u24 it's hard to believe it's taken until now for you to have your own blathe. 051125
andru235 yeah! it's about time. are you trying to make us look like megalomaniacs or something?!? 051125
oren I_don't_know what to say.

oren I'm still getting used to the idea of seeing my name underlined.

oren *mic feedback*


Is this on?

Uh ... wow. I_never thought those lights would be so bright up here! Heh.

Let's see. Well now.

*pulls out crumpled piece of paper from tuxedo breast pocket*

*spreads paper flat on lecturn*


There_are so_many to thank--

*music begins*

and ... Oh. Time's up already? Heh.

*beautiful Blather_model takes oren by the arm and leads him off_stage*

*commercial break*
oops lectern 051126
oren I called a radio trivia quiz show today. A friend of mine was a guest on the_show, so I asked an obscure question I_knew he could answer correctly. The rest of_the panel of "experts" were thoroughly impressed. He called me later to tell_me all about the experience. I_love opportunities like that. They don't come along that often. 060210
By the way How is Bernise? 060427
oren Does this mean there should be an ask_oren blathe? 060427
oren . 060429
oren . 060429
oren . 060429
. 060429
oren Might as well do some redecorating. 060429
oren That should do_it. 060430
u24 well that's different. :-) 060430
u24 i like the rollovers. 060430
"Pto" Beautiful. Both the page and le homme. 060430
three_words favorites blatherskite_names oren 060610
oren I'm sitting here drinking chardonnay (as usual) enjoying the_evening.

My_wife is watching the telly.

This_is a typical evening for us. Me on the 'puter and her keeping abreast of all things cathode.

It_was unseasonably warm today. Might've broken a record. 76 degrees Fahrenheit was the old mark. It felt warmer than that to_me.

I directed my chorus in singing the national anthem before a University_of_Kentucky women's basketball game tonight. It's neat to_be able to do something like that.

This wine is very_good. Delicato. It's one of those higher priced box wines. I've_been drinking this particular brand of chardonnay for several years now. It's just refreshing and hasn't gotten old for_some_reason.
Doar Hey oren,

It's been awhile since...well...you know...come on...you know...the hookers and all.........j/k.

Sorry m'man, hope that last comment didn't ruffle any feathers. I almost ended that sentence with another ribald segueway, but I digress and digest. What caught mine eye was your last entry about the chardonnay. I just bought a bottle of Jean Leon Cabernet Sauvignon 1997. I was thinking (okay I wasn't thinking, the truth be told), that I wished to taste the good life. Lo and behold, it's what they promised on the bottle.

signing off drinking redwine.
oren Doar, I_know it's been quite a while since you posted here, but I just now got around to reading it.

I'm glad you found a wine that brings you the enjoyment you seek!

I'm still drinking Delicato Chardonnay on_a daily basis. Hasn't gotten old yet.

Tonight, it just so happens, I took my wife out to a fine restaurant. We both ordered different bottles of wine, as is our custom.

I ordered the Crichton Hall Chardonnay. Excellent! I_have a strong affinity for Napa_Valley Chards.
oren I've_changed my daily wine.

Now it's Box Star chardonnay.

Reason: Almost_as_good as Delicato, but less_expensive.

So there you go.
somebody Yay! Oren! 080625
oren It's Friday_night and the_wife and I are doing our typical 'Puter/Cathode thingy again.

oren Well, my liquor store has stopped selling Box Star. I'm_back to Delicato. 090114
oren New daily Chard: Almaden. 100327
oren I've_been off work for_a month now. Had an accident with a heavy piece_of metal hitting the front of_my lower leg.

Going back_to_work tomorrow morning. So glad to_be healing.
ClairE Sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad you're mending! Did you at least enjoy your time off? 100618
oren I_did enjoy it once the initial_pain when down. Got a_lot of music done! 100618
hsg i want more similar_pages

ClairE Glad to hear it! Speaking of music, are you familiar with the Hype_Machine? Good way to find new tunes. 100620
oren I_just signed_up. I_like the_concept!

hsg wIsh couId blathe_in_full_spectrum

I've only made one_to_two rks in color with
mult i pul l evel s o far.

someone write me a blathe program and or a page for my art pleeease! I want to blathe in different colors and each word would have its own page depending on its color... oh_please

oh and hi oren :-)
oren hiya! 110508
oren checking_in 111105
Doar paying the cheque.

Good man.

oren It's Wednesday evening. My_wife and I are doing the puter/cathode thingy.

She had a front_tooth replaced today. No more hiding_out at home for her! Ever since it broke off she's been afraid to go anywhere.

You_know, I suppose it's_time_to_change our thing to puter/LED thingy, since we no longer use a CRT television, but it_doesn't_sound_as_good.

I've begun looking_forward to retiring from my factory job. Less_than two years to go.

Still drinking Almaden_Chardonnay.

Just_started weaning myself from processed_foods. No_more high_fructose_corn_syrup. No more mega-omega-6 additives. Hello natural_foods.

Preparing for my men's chorus annual summer show, "In_Living_Color." All of our songs will feature colors.

My leg still has discoloration and is sensitive to_the touch. Not_sure if that will ever go_away.

Earlier this year I met Tony_Orlando in Louisville.

I'm_a grandfather twice.

My youngest son will_be getting married this fall.
oren Well, I'm_still drinking Almaden_Chardonnay.

I retired from_the factory last August. They bought me out.

Took on_a part-time job as_a filing clerk, but I_quit because my boss was an asshole.

I'm too_old to put up with that shit.

Our_house recently flooded due to_a busted water pipe. The new flooring is being installed.

The cats don't like it_at all.

My wife found out today that she might need knee surgery.

I've_been_working_on my music business every_day since I_quit my "job". So_far, I'm making enough income to keep us going.
epitome of incomprehensibility Orange oren: complimentary complementary! I mean, nice bit of interior decorating.

Hope you stay well. And music. I_wish we could have a blather_jam_session, everybody.
oren Agreed. 140201
oren Almaden is still_my everyday_wine.

It's_been a_long_time since_I last blathed, so here's the_latest.

Composed and recorded the theme music for Doctor_Insectivus. It's a Youtube show.

As_a music arranger, I've now been published four_times.

I'm thrice a grandfather.



We now have four cats:
Jasmine the Elderly
Meeks the Alpha
Wilbur the Perpetually Afraid
Cleopatra the Queen

It's in_the 70's here_today, which is probably a_record high.
Doar Happy Belated Daed Jesus Day Oren.

Good to read up on you.

It hit minus 32 (Celsius...we are in Canada after all) about a week ago...I think.

And it snowed heavily here on DJ Day.

Hope all is well with you and yours, from Doar and Rhin.

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