Q Chomsky and Nader and others like them, and their hangers-on, are okay for the principles they espouse.

I think they perform an important service in doing that. I really do.

Unless Nader's current hypocrisy crams Bush down all our throats and my woman friends' vaginas, I do not begrudge their chomping on tasty quiche and sipping high-class Republican wine while they tell those of us who work in the real political world, where all we get are dirty hands, shitty motel rooms, cheap beers, hot dogs, and sweaty quickies with equally exhausted, fellow campaign workers, that we are all whores.

I wouldn't ever want to be hypocrites like they are.

Their hypocrisy comes in that they maintain themselves so much "holier than thou" that they will never need to face the burdens of political office or real politics in any other form. They hold themselves so much above reality that they will always avoid having to face it and deal with it.

No, they studiously avoid the tough responsibilities of politics in the real world, especially the world of public office, including above all the responsibility of balancing principle against reality of circumstance and politics, that responsibile politicians and public officials are forced to grapple with.

Their lives are hypocritically easy. Still, I do not begrudge them the ease they have. They do perform a valuable service in reminding us of the principles we should be pursuing when grappling with reality.
Dafremen I wish I was half the hypocrite I strive to be. There is just something innately funny about telling people one thing and then ignoring your own input. 010219
j_blue my natural default setting

i hate thinking about whether what i am doing today is consistant with what i did in the past

the idea that consistancy is good, and the lack thereof is bad, is really a mechanism for society to dominate and/or pacify an individual's immediate desires or thoughts

i like saying what i want to say, though i know that to serve myself over society is irresponsible
phil so what you are saying, is that I can say whatever I would want to, and as long as it's serving my own needs, it's justified? 021015
MeSsIaH fuck i like peanut butter today but i didnt like it yesterday eat shit and die fuck scum mother fuckers i wonder is nigger on here somewhere or was everyone to chicken shit to type something so offensive 030729
b unlike politics, hypocrisy should be
an actual recognised form of self expression
like screaming in public places
or killing babies and hanging them from street signs
blah-ze unlike politics, hypocrisy should be
an actual recognised form of self expression
like screaming in public places
or killing babies and hanging them from street signs
andru235 if you really strive to learn
you'll be a hypocrite in turn
for proclaim what you know today
tomorrow it will wash away

why disdain for the hypocrite
every human is sometimes it
even those who are quite dense
have thoughts changed by experience
Ivory From my earliest memories, I recall my parents teaching me that God loved all his children, "red and yellow, black and white! They are precious in his sight!"

One of the first lessons I ever received, "Just because someone looks different than you do doesn't mean anything. We treat everyone equally."

Then, as I began to grow older, I watched those same family members turn their noses up at interracial couples and mixed children. I heard those same family members give me their views on the stereotypical "white trash druggie girl who dates black men and Mexicans" and the "white man with tattoos who just dates black women to prove a point."

Well, I'm not white trash. I come from that same bloodline. I'm an honor student in my third year of college, and I most definitely do not use drugs.

He is a top of his class, college-attending, drug-free black male.

"We come from different times," they try to rationalize. What is there to rationalize? I am blind to color. I see only the person beneath the skin.

Why so much chaos? Why such disdain? Why such disappointment?

I only took your equality lessons one step further and did not share in your hypocritical ways. ...shakes head...
If anyone should have the right to be disappointed, I think that right is mine.
emotional_goth_girl ah, hypocrisy,
why does it seem like such a feminine trait?

to want but not to take
to hunger but not to speak
to solve the problem by causing the problem
to scold but to make the same mistake
to adore one day but despise the next.

of course you are right darling, he should be to blame
your likes are straight and your dislikes opposite
if they are volatile or like to switch about
like autumn leaves blowing in the wind,
what's it to him?
it's not your problem anyway.

so go ahead and continue your protests
stubbornness is attractive, fleeting feelings beloved.

besides they could always be adjusted or forgotten later
you're never wrong anyway
pete Stephen Harper accepts Former Liberal Minister of Industy, David Emerson, as well as unelected Michael Fortier, who will be appointed to the Senate, to his Cabinet. 060206
pete Stephen Harper scraps the Public Appointment Committee--a key election promise--after his hand-picked appointee to head it is rejected in a close vote in the committee with 6 opposing and 5 supporting the Prime Ministers selection. The main reason for rejecting Gwyn Morgan's leadership was the arguably racist comments he made during a speech in December 2005 regarding visible minorities and crime. 060517
unhinged weed_vs_coke 060518
Emptyness Alive what im great at 060519
Christ without a Cross Hey Ivory. Your cool. 060925
Christ without the cross Everyone is a hypocrite. We complain about racism then we call eachother niggas and get mad if white people say it. That is hypocritical. yeah niggas, that is hypocritical. 060925
Christ without Cross I'm black by the way. 060925
LS Banning hypocrisy is like saying its illegal to change your mind. 060926
Christ without the cross That is true 061008
dafremen The correct response when someone wishes you ill will, is to wish them best..with all of your heart.

There is no more powerful spell than that..no stronger defense against their attack.
whatever yes, but wishing it REALLY LOUDLY so they're SURE TO HEAR YOU is just obnoxious.

wish it within your own self, surely you don't need anything beyond that?
unhinged i have to turn off the news

economic_pattern_baldness exacerbated by the desire to pull my hair out
what's it to you?
who go