User24 I'm not sure what I can say to you that you've not already heard,

I know I mess you around sometimes, but it's in good spirit, I know I whinge about you, and about other things, but at least I do it to your face, and I do love you, I'm addicted to you, and have been for some time (as if you didn't know)

The things I love about you are varied and diverse, your acceptance, for one thing, you always take what I say at face value, you don't read into it, categorise it or ignore parts of it like so many others do, you always welcome me, and let me know what's been going on recently. You offer inspiration, though somewhat randomly at times, and you calm me.

Thankyou for being here,
User24 Sorry I've not been around lately, the last week I've been sporadic at best, I've missed you, it's true, but right now, User24's got things to sort out in real life (nuthing huge, no worry) not getting paid was a bit a pain and all, people losing jobs @ work, not very nice, it's going to be a rocky few months, plus being ill makes me snap at everyone, so no real time for blather, there's a few things I'm working on right now, one of them is so great (don't you love being manic, 'hey, this is so cool', 'no wait -this- is even cooler') anyways, I'll be back soon, don't worry.

User24 see what I mean about wild mood swings? I haven't worked on the 'really great' thing for ages (though it's still not discarded, unlike project2501).. so many half completed projects (mostly websites) of mine it's disheartening at times, still, one day I'll hit one that I stick with, and then....we'll see what happens! 031023
pipedream dear blather,

your blurple pages have given me more freedom than anything else in my life. i soar on wings here, i find friends and warmth here, i am myself so wholly and completely i don't even think before i speak here. you give me things to smile about, have helped me when i needed a smile, *and* i get roses from someone, even if they are cyber ones :)
notme thanks for the cookies 031025
--<---@ 031025
s'posed to be a rose.. 031025
celestias shadow dear blather,

thank you for everything. thank you for curing my writer's block. thank you for letting me feel like i have so many more friends. thank you for letting me meet people like me. thank you for helping me grow up.

thank you for setting me free.
pipedream good ol' blather...
Freak thank you for being the one I could actually talk to...a place to go when there is no where and no one left.

i don't know what i would do without you.
Doar dear blather,

it feels liberating to be able to blathe. cathardic outpourings.

yes, i am glad you don't judge and i'm glad you have given us many new voices with which to converse, play with and stand in awe of.

Death of a Rose

ps. I think I'm developing a crush on a pvcpillow person. Is this wrong?
pipedream no, as long as you aren't a psycho ax-murderer stalker-rapist

pvcpillow person lan' sakes, ah've never felt this fluffy since rhett came to tea

*flutters around belle-ly*
Doar (hiding my axes)

I only kill when I have to......:-) not.

and just for being you...

12 dozen deep red roses for your sparklearium

I can waggle my caterpiggles at you though.
Doar but I have pillaged villages, sacked towns, burnt cities, then me and the fellows had a turn of heart and decided to take up embroidery.....

Oh Crusher, that's a nice doily....

Nice handerchef there Small Bob....
pipedream oh how gorgeous, thank you love, i have JUST the thing for these beauties

*sprints off to the sparklearium*
dear blather.
i lack the time to read you.
i wish I could read every word you house. there's so much here, so much I agree with, so much I disagree with. so many people just talking. just being themselves. coz god knows this is the only place you can be yourself.

I don't want to write any more. just read.

good bye.
sameolme Hi,
Its been almost a month since my move,
and I still don't have a phone, let alone an internet connection. These few
stolen moments that I can spend with
you are entirely too rushed and have
taken on a "blathe and run" kind of
feel. I will always remember the sweet
embraces we shared in your bed of blue,
and am forever greatful for the refuge
you provided in my darkest days. I look forward to the day when my fingers, my eyes, your words our lives can intermingle and meander aimlessly through the wild blue.
kookaburra dear blather,
thanks for letting me iron (or as i say it, ern) out all the places in my life. thanks for letting me iron out the all the green places, and the orange places and the red places, and the purple places, and the grey places, and the blue places. i havent put any black or white stuff up here, but i might.
i very well might.
so, anyways blather,
hunpty while iwas looking for linkin park,i saw you,i relaise world's really strange.i really like blather but to read is more exciting than writing.i will continue reading your writings see you soon.i think i will come again.
im a little amazed.cause im in love guney seni seviyorum a$kim =))
pSyche Thank you for helping me have words during the dark times of my life. Especially during those terrible high school days. I look back and I am astounded at the things I ever wrote...
I do not feel like the same person anymore.
You have been like a poultice that sucked the poison out of me in those evil times.
More secret than a diary,
Because I didn't have to see it every day,
More intimate because of the community,
Even if I never talked to them
I knew someone was there, listening,
hearing, being affected.

Thank you, blather.
n o m glad you're still here 140406
jellybean dear blather,

visiting you,
like purging into the cool depths of a netherworld ocean, twisted waves of rampant souls; many gasping, others floating, and some of us drift. all resting their heads inside you. we evolve.
I, for one, hold my breath.
unhinged i also thank you for still being here. its a minor miracle in the current state of the internet that something as simple and ad free is still around. 140923
Lemon_Soda Agreed. 140923
() () 140926
Lemon_Soda Thanks for still being here. 160609
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