me? pretty little boidies,
picken in the toidies.
old hick Zen cannot exist until there is no Zen. 000122
amy whatever 000423
amorfus When you actually do see and perceive for the first time that there is no self to realise, no psyche to purify, no soul to liberate, it will come as a tremendous shock to that instrument. You have invested everything in that - the soul, mind, psyche, whatever you wish to call it - and suddenly it is exploded as a myth. It is difficult for you to look at reality, at your actual situation. One look does the trick; you are finished.
-- U.G. Krishnamurti
grasshopper Yeah, you're a freakin' hypocrite.

I fuck Zen with a rusty pole.
mike it's a little hard to understand... 000527
bownan While looking for pictures I ended up here at a place for words...and here I will stay... in my own zen kinda way 000627
stan Yes Amorfus, Krishnamurti is absolutely correct. Have you had that experience yourself? I did at 4:15 a.m. on the twentieth of this month. My immediate reaction was to laugh, or rather, there was laughter. 000731
Pretty/ugly zen constructed by the mind--
what a reflection, and how seeming reflects being

but only a reflection...

zen is
what zen is not
and thus always
zen will be


--- until --- Kyssat!
kx21 The Truth, True Nature, True Self,... of GOD, the Universe and especially You...

e.g. Questions related to ZEN of TOUCH:-

q1: Did you touch yourself?
q2: Did anyone or anything touch you?

What is the ZEN's answer?
kx21 Your most frankest and sincerest answers...

But, the ZEN's answers to so called the simple questions are somehow complicated and somwhat censored by You with reference to your environment and perspective. And ZEN's answers are thus hidden in the Nature...
pickletree I am Zen 010427
pickletree Zen is the devil 010427
phil misunderstanding 010521
Sol sleep when you ar etired
eat when you are hungry
be with one as you are with a hundred
see what is there
hear what is said
He Who Is Not Zen is building a tower of cards just to have them knocked over by a gust of wind.
Zen is creating a labyrinth in the sand to have it dissolved by water.
Zen is making a sculpture of glass to have it fall.
Zen is writing poetry to have it burn.
Yet Zen is also none of these.
Zen is and is not Zen.
)-( mu? 011002
reitoei zen is not zen. zen is not you, not god, not the universe, not the lotus. zen is. do not think just be. clear the weeds

ever dumbening if zen just "is" then what's up with all the formality and ritual? makes me feel like i'm back in church.

give me the lesser vehicle any day.

pinche japanese aesthetic.
whoknows rex 011204
unhinged all any religion is is formality. the nice thing about zen is that it's not as egocentric as it's western counterparts. helps me look at thinks from a different angle. 011204
phil life without life 020512
zulu destruction of rational thought 020628
myanik happy
always happy
too happy
hopturn twotape zen is a pack of lies sold to you by western publishers hellbent on corrupting your moral values by introducing secular themes unknown young capitalist minds. or, zen is the ultimate expression of freedom from mental tyranny. zen is an old man pissing on a dog for no good reason at all. zen is the dog's state of mind at the moment when he (or she) realizes that his (or her) head is covered with stinky old man piss, and not being the least bit angry about it. some would say that true zen is being alone of spirit. some say that zen is a joining of something greater than anything physical, and therefore corruptible. hopturn twotape is a corruptible organism, capable of forging treaties and backing out of them. hopturn twotape tackled the question of "Why am I here?" by asking his mother. 030516
god alone of spirit 030517
god well, right then i jumped up and squatted in the night, running away from the creepy blue light coming from under the car. the icy blue shimmers reflected off the bonepile like a reasonable doubt once i smeared my lap with ketchup. 030517
User24 hopturn twotape has an interesting viewpoint.

exactly why does the physical not matter?

surely zen is simply an escape - a playground for bored minds?

a mechanism to cope with unanswerable questions, for those minds that are frustrated with them?

maybe.. but, I don't exist, so I don't care.
hopturn twotape ahhhhh.....but you DO exist, at least in a physical sense. why put off self-realization until your late forties when you can do it today. make the big leap, and you'll land somewhere. i practice zen meditation everyday, but i am still sitting in one place, looking at the same things, listening to the same sounds. many people live by their instincts, however faulty. many people live because they fear death. zen slows this process down for me. maybe i am dysfunctional.... 030518
User24 zen allows people to realise that, whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

( desiderata )
werewolf get out of here 030519
hsg stepping from my candle
playing in the tunnels
i bring a book of matches with me
remember my breath if things get too hot
coincidence lights my way back
guide unmatched by candlelight
me something you can not desctibe with a final amount of words 050720
s the problem with enlightenment is that nothing matters anymore. 071030
s we need to pretend it matters if we are going to keep living. So we invent these complexities and get caught up in our passions and ambitions and for what? It is a game. When you see the game and realise that everyone around you believes the game is for real... it can be kind of ... alone. Very very very alone.

When you wake up in the morning and could not care less. We may as well walk our way straight into insanity, because there is honestly no line between this and that. It is all the same from a different perspective. The only problem is it is difficult to inhabit both places at once. Maybe if you can however, maybe there would be bliss there.

I would like to go and watch the daisies and birds for awhile. I would like to lie here and die. I could not care less. But then I guess I am not gone, because I somehow find my way back to the dream we call reality. And I try to pretend , try to convince myself it is real.

I like atoms and chemicals and cursors on screens. These are real.
margaux not a usable scrabble word! 071030
hsg it is what it is. 071030
what's it to you?
who go