preciosa So I like to burn my toast sometimes, on purpose.

Have a problem with that?
unhinged i eat herb toast from dennys but that's about it 001216
chanaka i am dry toast
hate having to rely on other condiments...
kinda blackened with scorch marks
left in the toaster for unknown periods of time

make a face
*spoons* toast...I like toast
Evil toasters taking over the world one crusty bread consuming household at a time!
Norm You are all, truly, a credit to humanity and society... Cheers! 010901
Norm May your coffin have six handles of finest silver! May your coffin be carried by six fair young maids! And may your coffin be made of finest wood from a 100-year-old tree that I'll go plant tomorrow! 010901
Norm For every wound, a balm.
For every sorrow, cheer.
For every storm, a calm.
For every thirst, a beer.
Norm May you live to be a hundred years, with one extra year to repent. 011006
Casey Toast is great. I wonder if we can turn bread into toast by rosting it over a fire? All hail powered toast man!!! 011006
pralines&cream ... when you've been caught.
"wha-?!" *shocked expression*
... a toast!!

to every kind blatherer!!

to everything beautiful, kind, helpful, funny, smart, loving and lovable

i will now drift into a loverly sleep
blown cherry Peanut butter with just a hint of toast. The perfect thing for those 4am snacks when your eyes have gone all blurry, but you feel you have a good 2 or 3 hours left of doing-nothing-in-particular ahead of you. 020208
i like paste i love the toast when i have to scrape your face with the dull butter knife! 020217
char Hello.
My name is Inigo Montoya.
You burnt my toast.
Prepare to fry.
painted marbles all around the country, coast to coast, people always say, what do you like most? i dont wanna brag, i dont wanna boast. i always tell 'em, i like toast. yeah toast! wake up in the morning about 6 am, have a little jelly, have a little jam. take a piece of bread, put it in the slot, push down the lever and the wires get hot you get toast. yeah toast! now there's no secret to toasting perfection, there's a dial on the side and you make your selection. push from the dark to the light and then if it pops too soon, press down again, make toast. yeah toast! when the first caveman drove in from the dregs, didnt know what would go with the bacon and the eggs. musta been a genious, got it in his head, plug the toaster in the wall, buy a bag of bread, make toast. yeah toast. ah oui monsoiur bonjour con catte. avant croissant et vous avez. a oui marie le eiffel tower. a oui marie baguette bon soir. french toast! 030331
Luxie There are few things in life nicer than toast. 030602
carlita the night before last, i dropped my boyfriend off at home and went home myself, to get some sleep. i made myself some peanut butter toast and went to sleep.
then last night, i asked him what he did after i dropped him off, and he said he made himself a piece of peanut butter toast.
when i told him that i did the same, he says "wow... that's kinda creepy"
nomatter my grandpa made the best toast. no one ever believes it. supposedly all toast is the same. it was special. 030916
cup of tea I am the crumb of the burnt corpse of BREAD. Black as night scorched in the eternal flames of the evil oppressing toaster. I sit in a void of crumby goodness with my fellow crumb brothers. They can see you.... 031121
falling_alone toast with jelly! or jam! Strawberry jam!

i had a sandwich on toast with turkey...jillian, i think, is jealous for she has been deprived of turkey for quite some time
time_warp "let's drink to the dead laying under the water
and the cost of the blood on the driven snow."
fairbecca last time I had toast, my mother was ill. It was cold.
I only ate it because it was too done for mom's taste, and rather than let it go to waste, I picked it up off the table a few hours after lunch was over. The butter sat on top....square little eye peeping into my conscience.... like a stone, looking back at me as if to remind me of what a jack ass I had been for not taking it out of the fridge earlier. Fact is, the butter would not have melted anyway. The toast forgot to mention THAT, now didn't he. Kept his a** covered and put the blame on me.
Failure to communicate. Cold toast won't melt butter.
I don't blame the toast anymore, in fact, I'd forgotten completely about the whole thing until today.
Mom was better the next day.
I bought a new toaster even though there was nothing wrong with the old one.
turd furgeson I'd like to make a toast to the toaster. 040208
mockingbirdgirl to days of inspiration,
playing hookie, making something out of nothing,
the need to express,
to communicate,
to going against the grain
going insane
going mad
to loving tension
no pension
to more than one dimension
to starving for attention
hating convention
hating pretention
not to mention, of course, hating dear old mom and dad
to riding your bike mid day past
three piece suits, to fruits, to no aboslutes
to absolute, to choice, to the village voice
to any passing fad
to being an "us" for once
instead of a "them"
La vie boheme

ya i copied that... but i dont know from where
Strideo i think we'd all like more_than_toast
CuriousGeorgeWantsYou People always put cheese on toaster, especially cheddar. People also say cheese is made from milk, but everyone knows milk is white, so how did they get the cheese yellow? 041013
idiosynthetic toast is nice 041013
wrong person just let me know that you are happy and i will fuck off 041013
emmi cinnamon_toast

get some toast, butter it up immediately, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
god toast is good 051019
nom refuelage 070108
samjamala i like toast. it pops up when it's done.

you can't argue with that logic.
what's it to you?
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