MollyGoLightly Am debating with myself on whether or not I need to drive to the store to buy a diet dr. pepper. I need it quite desperately, as the no-caffeine headache has wormed its way into the center of my head.
However, I know the caffeine will anger my uterus just enough to make my cramps worse.
Argh, dilemmas.
Splinken i read somewhere that caffeine does mean things to one's bones.

i guess i just get more and more brittle every day.
ryanthered with out it life as we know it would come to an abrubt hult. roof wouldn't get shingled, papers wouldn't get done, people would be very unplesent. not to mention juan valdez would be out of work. 001229
aqueous recently i've been trying to acquire an addiction for caffeine. yesterday i may have suffered a caffeine headache! addiction is one of those piquant psychological features which i've missed out on. i'd gladly take a major addiction in exchange for another feature like jealousy or regret.

wait a sec - i guess that's why people get into hard drugs. crap. nevermind. anyway. i do like cafe mocha.
shiva mountain dew. too much. i haven't slept for at least 26 hours. blecgh. 010426
unhinged it's what i live by but only in the cold carbonated version these days. i indulge in the large cup of jazz society bake sale coffee every thursday but this morning i reached for the coke for some reason.... 010426
god me too 010426
mmm o how i love my green tea in the morning 010426
MercynRe doobie doobie doo... 010427
flo coffee beans from the freezer, freshly ground the only way, theen filtered through raw hemp, not too fine some so residue reaches the cup.
rocket fuel.
i have daddled in most addictive substances, and coffee is the only one i really need.
freakizh caffeine its a tool to make people cravers of cocacola.

but god, it feels so good.
sykoze caffeine is the devil and it is the god.
a necessary evil in this day and age.
trashes your body and mind.
only way to limit consumption.
a total restructuring of society.
so the need to resort to caffeine.
or any other drug does not exist.

rip the system. throw it away. no legislation can stand in our way.
what we gonna go for? revolution action!
the system is dead.
Casey Jolt actually makes me sleepy 010902
ErikFriend Like breathing air, you arent aware of your need until you try to stop. Thats when the little trolls with pick-axes that live in your head get to work. 011109
ClairE Avoid it but, God, I love that chocolate. 011202
ClairE You caffeinate me. My leg is bouncing up and down now. Should I just accept you as a necessary part of my system?

Irritable, cranky, bad sleep, full of nervous energy.
Billia super-sensed, hyper-sensed senses. 020323
User24 I believe it's spelt caffine 030622
blah-ze it is the new vitamin C! 030728
blah-ze there's too much blood in my caffeine stream! 030728
angelita curious that I can be surrounded by friends hooked on drink - socially acceptable where I am, at least - and yet eyebrows shoot up when I drink more coffee.
it's terrible because it's not as much of a comfort as it should be; it just becomes a need.
worst of all is when I spend time in France, where coffee is immeasurably better (well, stronger). and decaf is practically non-existent. what's a weak-willed caffeine junkie to do?
caffeine rush it's a way of life 040308
when darkness falls i can't live without it... i love coffee and if i don't drink it twice a day, i feel weird, tired, easily irritable. my favorite time to drink it = midnight, with friends, outside... just strong coffee, no cream, no nothing... 040308
noynat Darkness--I dig the midnight thing. thats the way some people smoke grass but thats not the point.

I can never find the right equilibrium for drinking coffee. I either don't ever drink it or I drink 4 coffees and 3 mountain_dew in one evening. then I get sped up then I cry because i fall back down.
Stimulants are evil in ways, even our simple friend coffee.

How much coffee do you drink before you blathe?
misstree came in to work today
painfully hung over,
passing out at my desk.

then they gave me mountain dew and pizza.
and i have become a superspeedy fount of
bibble babble, fingers flying
throwing claims out the door
like a major league pitcher,
bouncy bouncy bouncy.

i really hope i timed this right,
because when i go home,
i am going to be in desperate need of a nap.
i hope i caffeine_crash
at the right moment, not before,
and i hope i can sleep
once the opportunity strikes.
her royal highness the quirk my brother calls me caffeine 040320
white_wave I currently_need more caffeine. I thrive on stress, and and an explosive heart_rate. Rest and relaxation make me brain_dead, except for under the sheets. 040320
stork daddy run until you're the run not the runner 040326
cntstnd took me a year to get off of it. 040918
imaskitzo I need something strong to distract my mind 041031
falling_alone Perhaps it was because I hadn't eaten for six hours or perhaps it was the coffee- probably it was a result of both- but I found a tremor surge through my body as if the caffeine had finally hit the veins and now coursed throughout my blood. Maybe the rush is what caused me to write such a run-on sentence.
My movement seem impossibly jerky, I feel live I have suddenly been transported into a film where a few frames skip every second.
If this continued, I wonder if I would be prone to a heart attack? It still continues to beat rapidly.
So if I realize this is the result of the caffeine why do I continue to reach for the cup -because it's something to occupy yourself with- also I think it makes me look cool...
Anyway I don't remember the topic; my legs feel like they could give way at any moment.
You realize I donít sound like me, actually I couldn't tell you how I think anymore. It changes every two weeks. My thought processes depend on the current book I live in -read- and I seem to become the character. Only not a very good version-
-I took another sip. At first I thought there was moisture built up on that black dome of a lid, but that didn't make sense because the liquid had turned practically into ice since the time of purchase. It was, only I tried to wipe said moisture away unsuccessfully, then that I begrudgingly realized it was the oils from my face, my nose-print.
A rather rude shock, I must say.
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