the void one who is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by pain; impassive. 001119
sweetheart of the song tra bong Russian bear. 010516
ladybird you can tell they feel it just as much as us, though

ice queen is an unattainable fantasy
rollins stoic like a father 010517
discretion to be stoic is to be hurt in itself ... to be stoic is to live on a life dictated by pain at all times. 011120
Kate Dr. Tiel keeps telling us how stoicism benefits your soul. He wants us to practice doing what we don't want to do and not doing what we want to do. He wants us to seperate our reason from our emotions. He wants us to live nobly and justly and beautifully. He wants us to define happiness. He wants us to want to be just for it's own sake. I don't know what I want now. Well, all except for you three, I need you plural. 020625
cube Perhaps being stoic is acknowledging the pain of regret, but not allowing it to affect others...
Kate I have come to a shocking revelation of the possibilites of the human mind, soul, and body. After another class and lunch time conversation with Dr. Tiel, and after seeing Jon and Kyle's example, I have decided to impliment stoic practices for a time span of 2 weeks.
My purpose? To achieve the greatest soul that I am capable of attaining. To produce and continue inner harmony. To gain self-discipline in the highest form.
My goal? To rid myself of uneccesary desires (as Plato defines, those which are unjust and harmful or can be avoided) and fill myself with those that are necessary and virtuous. To set an example. To fall more deeply in love with God by ridding myself of the bad that I can.
So, I'm going to change or impliment:
-eating the absolute healthiest thing. at breakfast and dinner, finding the most desirable healthy option. for lunch, eating the most undesirable healthy option. no pop. no deserts except for fruit.
-to make myself adaptable to my environment. which means no fans in these boiling dorm rooms.
-no chapstick. anyone who knows me knows that I apply chapstick every 10 minutes for no reason except for a craving.
-no makeup. self contentment and focus on inner beauty. to not be so selfish and focus on beauty in others.
-run EVERYDAY. no more of this 2 days off a week in the summer bit. run for at least 20 minutes.

So, my goal is to do this for exactly two weeks and see how I change and if it's worth it. Anyone also up for a challenge? Seeing your desires and denying whichever is not producing a virtuous soul in you.
chaotica becoming oblivious to the external world is actually quite easy, teaching yourself to ignore that car alarm, stop biting your fingernails, don't scratch that itch, we do it all night every night (ever sneezed while asleep?)

But teaching yourself to ignore your self, well, that's a hard one.

Learn to become less tired. Stop feeling sad. Start thinking about this.

absolute self control is possible, it takes a huge amount of concentration and preparation, but once you've got there, and you no longer have to fight the senses you don't want, it becomes second nature.

Controlled breathing is step one;

hold your breath for as long as you can, when you start to get that gagging sensation, try not to think about it, try not to move a muscle, just suppress it.

ok, now breath quickly in though your nose, hold for half a second, and relax your chest, feel the air leaving you, repeat a few times, and now lets bring some visualisation into it; when you breath in, think of the energy contained in the air, it gives life to us and our planet, how wonderfully powerful is this invisible gas that surrounds us. Envisage that power being drawn into you, making you stronger. Now, when you hold the breath, feel the oxygen run through your veins, imagine the blood reaching out from your heart and into the far reaches of your body.

Now breath out, and imagine all the fog leaving, not rushing to get out, but quietly, of it's own accord; you have taken that force from the air, let it permeate your body, and now, you are using that energy to banish all that is bad, it is your will that it should leave, and now, as you breathe, you can feel it leaving.

doesn't that feel better?
User24 yes, it does. 031027
stork daddy i'm tired of being selfish. tired of the boring hedonism. where the only novelty is which new face i'm going to grind to the same shallow blank lust, the difficulties presented in each particular face in eroding its features. and i'm tired of sanding away at my borders every weekend with alcohol and drugs knowing in the back of my mind before i pass out that they will be back. i already know how that life ends. i've imagined it so many times i'm bored with it. the only path that holds any mystery now, is if i was to get up and actually try. and even that does not guarantee that there will be no pain or suffering. actually if anything, there will probably be more. 040301
misstree stoics aren't the only one who put handles on the headmeat. part of being a sensate is mastery of incoming sensation. (new experiences being another cornerstone.) but sensates revel in sensation (mental and physical, the whole package), whereas stoics encase it in concrete. 040302
.fallen stoicism ... hedonism .... one coin ... two sides 040302
Or Should I Change? A stoic hedonist
A hedonistic stoic

Which am I?
smurfus rex Knowing what I know now, I would propose that stoicism is the median between hedonism and apathy, rather than simply the opposite of hedonism.

Although I do appreciate the ironic paradox of a stoic hedonist.
unhinged maybe you would like this book smurf:

more than happiness: buddhist and stoic wisdom for a sceptical age by antonia macro
unhinged my stupid fucking phone autocorrected the authors last name cause i didn't capitalize it... 190112
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