mareberry my guide in the lonely world. the one companion with which i share my misery, my grief. all this pain, all this anger stems from the roots of my solitude. the only path i may choose i am forced to walk alone. i follow the trail of tears to its bitter end, my bitter end. the place where i shall leave my woes and sadness behind once and for all. in this deep, dark solitude. 990507
mark when the world is a monster, philomath is where i go. 991002
Divine Madnesss Solitude is a comfortable companion to those who enjoy their own company. Lonliness is a desolate situation that nags at the heels of those who despise themselves. 000105
amy at times, i build my life out of it.
it can always be interesting
as long as the need to be connected
doesn't get in the way.
acuhymen when you're in hell, you never see the devil, you never feel the ground. There's no burning, and no freezing.

Occosional visits are renewing, but when you feel that there is nothing but this place -- that's tough. thats what suicides are made of. Suicides and poets i presume
Oneal Silence says it all. 000505
silentbob i enjoy being by myself sometimes.
just being alone and relishing the quiet that my own silence brings.
i would like to have the ability to be alone when i want and accompanied when i like company.
But that isn't always possible and i write.
Chris Solitude is but a dandelion in the wind.
Blown away from it's companions, yet still surrounded by them.
It controls not where it lands, but at least where it's roots shall grow.
So often though that seed never finds a place to base its roots.
Solitude is a dandelion, which most people never want to see.
But at one point everyone has enjoyed them for one reason or another.
Solitude is attempting to stem up from nothing, to become something.

This was short, but I just wanted to throw something out there. I have a lot more, but this was just off the top of my head. If you wanna chat, the name is Chris.
Meara The inward eye is the bliss of solitude. 010102
birdmad singularity

collapsing inward

invisible and unnoticed, like someone else's problem

escaping detection except for the scraps of light devoured by the hunger of gravity
Little Hawk An oxymoron, in a way. So many of us are there at once ... Still it can be the best place to be.

Solitude is a crowded room made empty by your headphones and your favorite song. Now another matter altogether.
The Truth Solitude is essential for the human mind.
Refresh, relax, slow down.

Get away from it all for a little bit.

If you are the "I need my space" type, then solitude is definitely on your menu occasionally.

Our best ideas, solutions, Guidance and peace come from the times when we are relaxed and alone.
nah....! unbelievably peaceful. 011113
mahayana you float for days and meet with no traces of humanity

[{when they do appear it is but to emphasize the solitude}]
Effingham Fish Ranks right up there with insanity on the list of things that seem cool only to those who don't really have any idea what they're like. 020529
god right on 020620
Kimmers I dont think solitude is a very relaxing thing when it is forced. Having nothing to look forward to can make one think differently. Being alone can make thoughts go wild, to the point where you would not think such things if you could help it. I dont think I love solitude as much as it loves me. 021128
girl_jane sometimes nice
always lonely
socialretard need it.
gotta have it or others suffer.. .. ..
.. .. ..otherwise my beleifs my theories my creations my spiritual connection become tangled and/or bruised.

.. .. .. ..i like my head. . .
Platonic Prophet Get alone, and talk with God...
Then, you'll understand the true power of solitude.
TheDREAMProphet My deepest inquisitions my whole hearted universe put on paper...can only be found through Solitude 030405
pipedream essential to recharge your batteries. 030405
/anon all I need to be happy. I cant be happy with others. Im very unsocial. NOT anti-social those guys actually spoil it for others I just sit in a corner.

Im just not a people person. The lady said that Paxil would help me be more social. and maybe it will make me fly too! Maybe I'll be able to shoot lazers out of my eyes and harness the power of the sun!
floralieca C'est à trop voir les êtres sous leur vraie lumière qu'un jour ou l'autre nous prend l'envie de les larguer. La lucidité est un exil construit, une porte de secours, le vestiaire de l'intelligence. C'en est aussi une maladie qui nous mène à la solitude.

[Léo Ferré]
dakota That sad sweet feeling of melencholy solitude finds a home inside of me 040221
Rachel As the clock hands near ten
No one is here
Here in this prison
This prison that I have built
For my hurt angry soul.
sylphide been trying to find my faith in life with solitude as my companion. But now I'm back.. wonder if anyone noticed i was gone?... 040325
Death of a Rose yes. i did and was wondering whatever happened to sylphide. for that matter i was also wondering where my pants are. 040326
sylphide hmm.. quietly she slinks back into the realm of blue.. 040630
selkie i'm in love
with everyone
in general.

from a distance.
paradoxical solitary intimacy, timebound. 040630
Eye-lined Black-haired Beauties My home my place of safety. In this place I am the only one that matters...the world can't see me, can't judge me. Just leave me alone. Alone in my solitude...the place I run to when no one else can see that I am crying. When no one cares enough to see. I wish to live here forever. 040930
Afalewyn whispers of wind do befriend those that travel the soiltary bend
of a world not our own each goes
lighting up my soul echoing into eternity
Afalewyn solitary* 050220
mon uow billie 050220
Mizpah Me permito proclamarte,
en aquel rincón de mi delirio,
tu sabes conciencia mía,
que una cosa es que no estés,
y otra muy diferente es la
irreductible cuestión de que
me hagas falta...

Y entiendo muy bien que un huracán
venga y nos cague lluvia de excusado
cósmico, al fin que uno termina haciendo
la limpieza de su propio cascajo...

Pero ¿porqué finges estar en otro lado,
cuando aún te encuentras atrapada en la
piel de aquella en la que te perdiste
salivando la llenura de las Lunas?

Entiendo muy bien que la regadera se abre,
y llueva calor a la luz de una vela,
y que un refugio se habita con varias
soledades depositadas en objetos
aparentemente sin valor alguno...

Pero ¿porqué te vas a la cama triste
si sabes que soy poco hombre
y que no me atrevo a morir en llanto?

A estas alturas te tendría ya que quedar claro
lo que te pasa al percibir ese olor que desprende
su figura de humo, ¿porqué entonces tu necedad
de contemplar un cigarro que no se apaga,
una ausencia que no se dispersa?

Sabes que cada día que te queda, ella te hará falta,
sabes la tesitura del dolor que eso te causa,
y que nada ni nadie colmarán éste cráter de volcán
inactivo, éste hueco en el horizonte de un día frío...

Conciencia de nadie... sé tuya, de ti...
abrázate al olvido, cógete al absurdo
de mar-e-arte en divertimentos estúpidos,
besa tu hastío y conviértete en luciérnaga
desprevenida del ocaso, que solo así,
sin darte cuenta, la luz será engendrada
desde ti, como algo casual y fortuito,
minúsculo y bendito...

Conciencia mía... ¡rompe tus diques,
únete al silencio y apodérate de tu vacío!
hsg a_mind_and_a_mirror

deb And so I find strength
in solitude:
in the moments
home alone
before he returns
from work
or wherever...
I can be alone
just fine
it would seem...
I did it for years,
I can do it again,
and this single mother thing
is not quite so scary
as I had supposed...
Turns out I had
done it for years
without really knowing it.
Friends draw closer
in his absence
and the hole he left
begins to fill.

So I really
be ok
I already am,
strange as that
may seem,
already am
in my own way...
what's it to you?
who go