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kele-de Avoiding the Astral Nasties

Being able to successfully project oneself into the astral planes and beyond can bring about life-changing experiences. Knowing that there are some dangers involved though, in moving one's astral body and consciousness into the planes, and knowing how to protect yourself against them, can ensure pleasant experiences every time you project. If you have ever come back from a meditation or projection which left you feeling shaken and unsure, or having had strange visions or thoughts come to you, then you have most likely experienced what has been not-so-affectionately termed "Astral Nasties." While a simple Cone of Power is exceptionally strong protection for us while working on the physical plane, when we leave this plane we encounter a whole new world of beings to which our rules do not apply.

Know Thine Enemy

In order to protect one's self against a negative entity, one must first understand what it is and where it comes from. While bringing spirit guides with you into your projections will provide a general level of protection, there will always be entities with the ability to attach themselves to you as you move through the planes. While many are mere annoyances, some can cause a person to have so scary an experience that it could hinder them from wanting to attempt projection again.

Of the seven planes of existence, the lower astral planes are where all negative thought processes, negative emotions, daemon and other "nasties" converge. The vibrations of the lower astral planes provide the perfect habitat for them to live and fester whereas they are unable to survive in areas of higher vibration.

For your reference, the following outline will provide a sort of "road map" to the seven known planes:

The Physical Plane of Three Dimensions: This is the lowest of the seven planes, where we spend our physical lives. The three lower sub planes are: solids, liquids and gasses. The four higher densities are called the etheric planes, at which level faeries and nature spirits exist.

The Astral Plane of Four Dimensions: This is the place of out-of-body and near-death experiences, as well as where, according to some teachings, one waits for reincarnation. This is also where one finds the first Guardian Angels. It is also called the Emotional Plane. The energies on this plane compose feelings, desires and emotions. It is possible to travel through solid matter here, including the astral bodies' ability to pass through each other. The lower sub planes here can be considered the "hell" of the realm, where - as stated above - all the negative thought processes and entities which are created on the physical converge. The higher up we move through the Astral, the brighter and more pure the energies become (like the sludge on the bottom of a lake compared to the pure sunlight glinting off the surface).

The Mental Plane of Five Dimensions: The energies on this plane compose thought. Once one can successfully astral project, one may be able to mental project. On this level are true altruistic thoughts, free of desire or selfishness. Most angels and other spiritual beings are found here. The lower sub levels of this plane are made up of conscious thought while the higher sub levels are made up of abstract thought. The next higher level in the Mental Plane is what we think of as our soul.

The Buddhic Plane of Six Dimensions: Upon reaching this plane, we leave individualized personality. This is the plane of true spiritual insight (not to be confused with psychic feeling, which is an astral manifestation). An accessible echo of the Akashic Records is found here, and has its origination on the Atmic Plane.

The Atmic Plane of Seven Dimensions: This is the plane of consciousness and of life itself. Here we find the great spiritual masters, as well as anyone who has achieved true conscious enlightenment. The higher dragons of the world have also taken up residence here, to avoid being hunted by those on the astral and lower who seek to eliminate them. Christ also resides on this plane, on the Mind's Idol in the Middle Atmic, with his Bride.

The Monadic Plane: This plane is beyond any type of matter, dimension or evolution as we know it. It is the plane of will where the ultimate divine spiritual sparks in all living things express themselves and evolve and create on the lower planes ("as above, so below") . When reaching the Monadic Plane, we leave all sense of space, time and self behind.

The Logoic Plane: This is the divine plane of God, the Source, or the One, which no human has been known to reach. It is free of any limiting concept. A "Logos" can be thought of as a vast deity which has the ability to create spiritual life from itself.

When attempting astral projection, it takes a bit of practice before one is able to avoid the lower planes altogether and begin ones travels in the middle to upper astral. Therefore, you will most likely spend a short time passing through the lower astral realms before you reach the areas where other travelers and entities walk freely. Imagine you own a vast mansion which only has one road leading up to it - that you know of. This can be compared to having to drive through a high-crime neighborhood in order to get to your mansion up the hill. This is why, especially in the beginning, shielding is so important.

Raising The Shields - One Is Not Enough

Just as one would raise a circle when preparing for ritual, so should one raise a shield before entering a meditative state. Remember first that entering into meditation tends to turn off the conscious defenses that we have up naturally. The best time to shield yourself would be just as you settle into a comfortable meditative position, before completely clearing your mind. The most effective way I have found to shield against various types of entities coming from various sources at once (possible in meditation and unavoidable in projection) is to use a multi-elemental shield. This means you will be using the energies of two or more elements to weave a matrix or web around yourself.

When choosing the elements to work with, first call upon the one that you are most closely attuned to. For example, my star sign is a fire sign - Sagittarius. I also work most easily with the element of fire in working candle magick, and cleanse, purify and bless with fire. Secondly, call upon your next highest attuned element. Mine, ironically in working with fire, is water. This comes to me as part of my Atlantean heritage. You may choose to work with just two, your favorite three or all four physical elements in creating this shield. The final element to be added every time is Spirit.

Call down your elements to surround and protect you on your journey. If you work with stones, you may find it useful to have stones with your chosen elemental associations in-hand during the shielding and meditation/projection. Visualize the energies of the elements reaching out to you in fine threads from all directions as you pull them from your surroundings: Earth from the ground beneath you, Air from the skies above, Fire from the Sun or the Stars, Water from the clouds, a nearby lake or seaside, or even the pipes in your home - wherever it is available. Also reach outward and call for Spirit to be present and bind the elements together in your shield, letting them surround you in a large sphere.

The importance of using Spirit with any combination of elements is that in the world of elementals, opposites do not attract - they counteract. By intertwining Spirit with your other elements in the net, Spirit acts as a go-between for the physical elements, allowing them to flow through each other without causing interaction to the bearer. Do not fret about having to create a perfectly sewn net yourself. Once the elements are called down and are made aware of your intention, they will by all means know exactly how to proceed.

The effectiveness in this type of shield comes by means of the interactions caused when someone or something with impure intention attempts to come in contact with it. Lesser demons, as found on the lower astral planes, are notorious for having one elemental affiliation only, but each race has a different strength. Therefore where one may be immune to a fire-type shield, another will have trouble getting through it. Many etheric bodies who mean to harm have also found ways to get through Spirit alone. Using multiple elements ensures that nothing is going to get through to harm you as there will always be a part of this closely-knit shield that they can not touch without harming themselves. Once you feel the shield has crafted itself properly (and you should be able to reach out a short distance with your mind and feel it around you), you can feel safe that your travels will be smooth sailing. Also the energies your shields will be giving off will very likely act as a beacon to higher entities (light attracts light) who will feel safe in approaching and interacting with you.

This is somewhat of an advanced shielding technique but should be learned before attempting to spend any good amount of time on the planes.
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