jezabel my mind is so blinded by
scarlet anticipations that even
words won't come, they're hiding somewhere
behind a velvet curtain, trembling,
afraid that i will rend them and
devour them in this frenzied quest.

they're right; they should hide.
each near miss leaves me
raving, slavering, and the newest number
in their endless procession has me
half mad, eyes rolling, grins and snarls melding.

hide yourselves away, little constructions.
all i'll do right now is mutilate you
for my own idle pleasure.
endless desire so why do i bother?
i don't mean to pollute
i just want to be heard.
that's so hard when you have nothing worth hearing.
im so sorry.
oldephebe jezebel sounds a lot like mtree
kindred souls..or or is one an alter-ego of the other..?
misstree it's spelled jezAbel.
and i'll tell you the truth if you tell me a secret. any secret.
oldephebe noted - jezAbel

secrets? me? they're probably way too bland for the tomb of your ears..hit me up @ oldephebe@hotmail.com..if you feel like it..

misstree i don't think you could do anything in a bland manner, 'phebe, you pretend at being oatmeal when really you're quite a complex grain... and a missive has been sent to your roost, m'lord, peruse at your whim. 031121
oldephebe yeah..i ah stand totally corrected..and thankyou for your gentle remonstrations with regard to the whole nominative derivation thing..i'll just keep mah mouth shut for a while..if i can..:) 031121
misstree if Our Lady of the Endless Chatter and Absolutely No Shame (me) can keep her mouth shut, so can you. ;)

and i think the "a" is an accidental misspelling, but you'd have to ask jez... may just be something like my opinoin, a flagrant and stubborn misspelling... *shrug*
oE where is Madame Jez these days? 031228
misstree she's been distracted by other things, but talked to her over the holidays, she's threatening to come around. 031228
misstree speak of the devil: poetry'jealousy 031228
jezabel yes, my beauty, i am about... there are times when i become shadow... but still i am here... i am suckling my own words, unwilling to share... yet... i smell gasoline... this is a good sign... sometimes the only way to set words free is to burn away what traps them...

i am flattered that you remember me, and more so that you crave my presence... flattery is a wonderful way to draw me out, and timing's tricks seem to be conspiring in favor of such an outcome... i do indeed miss tracing my fingers across you, your reluctance is delicious fuel for an incendiary nature... we shall see what words come to warm their blood...

and i am curious, my lovely tree, what exactly you told him... i see how you share the secrets of others hereabouts... and you know many that i guard...
oldephebe i won't even pretend to have the words at this slice of time..slender crescent slice of night that is left..it is late..there is another here though madame jez that aspires to your throne of indegagitable (...)i'm fresh out of metaphores and adverbial modifiers..and if i don't feel it ir see it, then i don't write it..can't force the funk..anyway i'll check in with you tomorrow Madame jez..mtree didn't really get specific or any thing..so please do not vent your imperial ire upon her..but knowing the Tree she may intercept it as a prelude to intimacy or something...the first salvo int the dance..

peace and happy holidays jez..
jezabel if i were to chronicle each
stolen gasp, each
nearly secluded encounter, each
hunt that has ended with
gory feast, my fingers would
wear to the bone and i would
be left without time to
continue creating stories and
points of passion for me to perch on
and squak my scenes to the empty air.

instead i will say that
my hands and my hips and my lips
have been busier than my words, that
i have been too busy feeling to
shout over my shoulder tales to the
bustling crowd, i have been
busy hunting rather than
writing travel guides.

forgive. words come as they will,
and sometimes,
even i can't seduce them.
oldephebe you know..it's intriguiging to me in a non-prurient way that..me all tied up in my quirks and rectitude feel such an affinity...?...or fondness towards this persona you've projected jez..i mean since we've never touched or talked..i can only say projection..i've no doubt you are an authentically passionate sensory dependant or one who thrives on sensory, tactile exchanges..the extroversion and charisma cultivates those kinds of appetites and predilictions..maybe..and i who am seriously doubting whether or not my heart and body will ever touch another..seriously..the diminishing horizions of that potential is rapidly receding..broken body and broken soul..so very much baggage.. whatever..but still..
in the world of flesh and bone i'd probably never venture further than the perfunctory hello or social nicities..(wich are tedious and abhorrent to me..my misanthropic tendencies..shame on me! he mimed sardonically)..so somehow in the blue i reach out past my neurosis and rigorously observed prohibitions and misconceptions and touch minds with a soul such as yourself..totally lost train of thought now..anyway..
H Incadenza Such a sad a broken bitter man. 040227
scarlet and fire and blood to each their element
all artists are tortured by something
ethereal you stole them.

along with my passion.

my care.

my love.
misstree i won't let myself.
not yet.
not until the cycle has spun to the proper place.
and i tremble to think of what will erupt
when they are unleashed,
because i know
that if it is proper,
it will destroy me.
shilohlives I have the beginings of thoughts...and the spirals of emotions...unfortunately, those spirals don't understand that they need to take shape. It is necessary for them to express themselves and let themselves by known...Unforunately my polution results in the conclusion that i don't have words for this... 040227
pete at least, i don't have my own words. just your words, your guitar in my mind, and kaplan talking about africa, livingstone talking about africa, speke, burton, and all the gang talking to me about africa... their words, your words, not mine. 040810
three words taken ive_lost_my_mind i_don't_have_words 050220
suicidalchinadoll just thoughts, and aches

the memories sustain us for tonight
perhaps the dawn will bring with her, more words for tomorrow.
what's it to you?
who go