mexican freakizh are you?

i am--
poetic_onslaught fo sho homie me too. SHOW THAT BROWN PRIDE. i love to c my people representin. got nothin but love for la raza. i went to my little sister's school a few days ago and they were doin folklorico and other stuff for 5 de mayo. it was a kick ass show. my sister is 7 and she had 2 little pony tails with the dress and stuff for folklorico with red, white, and green ribbons. i got the cutest little sister yall, yall should've seen it. 020513
birdmad yeah, i'm a mexican, and like most if not all other ethnic varieties, it can be both a blessing and a curse from one minute to the next depending on the day

but, here, before i am anything else, i am a blatherer
mexican freakizh so.. where from exactly, hermanitos? 020514
p2 can any mexican_blatherers tell me if this is true
and if so, what are the accompanying words?

"Last night, I got into a freight elevator in a downtown mall at about ten
pm. The stores were closed but the mall concourse and the elevated "skyway"
passsages that interconnect the downtown of Minneapolis were still open. I
got into the elevator because I needed to get down to street level and I
couldn't get on the escalators in my wheelchair. The doors closed, I punched
"street" and....nothing happened. I punched several other buttons and
nothing happened. I checked to see if my cellphone worked, thinking I may
have to dial 911, but first I hit the "alarm" button. A very loud alarm bell
sounded. I hit it and held it for several seconds; did that again and again.
Then, wanting to communciate that a real person was sounding the alarm and
it wasn't just some kind of short circuit or something, I began sounding the
alarm bell in the rhythm of "shave and a haircut, two bits." Nothing
happened so I continued doing that. I sounded other rhythmic patterns also,
but repeated "shave and a haircut..." several times. After fifteen minutes
or so, the elevator finally moved and took me to the basement. I wheeled out
to find myself among several Hispanic workers working in the loading dock
and trash room areas. I still needed to get to the street so I asked to be
taken back up. With hand signals and broken English, one of the workers said
he'd do it. He had a key that turned the elevator on and off, so he took me
back up to the street.
Today as I recounted this tale in the office, one of the administrative
staffers said, "You sounded 'shave and a haircut...' and the guys were
Hispanic? I said, Yes. She said, "Oh, do you know what it means in Mexico?"
I said No . She somewhat shy explained that in slang Spanish a very crude
expletive involving your mother and various boldily orifices has the same
rhythm as "shave and a haircut..." and that the rhythm is widely used as an
insult. She said you can hear cabbies honking out the rhythm at each other,
and so forth and so on."
freakizh yup.
that's true.

i didn't know the classical "fuckyou" melody in Mexico was equivalent in words as the shave and haircut. weird.

i cannot tell you the actual words to the melody. but it is as rude as showing the finger.

Mexican Smurf Qué? 021205
just_inflate im mexican, my last name is gonzales, so everyone thinkss i live with my aunt and uncle, grandfather, and 3 other obscure realitives, and speak spanish,my uncle works at the plantation and drives a white dirty pick up truck,...

my dad drives a blue one, and i never learned spanish...

anyone ever see born in east la?
p2 i'm curious
did they show
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
in mexico?

"shave and a haircut, two bits"
was how Judge Doom lured out Roger Rabbit
wonder what the crowd reaction was
... ... 021207
freakizh it is a sunday favorite rerun.
i don't remember te part you mentioned.
i always tune it up when they throw the cute cartoon shoe to the acid and i get all whiny and start crying and screaming to te bad guys to fuck themselves--

oh, beautiful shoe, may you rip
p2 when roger rabbit is hiding in the bar
judge doom taps "shave and a haircut"
and says a toon can't resist
responding with tapping "two bits"
perhaps they changed it for mexico
understandably so
Dafremen I'm blathering from MExico right now. I love it here. There is something here that we are sorely missing stateside. In fact, there are little pockets of this same something in most Latino American neighborhoods stateside. You can see it in the way you are treated differently by those communities if you speak fluent Spanish without an accent. Once accepted into the community it's an almost Mr. Roger's Neighborhoodesque transformation back to a time when people were courteous and friendly to one another. "Por la otra." Is something I might hear if I'm a buck short to pay my bill. (It means next time around.) There is a real sense of community here, a tangible sense of loyalty to family and people. We need more of this. 021208
krimilda Daffy, enjoy yourself in Mexico and take lots of pictures if you can, they have beautiful the most beautifel and red sunsets and the sky (in the country side) is as blue as it gets... enjoy. 021208
freakizh !!!!
where are you exactly, daffy?

with a little bit of notification, i could have joined you. :P
Dafremen I'm in Tijuana BC Mexico. If you'd like to meet, email me and we'll get together. Having someone meet me in person is always refreshing. Puts a little spin I like to call reality on things. 021208
freakizh sweetheart..

it's about 12 hours or more away.
you're in the very border!

nice to have you on this side, though
star of half. 031203
minnesota_chris I was at the grocery store the other night. I was buying coffee (the second bag of coffee, because I am an addict) and a couple of Mexicans or Latinos let me go ahead of them in line. I said thanks, and took a look at their cart and said "Carne, i mas carne" (most of their groceries was just meat). They smiled and said "Si."

I said "I por mi, solamente cafe" They asked in Spanish "To dance the night away?" but I didn't understand that much.

A Mexican friend of mine told me that 95% of the Latinos here are here illegally. The Latinos act nervously, like they expect to be caught. But I figure, they can work here if they want. Their jobs don't belong to Americans. I mean, if I go to Mexico to teach English, is some Mexican going to drive me out, saying "That job is MINE!"
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