stupidpunkgirl i want to hate you
but how can i?
you can't remember me telling you
happy birthday
before you crashed
and you called mike
and you thought it was the afternoon, when it was morning
and i saw you, at denny's
so disoriented
and again tonight
you still weren't completely there
and i saw your hands
and i wanted to hold them
and i couldn't
i wanted to push your hair out of your eyes and run my finger down the side of you face that hit the windshield.
but instead i gave you the 7" you're going to make into a cd this weekend
and said goodbye.
and you said you'd call when you got it done.
COLDandBLUEkitty and no one really knows what's going on inside that little boy's head.
you care about ::her::
you're confused
you don't
"i'm still in love with tara"
you say you still want to hang out
you feel trapped
and then we see another gurl sitting on your lap.


but i'm excited about my cd's!!

when someone entrusts their heart to you..
you drive carefully with it.
you didn't.. you crashed.
and your ribs still hurt.

think about how emily feels.
dammit ass monkey..
she's fragile..
handle with care.
misstree sudden impact, impossible screeches as metal itself crumples, glass shattering like the cymbols in a symphony of suddenness, screeches and movement and shock, and it isn't until it's over that what happened sets, and then it's horror or wonder, pain or escape.

but for one moment, everything hung in that cusp with a cacaphony to celebrate it. a brief life, but with such an impact...
(no pun intended, just a little drunk)
Casey The brakes on my LTD broke and I smashed head on into my kindergarden teacher 010610
sixfingers a moment in slow motion the glass seems to twinkle in the lights, for a moment the horror seems so far away,
like watching a movie

but when you wake up, powerful fear sets in,one word crosses my mind,


though it wasn't actually a thought
had to run away, but as soon as i took 3 steps, the pain drove it's sword into me and i knew i couldn't walk...

laying on the shoulder shivering from the cold night,

soon lights come flashing white and red,

i saw the man we hit a moment ago, i looked at the tangled frame of the van briefly

is he alive?
how bad is it,
go help him, he needs it more than i

the smell of burning rubber penatrates my body, the sound of crunching metal forever echoing in my head.
Elzbieta I have yet to be in a serious car accident. I think everyone get in at least 1 in thier lives. When I drive by myself I think about what my accident's gonna be like. Looking at the cars peeling out in front of me and the semi-trucks who can't stay straight in a lane...Is it gonna be you? But I already have a habit of hitting inanimate objects so it'll probably be a tree or a light pole. How ordinary. 030117
ferret my friends mom was killed by a drunk driver
must be hard to get over something like that
walking down the street and suddenly wham
no chance to say goodbye, i love you
taken in the instant of insanity
you're entire world crashing down on your head
everything you've aspired for crushed in an instant
the fear worse than the pain
settling in slowly to take it's full effect
depression sets in like snow covering your home
you can't fight the fear, growing every second
then you realize she'll never be back
all colors swirl and fade to black, waking up in the ER reaching out, trying to grab a hand, all running no walking pushed through life faster than you would've liked
.....i wonder how he dealt with it.
unhinged accident

i've been going to the chiropractor lately. it seems to be helping.
hsg more have died in auto accidents than all wars ever fought in the history of mankind. this is fact.

what's more? the number of deaths attributed to lung cancer which is directly linked to the exhaust of cars.

that means more people have died from car-poisoning than from accidents.

sell your car, buy a road-bicycle.

I've biked 12,000 miles over the last 12 months. I have 4% bodyfat. I have extra money. it takes me less time and money to travel than anyone I know by the time they:
their vehicles.

become a vegan_cyclist; this world needs you.
() (warm leatherette) 061101
jane 070411
jane farewell to the bean 070411
u24 i must be logged in to do that! 070411
jane you dont have a myspace? oh u24. 070412
jane here's what it says:

R.I.P. frijole
Current mood: grateful
Category: Automotive

for those of you who have not heard:

Monday the 9th i was involved in a car accident. the police report has not yet been released, and i do not feel like publishing the gruesome details of the evening; suffice it to say, i am well enough to be typing this, well enough to be at work, well enough to play a show on saturday (you should come!).

thank you to my car, frijole, for saving my life, and thank you to my friends & family for all the support. i love you all.
crash test birdmad in the middle of the twisting metal and the breaking glass it's funny how time slows and stretches to a near breaking point almost as if to prove that einstein was right about the passage of time relative to the speed of an object in motion

then, in the recoil, the perception of time catches up abruptly and with a maximum of violence
jane yes, clearest thinking i ever had 070412
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