florescent light I really like this name
it reminds me of Laura, from the Glass Menagerie (Tenn Williams).
Very fragile, very innocent.
A fallen angel.

I can't recall exactly how the storyline went.
rubydee my husband (before we were married ) dated three women named laura in a row. and to top that, his sister's name is laura too. i find it interesting....and no, my name starts with an m.... 010619
Zack I don't ever want to forget you. Don't let me forget you... 010819
makemeamixtape I guess I should have known
Am I to blame
that I turned out this way
Please don't look at me this way
I'm locked inside
you don't really see me
You're sure fooling me
TalviFatin She was tall, lanky, and has beady eyes. Somewhat of a down-syndrome look. What a bitch she was, and I'll never forget her eating all of my pringles without asking. She turned my sister into a bitch, and offended me multiple times. Only 14, she had started a vendetta with me. Someday she will pay. 010829
oppressed_youth She is my dingleberry.

Please, get off my ass.
Laura lacking:


insight into myself
lotuseater ahh you are sooo pretty i cant even handle it...

your soft little body next to mine, curled up in my bed... nothing could make me happier.
silentbob i know so many and i want them all 030210
Elzbieta Ours is an ageless friendship
Though we are parted it hangs
and floats above us waiting
Till we can be together again
paintedmarbles laura, are you still living there on your estate of sorrow? you used to leave it occasionally, but now you dont even bother to ride that commuter train west to chicago, to stroll through the greenery in the park past the statues.


the beauty carved out of absolutes you could never claim, or even envision. laura you were the saddest song in the shape of a woman. yeah, i thought you were beautiful, but i wept with your movements. but i hope that youre laughing now from that place on the carpet where we shared a sleeping bag in your sister's apartment. oh how she would worry so, you know i was just a stranger. but she asked me to care for you, yes she did, and i went and betrayed her. but do you know we're in high demand, laura, us people who suffer? because we dont take to arguing, and we're quick to surrender....yeah i think i woulda called tonight if i still had your number. your thoughts have always laid close to mine, we were both skipping supper. but you should never be embarrassed by your trouble with living, cuz its the ones with the sorest throats, laura, who have done the most singing.

la la la la la la la la la la la la

i love bright_eyes
asia fuck you i hate you. 030429
me i worked with a Laura...prissy, boss's pet, sneaky mole, fearful, tearful Laura...yeuch i hate that name 030624
Casey I liked her for a while and I was going to ask her out then Tucker asked her and I just kind of pulled myself away from her. 030625
RedArmageddon fuck you i love you 031113
Laura I would like to help people with thier problems if u have any problems please contact me at I am a freshmen in college working on my doctors degree. 040224
x why would i ask someone who can't write "you" for help with my problems. i have second graders more articulate than you. 040224
trippin why should i try?
do you even notice i exist?
you can use and take but never give back
trippin i'm with RedArmageddon 'fuck you i love you' 040318
kipper Dated a very sweet girl called Laura this summer, it was never going anywhere, i think we both knew that, but i am happy for the short time of fun we shared. It was exciting and dangerous and i know that when i am old i will look back on those two months and smile a wry smile. 040318
ethereal She's soooo pretty!! She's nice too. One of those genuine people that you can't help but love. 040318
Casey Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her, tell Laura not to cry, my love for her will never die. 040503
Casey She's turned into a drunken hoe, oh well, I was over her anyway.

Sunday I went to her graduation because she asked me to. I couldn't say hi to her when I got there. Intead I had to stand there for ten minutes and listen to her talk to dustin about how the boy she cheated on may not want to break up with her yet. I said hi, looked at her pics for a sec then left.
flip why can't i give you up?!!?!??!?!? why are you so goddamn necassary to my life??!?!?!? you are fucking it up for me, please don't i know it's not your fault but.......please don't 040909
the fire inside returning once again to where i feel safe....
the endless and trivial pursuit of the unattainable...
i am hopelessly, irreversibly, and forever in love with laura.

she walks by, three words and i melt, i cannot speak. and she still seems oblivious to the fact. It's obvious really, i am deeply in love with her.

Yet she can look me in the face and just not realise.
nim this is a name that took me years to accept as my own. and now its home 050805
laurah this is me before i turned thirteen and brushed the sand off of my h. 050828
Casey We still talk sometimes. We went to Gourmet Garden a few months ago. She had orange chicken and I had Sesame Chicken. 060404
jordie She was smart and independent and rebellious and beautiful and sad and experienced. I looked up to her defiance.
Red and brown hair. Big amber eyes with long lashes. A black choker.
My favorite cousin.
flo sweet, but poison 070604
ofsuch you are a terrible person. one of the worst I've ever known. how could we have been so close?? 081201
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