gaudior truth of busy sidewalks with lie of coconut bras.

truth of multiethnicity with lie of lack of racism.

it's not a dream come true.
wesleann i can still smell the sea. the wind as it blew wet through the trees. i can feel the sand between my toes. see the green lush life all around me.

it was knowing you were living what everyone else wanted. it was getting to the sea in 20 minutes. it was finding the best food anywhere on earth. it was the red dirt stains that will never come out.

i was so happy. there was beauty everywhere.
jennifer I like to wake in the morning light
the kind that sticks between your fingers
I'm learning peace but I know I'll let it go
for the thrill and the wonder of adventure
(oh, adventure)
I'll follow you
I found a shy one
keep it in my hand
I'll send you a long love letter
you will understand and love me still
even though you should know better
(yes, even though you should know better)
yes, yes, yes
I'll travel far off like a friend in need
and my compassion is my weakness
someone is looking for that fine, fine line
between contentment and the troubled mind of genius
(of genius)
I'll follow you...
I found a shy one keep it in my hand
can I send you a long love letter?
you will understand and love me still
even though you should know better
(oh, even though you should know better)
evening falls around these island skies
as it soothes the weary into sleeping
strangers gather 'round the fireside
while I silently long for the familiar
(for familiar)
I'll follow you...
I found a shy one keep it in my hand
I'll send you a long love letter
you will understand and love me still
even though you should know better
(even though you should know better)

~~jennifer turner
waikiki I can still feel the warm, humid air on my face and see the palm trees swaying back and forth on the beach
i can taste the salt from the ocean as it splashes over me, watching the surfers riding the waves
i can see the pink and orange sunset behind the mountains as I walk in the sand and hear the waves crash beside me
i can smell the sweet aroma of pineapple and hear the cars speeding by outside
i can feel the tear sliding down my cheek as i pick up my bag and walk onto the plane
and gaze down at the ocean as I leave hawaii behind, the place I left my heart.
ChinoeCabron Such words I've heard of this place I've never been, and when I do I will, I know.
It's been said this place holds the sands of dreams, and yet
I know of more nightmares conjured here than most
Perhaps I'll go here someday
But not anytime
startfires jeez. she's only fifteen years old. you are an adult. forget about her. hawaii might as well be a foreign country cause it's so damn far away. 001029
*glint* i met a girl from hawaii this weekend......and she got on my nerves.....i don't really want to admit this.....it only makes me judgmental...anyway...... she needed the attention of the world, talked non-stop about her way of life....about the warmth, the politics, the roads, the ancient cultural ruins.........i am only human. i have my limits. i wanted to smack her in the face. it was a dark day. but maybe i'm only jealous that she has something to make her special....because everyone listened intently to her....fed her fire with more questions. meanwhile, i sat alone, half-asleep, displeased, and burning. i met a girl from hawaii this weekend...... 001030
kauai kai it is:

being able to breathe after months of desiccated, land-locked air

the feeling of taught hydrated skin after the chafe of winter

sleeping ten to six because there is no better thing to do

no traffic because there is nowhere to get to
cyb Where I live there are rainbows. 010129
yummychuckle HELL.

want heaven?
see: maryland
yummychuckle oh yeah, and by the way...
the only thing I really learned this year in my modern Hawaiian History class was that Hawaiians used to be very into incest.
not important ua mau, ke ea o ka 'aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i... 030816
seventeen amidst the scent of sunscreen,
and the couples
with men who wear shorts shorter than their wives
and everything is khaki
and they both wear the same unisex sandals,
and the fake cloth leis,
I find paradise.
REAListic optimIST yummyc: you don't have a whole lot of choice when you live on an island and you have social heirarchy... just ask the english! 031125
unhinged my brother wants to go so far away to college. i understand; i have recently moved myself farther away. but not that far. not all the way across an ocean. at one point in my life, my brother was the only person in the world that i felt understood me and loved me no matter what. and i'm afraid that i'm going to fall when he's in his sunshine on his beaches with his pretty girls and guitars and lacrosse sticks and...i wish my buhbee wasn't going to far away. not exactly reality yet but it promises to be and then my big bear cuddled testosterone teenage brother is going to be so far away. i just wish it wasn't so far away. 031125
bird (alala) I haven't written to the mermaid in Hilo in awhile.

I should.
unhinged damn island (s)
stealing my brother from me
oooo wyspy 060322
8 hours ago 6.3 earthquake rocks Hawaii... 061015
unhinged i figured since he was pretty far from the epicenter he was okay, but i had to call to make sure. the second time he answered the phone.

'hey, i can't really talk because the power is out and i can't charge my phone.'

'that's cool.'

'see you soon nikki.'

'i just wanted to make sure you were okay. i love you.'

'i'm fine; love you too. bye' smile in his voice.
Δ I'll help you forget your past, just like he has done.
I'll find it in myself to love you again.
unhinged i blacked out in waikiki 080531
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