IsIs in short... sex with clothes on...
any thoughts?
my opinion? great way to feel good.
wingedSerpent frustrating in its lack of release 030423
Nathan88 careful of rugburn and courdoroy...ouch hahaha 030424
. ah ah ah
right there
niska somtimes it's fun just to stay home, put on a movie we've already seen and just make out on the couch, like it's junior high. 030424
megan finding ways to quote on quote make love,
within the rules that i have applied to myself


it's a good feeling, being wanted. being pushed and pulled toward him, he knows how to handle me.
i forget what i'm doing, and just feel like i'm floating above him. it feels so good.
how do i tell him this? how do i ask him if he likes it?

it's quite the
hush hush
if you know what i mean.

he asked if it was ok the first time. i said it was quite alright.

quite wonderful
is what i should have said.

but still...
being the girl that i am, my favorite part is right after, being able to lay my head on his chest, arms wrapped around him and feel his heartbeat slow down. he strokes my arm and plays with my hair.

i want to keep
Scott Ever since you told me you didn't want to do that with me last summer I didn't expect this side of you

What came over you?

I don't want you to worry
I don't want to worry

So what came over?
You told me you had a very bad experience with all this
so why are we doing this?
I don't want you to leave me
like your last experience.
i love niska the fucking russian pudding-ding. i'll never forget the good old days cumming on your hair, too soon... 030707
delial the last time I did that with somebody
my glasses wound up being bent. :[
he tried to sit up for a second, next to me, and leaned too far
and fell onto them
[ which I'd sat them on the floor near the coffee table in order to AVOID them being bent ]

explaining that one was impossible.
...guess who... i love to feel you rise and swell beneath me
push for push, pull for pull
the tide of your body, rubbing against mine
kisses sweet, short, between gulps of air
it feels so good, reaching that moment when he pulsates beneath you and lets out a sigh
at the same moment a wave of emotion catches you and takes you up up
it feels so good
nomatter dry sex, good way to put it. Me and my friends always call it dry humping, but it sounds so disgusting.
I enjoy it, but seldom admit how good it is.
celestias shadow me and my friends have this thing where we all (five or more of us) just lie in a massive pile of mixed up, overlapping body parts. it's much fun. last night my friend said 'it's like an orgy.....only without the nakedness of the sex. basically none of the fun stuff.' i must agree, but as i said, it's still most enjoyable. 030915
celestias shadow i meant 'or', not 'of.' silly me 031013
misstree i gotta agree with wS up top, it's wonderful foreplay, but unless it leads to something more, it makes me want to scream and break things. 031013
shhhhiva OH MY GOD THE KITCHEN'S ON FIRE!!! 031013
stork daddy sometimes you miss those nights in the car where the world was only visible through the blurring condensation of sweat off your bodies which collected like hot ice on the windows over the deep deep waters of sky and stars. and jimi hendrix would come back round to the wind cried mary four or five times and you'd smile each time, before you were holding each other and remembering that it all wasn't as complete as it felt and that they were all waiting for you at home and work and would never quite understand what you'd had right there, what you'd given up to return to them. and there's something innocent about it. dry sex is something you have to hide. it's something teenagers do. something that only they have and they don't have to notify or tell anyone. it's theirs. it's not the churches or america's. it's theirs. it's the back of a movie theatre, it's the first time you rested your hand on someone's stomach for that long. it's the first time you felt a request in a sigh, in a warmth, in an arching back. 031013
i am the passenger a drive down a deeply inclined road intersected suddenly and inexplicably by a brick wall 031013
User24 fun 031014
Death of a Rose danger will robinson, danger

valley intersects road up ahead.
Lemon_Soda Eh.

More like tag to me than anything else. Let the dreams stir before the reality is revealed. Can be fun. Can be torturous. A lovely dance if I'm in the mood, but a bothersome option if its the only one ever.
cupcake it's nice becuase it's got all the rubbing and stuff like reglar sex, but if your a virgin you can stay that way! and sitll be close and get a little warm and excited. 031015
thunderbuck ram Lubrication, you needs lubricating my dears. 040907
circumvent The kind that happens when you're crying in a black closet and life is going on downstairs and it happened so fast that your impaired mind can't tell if it's supposed to be sending signals to your lungs to scream. The kind that makes you bleed in the shower afterwards, and move back to the east coast faster than you can say "dropout." 070525
jane i would never move back to the east coast
not even for dry sex
hsg move_back


two blathes never to be put in the same sentence.

ugly mean e.c.
unhinged sadly_enough some of the best i ever had 070729
t satin pj's 070819
teenage skunk dry sex or dry fucking, as the majority of people i have know call it, is a great way to "get off" - virtually at least. while i have nothing against it, i would like to state the absolute discomfort on one's phallic champion, that comes "post-action". that is, the slight ripping of certain tissue on the outer skin of the penis, on the area of the frenulum to be exact. not cool.

maybe it's those damn jeans.
In_Bloom He says:
"I do everything you ask but you won't do anything I ask of you. Just five minutes, won't you give me that?"

Well I gave you your five minutes and you now you want more, you want to see an affect from me. I want more than your five minutes. I won't give your ego much until I take everything.
unhinged i could use some right about now
all hands and lips
what's it to you?
who go