silentbob My I.Q.

when I was four years old
they tried to test my I.Q.
they showed me a picture
of 3 oranges and a pear
they said,
which one is different?
it does not belong
they taught me different is wrong
but when I was 13 years old
I woke up one morning
thighs covered in blood
like a war
like a warning
that I live in a breakable takeable body
an ever-increasingly valuable body
that a woman had come in the night to replace me
deface me
my body is borrowed
yeah, I got it on loan
for the time in between my mom and some maggots
I don't need anyone to hold me
I can hold my own
I got highways for stretchmarks
see where I've grown
I sing sometimes
like my life is at stake
'cause you're only as loud
as the noises you make
I'm learning to laugh as hard
as I can listen
'cause silence
is violence
in women and poor people
if more people were screaming then I could relax
but a good brain ain't diddley
if you don't have the facts
we live in a breakable takeable world
an ever available possible world
and we can make music
like we can make do
genius is in a back beat
backseat to nothing if you're dancing
especially something stupid
like I.Q.
for every lie I unlearn
I learn something new
I sing sometimes for the war that I fight
'cause every tool is a weapon -
if you hold it right.

ani difranco
grendel the quality of the work i've been doing lately, i've got to wonder if i don't lose a few points everytime i'm on the can, lately 001107
j_blue wow 001108
splinken it's a measure of potential.

your I.Q. nears 150, i know, but you are a social retard. and you refuse to learn anything.

so i'm not impressed.

STILL not impressed, i should say.
j_blue i dont get it splinken 001108
splinken just spitting venom at an ex-boyfriend, that's all. 001108
stan save your venom for someone worthy of it 001108
Tank racist, sexist, capitalist system of measurement designed to propagate the lie that the white man is superior. 001108
j_blue wouldnt want to know mine if somebody paid me. seen to many satiated by what the could do and never actually doing anything. 001109
mikey meaningless petty measurement.

intelligence is based on using what you know, not how much you know.

you could read every book in the world but if you didnt know how to apply it it would mean nothing. but WOW You might get a high "IQ".
Dafremen You obviously know nothing about how IQ is measured. Although some of the older tests are somewhat culturally biased, the majority are decent tests and some of the newer ones are even better.

I suppose one tends to call IQ a petty measurement when one's measurements are petty.
mikey because i know many high IQ people in the world who are the most ignorant people ive ever met. and selfish.

we all base our opinions on our own experiances. nice observation but the venom in the last line was uncalled for....but its your own opinion and i will respect it as such.

in fact i agree with you. i simply like looking at things from all sides. many people cant do that.
mikey if you understood what i was saying about IQ youd understand i was speaking more on how people use the IQ results. not the IQ test itself. i never said the test itself was good or bad.

IQ becomes a prejudice. a petty measurement in most cases.

IQ tests can be a great way to see where your weakness lies so that you may work on it. like all things theres 2 sides it can be postive and negative.
retartedkidnameddamian i just got my iq. grilled out of my mind, smoked a couple bowls. oh, looke here it is, 150. heheheheh....everythings backwards... 010327
dB A high IQ means nothing unless you are tought how to use it in as many applications as possible. In that sense it can't really be measured. There is a generalisation in the population that knowledge is the same thing as IQ. People who think this are either uninformed, or themselves, unintelligent.
Another way to think abou it is; if you take a mathematical genious (I've done this) and give him a shovel, you will either end up with a new type of tent, or a very shallow, wide, and uneven hole.
This is because a specialised IQ can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you are specialist at something, and you concentrate on that thing, you lose ability to do other things. (am I making sense here?).
Anyway, it all boils down to this:

SILENTBOB! I hope you are a writer, and if you aren't at least get that starting statement/thing copyrighted. That is a nice peice of work.
dB Hang on, just noticed it was a quote. I'm going to have to look that one up.
*slaps head* I gotta stop thinking so fast. My head get's too warm.
dB Right, so I just went and picked up a copy of Puddle Dive. Excellent album so far (only up to track 4). It's kinda like a stripped down version of Lisa Loeb, but with a cooler voice.
j_blue hm, iq is analogous to ram in machines

processing power and speed

but all computers are capable of computation, regardless of processing power and speed

my best friend just got a refurbished p3 7xx (not sure how fast) with 128+ ram

he only uses it to play mp3s and to connect to aol for sex chat

i could say he had tons of iq, but he isnt doing much with it
----ffff 143 011029
kx21 The Spin of QQ... 040420
kookaburra just because some people with high iq's are ignorant and selfish and petty, it doesnt mean that iq tests are bed or whatever. thats not what the test is measuring. go and take the "Are You An Ignorant, Selfis, Petty Person Test". dont go raggin on the iq tests, which i actually take for im not a loser, im a geek, and theres a different.

"she stood in the cold, fighting silent battles against the winds scarrign her face."

kookaburra the word was scarring...i Do have a high iq!!!!
*mumble mumble grumble*
dont hate me cuz i cant spell, hate me because i just used up 3 more seconds of your life...

DannyHq meq 040421
mon uow i'm pretty sure mine is lower than it used to be, not that it really matters 050304
on the road but guilty of sloth. Like the rest of the world. 050602
bob Who is to say what one does with something is negative or positive. Isn't everything relativistic, isn't one's judgement of something dependent on their value system? If so, I don't see how you could say one is 'not doing so much' with something they have, unless your comparing it with your own definition of what's valued. There is more to this world then your views alone. Wealth, Power, Courtesy, and Caring are not virtues alone in it's own right... it is dependent on what is being valued by whom. What you value, what society values, may very well different from what the individual values so don't degrade those who have a different intentions that what you would see as 'valuable' or worthy. To everyone has their own views. Respect that. 050817
silentbob db
it's ani difranco
Floptolemy Lately I feel like mine is about 55. 061014
oren See numbers_with_meaning. 061014
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