silentbob Ok everyone! now its part of the show where we name out favorite 80's movies!!!

The breakfast club
Say anything...
16 candles

what else?
Rhin Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Breakfast Club
St. Elmo's Fire
Dead Poets Society (80's?)
Say Anything
16 Candles
Better Off Dead
Animal House
Top Gun
Strange Brew
Mystic Pizza
silentbob never fails :)

Also a not bad film is Back to the future
Rhin Bobby, What never fails? 001214
Rhin Here's a few more I remember:

Some Kind of Wonderful
Can't Buy Me Love
American Anthem
One Crazy Summer
Rhin Okay, fine!
I'll shut-up!
Rhin I lied! (forgot one)
*The Shining
splinken uuuuuuummmmmmm...

pretty in pink?!

pretty in pink!

can't believe one crazy summer got a mention before pretty in pink.

tsk, tsk, kids.
Rhin Pretty in Pink was one of the first one's I thought of, but I didn't want to admit, that I was a diehard Molly Ringwald fan in the 80's. It couldn't be helped...I grew up with the 'bratpack'! *laughing* 001214
Birdmad since i'm the obligatory 80's goth/punk-boy, here's my list:

The Hunger
Cat People
The Lost Boys
Pretty in Pink (hey i WAS ducky at one point)
Less than Zero (where being ducky led me next)
Liquid Sky ("me and my rhythm box")
Weird Science
Breakfast Club
The Fly
Better Off Dead (liked it better than One Crazy Summer)
Repo Man
Into The Night
After Hours
Sixteen Candles
Beetlejuice (and have had perverse fantasies about winona ryder ever since)
The Thing
Prince of Darkness
Purple Rain
*spoon* Howard the duck!!! that has got too be one of the coolest 80's movies...atleast I thought so when I was 5... 010101
Megan The Breakfast Club!!!!!
Legend(tom cruise, faeries, what more does a girl need?)
The Goonies
I can't remember any but I'm positive that there were more good ones..... the 80's rocked!
Megan oh yeah....
Top Gun
Bachelor Party
Cocktail(can you tell I like Tom Cruise yet?)
god, I know there were more....... ah well.....
gwyllynne o.k. I am just adding to the wonderful list, I feel you all have neglected a great movie:

Dark Crystal
twiggie labyrinth!!
dark crystal!!!

ahhh i've been obsessed with these movies forever i love them i love them i love them
misstree Party Animal. 010102
green_tenedril the neverending story
the lost boys
the princess bride
the last unicorn

a little girl
lost in a fantasy world.
carden howard the duck's a good one...i watched that all the time.

what about milo & otis...*sigh* i used to watch that all the time too
Aimee Labyrinth
The Dark Crystal
Milo and Otis
Howard the Duck
The Breakfast Club
Short Circuit
Sixteen Candles
The Princess Bride
The Neverending Story
The Carebear movies
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
The Fox and the Hound
Little Monsters
The Monster Squad
The Secret of Nimh
monde i loved labyrinth because david bowie had his hair kinda long and wore those silver lame pants and was an evil master of a marvellous wonderland.

the end really peeved me when i saw it for the first time, and still peeves me today. i mean, what the hell was up with that girl?

that's what pisses me off about MOVIES. there's some sort of story regulations that explicitly state that we can't have something happen in a more sensible way. like, i wanted to see him TAKE her, damnit. it wouldn't have even needed to have been graphically portrayed; suggested would have been fine. but noooo, we have to have the goody two shoes "resisting temptation" thing.

as for other 1980s movies:

fast times at ridgemont high - because of sean penn with long hair taking bong hits. i wanted to see HIM down in the dugout with that wannabe slut girl, not that ugly ticket scalper guy.

scanners - remember that one? where psi warriors went around blowing each other's heads apart with their minds

dark crystal - around the time this came out i was SO into pink floyd that i wore a prism around my neck everywhere, and i even had a razorblade "pseudotattoo" of one on my right leg (i can still sort of see the scar.) i am mostly into guys...but i met this one girl named Stormer, this Czechoslovakian girl who my b/f in 1983 had been cheating on me with. long and the short of it is i took some acid, then i took more acid, and i wasn't jealous any more. i met her, and fell in love with the wonderfully loquacious and hebephrenic way she talked. she used to call me "gelfling" - she said i had hair like one. (i did, definitely.)

phantasm - technically not an 80s movie but i think of it as one because it's when i saw it. it was the first horror movie to actually creep me out, and the last. i don't know why (i think it had a lot to do with that silver ball thingie...) but i do remember that scene in which the older brother stood in the mausoleum room with his hands on the metal dimensional-gate poles and there's this droney humming everything blowing around and...it turned me on...it made me hot in the most intense way, just that one scene. creeped out and turned on by the same movie: weird.
Teddybear I feel so left out, I have never seen the movie Goonies or Breakfast Club. 010412
The Truth The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi




Spies Like us

National Lampoon's Vacation

minnesota_chris Those mentioned, plus

Blade_Runner (how did this miss the list?)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!!
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
ooh darn it Drunken_Master was 1979!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
No Way Out (Dennis Quaid's version)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Star Trek, Wrath of Khan
(I see Birdmad mentioned The Thing, thank you!)
pobodys nerfect I'm in an 80's mood lately,so I dug this page up.

I'm surprised that nobody mentioned
~Back to the Future
~Stand By Me
I guess they're mentioned now,huh? ;)
User24 toy soldiers (the one where will wheaton get machine gunned.. ah, the best moment of my life..) 030618
pobodys nerfect User 24--if you had said this back when Stand By Me was still a new movie, I would've wanted to clobber you. I had the biggest crush on him back then. So much,in fact,that I used to watch S.B.M.
in the mornings before and also after school. *covers face in embarassment*
pipedream Love 86. A horrible Indian flick with actors who were still nobodies and it was putrid....but for some odd reason it's a cult movie in my cousin brigade. the memory of our obession still makes us laugh our butts off *lol*

Pretty Woman was 90's- was it?
pobodys nerfect "Glory"--the only war movie I've seen that I liked(so far,at least). Beautiful,sad,and thought-provoking. It was one of those movies that deserved alot more recognition than it got. Would make a wonderful addition to any movie collection, and totally worth searching for. :) 030618
pobodys nerfect (sorry in advance if this double posts)
"Glory"--the only war movie I've seen that I liked(so far,at least). Beautiful,sad,and thought-provoking. It was one of those movies that deserved alot more recognition than it got. Would make a wonderful addition to any movie collection, and totally worth searching for. :)
User24 my gf once convinced her sister that she had a signed photo of will. hah! 030619
oren The_Blues_Brothers (1980)
Airplane! (1980)
Raiders_Of_The_Lost_Ark (1981)
Stripes (1981)
Time_Bandits (1981)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Star_Trek II: The_Wrath_of_Khan (1982)
Poltergeist (1982)
Return_of_the_Jedi (1983)
Ghostbusters (1984)
Beverly_Hills_Cop (1984)
Indiana_Jones_and_the_Temple_of_Doom (1984)
Gremlins (1984)
Romancing_the_Stone (1984)
Back_to_the_Future (1985)
Cocoon (1985)
Witness (1985)
The_Jewel_of_the_Nile (1985)
The_Goonies (1985)
Aliens (1986)
Ferris_Bueller's_Day_Off (1986)
Beverly_Hills_Cop_II (1987)
Rain_Man (1988)
Who_Framed_Roger_Rabbit? (1988)
Die_Hard (1988)
Batman (1989)
Indiana_Jones_and_the_Last_Crusade (1989)
Ghostbusters_2 (1989)
Driving_Miss_Daisy (1989)
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