, after reaching e-mail intimacy, the names become known and the bodies merge, the word "intimacy" is inadequate to describe what is attained, there is no adequate word.
sean what ever happened to snail mail??? 000125
Acuhymen i have felt what you speak of. that merging in email.

i have denied this feeling, asserting that nothing can be better than a conversation in person.

maybe we're just the type to prefer the greater intellectual freedome of email, and the idea of the purity and transcendence of the spoken word has been beaten into me by my parents and some peers.

but i still think i shall seek to improve my abilities to communicate in person. i want to be the wind. and i fear tying anything emotional to this...

as much as i love it.
Chrity go to:
*Ziima* I never recieve substantial information through e-mail. No one really writes anymore. It's always those damn forwards. Why? Why cant I just get a real e-mail that shares thoughts, opinions, and dreams? I long to discuss real things with real people. I am inviting. 010720
ClairE It has changed the world.

Instantaneous letter? How ludicrous!

No wonder no one writes letters anymore. Those who'd stick to the romance
are too cheap to send letters.

I even have turned to the dark side.

Although I must admit,
I do love it.
shiva broken again.

damn it.

phil 020619
kerry wableeta, email me again!!!
"3 new email messages"
i click the icon
"increase your penis size" (?!)
"a new buff body in 3 days" (wtf?)
"weight loss is now easy and cheap! no dieting, no exercise!" (ok........)
where do these people get my address?

i want emails that are actually readable. something with substance. or something interesting at least. i want people writing me to tell me what's going on in their lives.

i want to hear about hollis's new kitten and kasey's new life in california and vail's trip to hawaii. i want nathalie writing me even if all she does is tease me. anything that isn't an advertisement to enlarge my nonexistant penis.
zulu I like e-mail

except for the MAIL part
already dead no_new_messages

please just_roll_me_in_the_pool
gay gizmo ok, you look at porn ONCE and suddenly your inbox is flooded with headings that read : "girl sucks horse" or "shes been naughty" or "amber wants to meet you"....I wasnt even looking at STRAIGHT porn!!! I dont get it?!?!?! 020930
bethany once i swear just once
and i get pregnant ladies and beastiality
i mean if they cant tell the difference between straight women and gay
they surely cant find tight asses for you
or leave you alone
Anna_Began Three weeks ago I wondered what it meant when a boy signed an "I had an erotic dream about you" email with "Love," Now I know it pretty much means nothing. 030131
endless desire i cant tonight
it wont let me
but i will
as soon as i can
i promise.
Death of a Rose This is email. Bow done before me. 031009
misstree sometimes, upon hitting send, it feels like i have drawn and shot a bow, but displaced so that i am shooting through my chest, that bits of viscera splatter and my eyes widen in horror for the inevitability of what i have done.

often, truth be told. i_am_scared_of_words, sometimes. often.
me hey....
shoot me...
Ivory All the ones I have from you that I was never supposed to show anyone. All the things we did that no one was supposed to know. All the words you spoke that no one should ever hear.

I showed. I told. I spoke.

You lied. Memories. Emails. Remnants of touches and feelings that I'll never know again.

What else was I supposed to do?
flowerbed on a cloud Can't live without it. Imagine e-mail not being there anymore. How many far distance friends would you reach then? ^^ Love e-mail...and internet ^^

Such an eye-opener
prakash where do i have sex in dubai

pete a crashed computer and some technology lost in transit sent me into old emails of a lost love, heart-wrenching and sweet trying to skip over those words without attachments, though reading always, quickly quickly, the subjects and smiling at the forms so faded, being drawn back a year. a year in a week, and that's just how my brain works, remembering dates and times and names and faces and places when least appropriate. even the attached ones, those emails, the words so casually written, so sweetly conceived, and gone in to the darkness of a more formal, yet so so friendly, existence that we have now. at least all is not lost, though that file is. 071103
flowerock Just noticed, blather has not tacking an email to my name because it contains a . Ha. My new email does not. 140927
Soma I wrote an email once. Before I was Soma. I think it was to Jane, but I can't remember and it doesn't matter. I never hit send. How sad, I had words. I HAD WORDS. SO many words to be had. I still wouldn't send it. Fear always holds the whip. 140927
melted plastic spending an hour typing someone an email only to find out the address no longer exists when a friendly mail system administrator message comes back telling you it was undeliverable. that's the ticket. 140927
flowerock I think I would have been happier or maybe just felt more cool and mysterious if I'd never used an email at all here. Now it's already done with half of my email address and the new one I made... maybe my new one can just be my "blather" email : ) no one emails me any way. I'm pretty average and boring word wise : P which is fine with me ; ) 140927
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