typhoid a very large wrench, several screws, water bottles, signs, warning stickers, pens, candy.
never trust.
unhinged 90% of the people where i work are including myself...i almost feel guilty. almost. 010530
mmm who me? umm... no of course not..... lmao yeah right! i can almost say that with a straight face. its become almost an addiction, hell if i could i would have stole from blather (that is if it had some material items to steal), and its not that i have ne thing against blather either... its just some thin i do... 010530
lyle mcmahon Shirt, trousers, ties
Muted bathtub eyes
I never seemd to understood
I tried so hard to understd

People with large arrow shaped signs
Leading me somewhere else
Always someone else
Always unimportant

A tired man sits down in a chair
In the sitting room of a house
A man sleeps until four thirty
Hibetnate an eet

I would imagine so
I can visual eyes
Yes I could image in

Loud whisling fierworks
Sad songs and poetry
Lyle I donít understand
I donít unndr stnd

Cold water to take my showers
Norm I remeber when I was young. I mean real young, like 11, stealing was the 2nd most exciting thing to me, next to drinking. Staples has given me so much charity, God knows why the hell I thought I needed so many pens and pencils though. I guess they never caught on to why me and my freind would walk in there every day and not buy anything and than leave with bulky pockets cause of the innocence of our youth. Those were good times. I was a pro back in the day. All my freinds got caught eventually, not me though I was the master. 010826
Annie111 I read a book once about a boy who could not stop stealing. He stole TV's and VCR's and big fucking things that you can't just shove in your pocket. I never thought I would actually meet someone like that. I never thought that that sort of drama and addiction could spill from a page into my life. I have noticed that about a lot of things lately. 020122
kco ....dream....ummm... wat? jacking shit is sooooo bad!
yea,,,, that sux....

.......and why cant
wake up?
niki it never became any worse than stealing pens and pencils. they just sort of called out to me from the school desks as i walked back to my own seat. or at restaurants when the waiters left one for me to sign my receipt. it got so bad that my friends started to notice my pen surplus and eventually my nagging habit. i forever became known as the "klepto." i'm just glad that i am not the only one. 020614
SuicidalAngel Wal-mart's camera domes are fake.

They loose tons of $$ per year on shoplifters because they are so cheap.

They've lost about $200 from me alone so far this year!

"Buy none get 10 free"

"Shop smart - Dont pay at all"
niska HAHA and 'Code 44 - section C' is so ridiculous... there's no 'section C'.

the only way I've ever stolen from Wal-Mart, is buying patio furniture for a party, then returning it a month later. They take anythign back. ANYTHING. no matter what.

i think there's a lot of paper involved in denying complaints, so they just give you your money back.
Saz steal my heart 030512
sixteen escalating...

cd walkman and 100 dollar corset, latest additions.

bubbles and stickers and things i dont want.
jane first time i stole was in preschool
i must have been about three

i started stealing from people and then when the conscience kicked in, that's when i stole from stores. i was lucky and never got caught. and only maybe this year or last year did i stop stealing. good thing i stopped in time. i got worried i would never stop and i would get caught
Patty If you worked really fucking hard to make something, you put ALL your effort into to it, it was your pride and joy, your example of what sort of talent you bring into the world, and you wanted money for it, would you like it if someone stole it from you?

...then again, in our economy, most things are products of laziness...or greed...companies spend 5 cents making a pair of pants that they charge you 50 bucks for. Or they will manufacture it in a factory overseas where hundreds of children with strange tumours growing out of their skin. What the hell.

I know that I personally would not be able to steal with a clear conscience. The truth will be discovered in the end.

Either way, you lose. Stealing and buying are still both dishonest, if you can't trust the seller.
ferret you mean: The_Truth will be discovered in the end don't you? 030524
sixteen Ha!

I was arrested today, for shoplifting.

I had actually purchased a hot pink hula hoop right before I was caught, so when police came to take me (and my friend who was also shoplifting), i walked out behind this taaalll police officer (i am short: 5 ft) handcuffed, and carrying a hot pink hula hoop. It was sort of ridiculous, but mostly funny. I tried to hold back my laughter, seeing as this was a serious situation and I was in semi-deep shit.

But I'm not one to take life too seriously nowadays...

I chatted up the cops at the station and got one to try out my hula hoop. They were rather amiable and one made me laugh when they were taking my mug shots, so we had to do them over again.

So, for 4 DVDs and lipgloss, I am going to family court and doing some community service.

I'm mostly disappointed about my messed up plans (I can't go out this weekend), having a criminal record, and having to make a couple friends wait for longer than they should have.

I'm lucky to be 16 right now, I think.

I don't think I learned my *lesson*. besides the whole don't steal from Kmart thing...
andru235 moan: "...pack lite..." 050424
stork daddy i had a friend who used to take things just for the sake of taking them.
then there was another who would take only those things he thought the other person wouldn't value.
then another, more cruel perhaps, who only enjoyed taking those things the other person did value.
the worst of all though, was my friend who didn't even see it as taking,
because he believe himself entitled to everything in the world.
what's it to you?
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