Tess Dear Plastic

Made of atoms
By tender fingers
And determined heads
Of inventors

I was born aeons ago
Before anything human was known
My friends the alchemists
Told me everything was natural
And will always be that way
And possible to make gold from dirt

Dear plastic
Be proud
Don't imitate anything
You're pure, pure, pure

I believed I was their dustbin for knowledge
Took everything and digested
Of course I became big and strong
Today I'm old and withering away
My friends the alchemists
Long disappeared into dust
I no longer get anything fruity
No longer gold made from dirt
Now I only get spacefood on a tray





by the Sugarcubes, from Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!
lotusflower and the little plastic castle is a surpris everytime. 000213
Brad You know, if they could figure out a way to make a synthetic polymer compound using a certain type of volcanic lava, and use it in cosmetic surgery, it would truly stretch out all the stretchable bounds of macaferri guitars of the 1950s. 000309
dean-bean Plastic means changable or malleable. Hence plastic explosives. When I was young I thought my plastic toys might suddenly explode. Wouldn't that have been sad. 000328
marjorie if not paper 000520
silentbob In my school each class has a generation of popular blond girls that go to tanning beds and make their skin look like burnt pizza. those kinds of girls always have plastic lives, plastic friendships, plastic personalities, plastic smiles, and never real care about anything except their eye makeup.
i wonder who will be next?
Glory Box The world is full of Malibu Barbies. They shine, and their teeth glitter, their make-up is always, always perfect, but when you undress them, they have no nipples, no labia, one smooth, rounded bumps. You see, these women aren't people, they're just pretending. I don't know what they are, but they're not like me. 001205
misstree how do you know?

would it shock you to find out that one of these barbies went home and put a bullet in their head? Richard Corey and all... everyone has problems, everyone has emotions, everyone is a human being on some level... it is so difficult for me to concieve of someone not feeling *anything*... they may not explore their feelings, or know the first thing about them, but when their Grampa died they cried real tears... mayhaps each one has a secret pride, a journal that they empty themselves into so they can appear so vacant the next day... fitting into a mold must leave some nasty crush marks...

'course, i'm as likely as the next person to punch the gas to try to run over a group of drunken cardboard cutouts... but that's another_story
twiggie i sometimes wonder what barbie does when she gets home from school. i wonder how perfect her life really is, because she makes it out to be so wonderful. i wonder what barbie is going to do when she graduates, and if her plans to marry rich doctor ken will fall through or not. i wonder what she thinks of the people who she refuses to associate herself with, and if all that really matters to her is her appearance. i wonder when her life became fake and plasic. i want to slap barbie, and tell her to wake up, and that it won't be like this forever. that highschool ends. but it would be futile to think she'd hear anything that came out of my mouth. and why show her what else is in the world, anyway? she chose to live like that, so why should i bother or care? it makes me upset though, that barbie doesn't see what she doesn't want to. nothing matters to barbie except for her life, her friends, her clothes, her money. barbie is blind if she walks outside of her bubble. i sometimes wonder if she'll ever be able to see again. 001212
daniel ash you cannot go against nature, cuz if you do- go against nature, it's a part of nature too 001212
birdmad no new tale to tell 001212
l&r no big deal 001212
tourist What would you do if we let you go home?
And the plastic's all melted
And the chromium too?
Who are the Brain Police?
What would you do if the people you knew?
Were the plastic that melted and the chromium too?
Who are the Brain Police?

from FREAK OUT , by the late great
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
stupidpunkgirl maybe if we were plastic we could love each other.
maybe if we were plastic, you wouldn't of left me.
you left me for barbie.
pat sajaks ghost plastic people, oh baby, you gotta go... 001219
COLDandBLUEkitty don't make fun of barie..
just think about this...

barbie can't smoke, she's plastic.. and plastic melts.
she can't have sex, because ken doesn't have a penis
she can't get herself off, because she doens't have a cunt (that's sooo sad!!)
she's how old?? i mean seriously.. no wonder she's plastic..
she has no parents, yet she has sisters?
she has no nipples
she can't bend her neas, so if she drops something, she's screwed.
she can't open up her mouth.
she's a fucking barbie.

if i ever hear another barbie gurl wanna be say "i'm too sexy" again.. someone's gonna die.
poeticmisfit suffocating in a plastic room, left with nothing but your blood that spills across the see-through walls. Trapped and unable to reach out of the bubble they call "sanitary". Hospitalized in unbreathable air...caged in the disease. 020723
melissah plastic faces mean plastic grins
can you tell whats real and where fake begins?
nevermind all my friends are plastic. You can almost bend their arms and play pretend. 030327
paranoid martyr singing she looks like the real thing
she tastes like the real thing
my fake plastic love..
justfine hmm 030801
tulipbruises ive been friends with plastic girls, and some of them arent , if you scratch even just beneath the veneer they are actually some of the most sweet, amazing and even original people you will ever meet. these plastic girls arent plastic, theyre just very seamlessly put together so that theyre emotions and real selves dont show unless they want them to. but then again, i have met plastic girls which just seem so incredibly caught up in themselves and their plasticness that they have lost all memory of whats inside themselves. but remeber that all plastic people are just better at hding themselves than most people 030802
I AM SOMEONE "Get a grip Marley! It is a plastic society!" 040325
narcisstic_grapes plastic, spastic
faking it

just smile
a brittle smile
cracked lips
cheap orange
plastic lipstick.

i will stare
back at you
with glassy
and smile
a plastic smile
back at you.
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] ...all with the help of the material we call... PLASTIC!!! 061116
krea time for a little plastic surgery! 070207
~lazarys~ pure, incorruptible form.
stretches into sky, like giant see-through bubbles.
oh, to breathe is to die.
as a second skin
breathe in
to die.

plastic dreams, of murder.
what's it to you?
who go