nah....! never, ever, *ever* again. 011107
Casey I'll say it, but I know deep down I'll go back to doing it in a few months. 011107
TalviFatin Will I ever say this to myself?
Is it near? Could this be the end of my rope of suffering or it just another thread I must pass before I can fully cry into the full void of my being and destiny that hold me bound? I wish I knew...I wish I could taste it. Will this be the last big gap before I find the right one. Will this end up to be just another flimsy whim of a love-dance that I must effortlessly journey into? Or could this be what I am stuck with? I seem to be looking else-where already. Just three months of wasteful time. Wasted on something that wont last. I cant deal with another. Never again will I compromise my emotions for something that wont exist...Never again...
whoknows never again will i be able to look at you in the same way. all the things that should have been said earlier than they were have forged a divide between us so wide that theres no way in hell either one of us could cross it, even if we wanted to. i used to want to. but ill never want to go back again. why should i? it wasnt real. ive never known the line between love and hate to be so thin. 011108
Sonya will I say those 3 words with your name. Never again will I be able to think of you in a positive light. Never again will I be able to look at the stars without your line about them being an "audience" coming to mind. Never again will I look at a storm the same way. Never again will I be able to trust so freely. Never again because of you. 011108
dB There are those to whom the words NEVER AGAIN have special meaning.
Take Bin Laden for example.
nocturnal really just means not for a few days. 011108
whoknows i wish that was true 011109
nah....! one_more_time? 011113
birdmad there have been times when i wanted to say this

but i know myself too well
unhinged how stupid can i be? there are always double ulterior motives inside everything. 011114
never again. nah....
it's more like until next time, you goddamn fool!

"i'm alright; i'm fine."

ha! yeah right......
yummyC never again will I take iceskating lessons in hawaii.

i can't walk on water too well.
FreakFly Never agian will I lie.
Or is it lay, down and let it happen.
Only I can controll what I become.
How is that so? She made me who I am.
Changing, wanting, wishing I could be.
I want to be with her forever.
I made mistakes in life.
Becoming who I am not.
Not being who I am.
I lied. cheated. thats not like me.
She was weak and caused me to be.
all I wanted was to make her happy.
I tried like no other man, but failed like the many before. So why am I sick. I dont wanto eat. I dont know. I knew what was to become before I started. She takes no blame and is so cold hearted. Even her action she blamed on me. then said it was my fault when I showed it wasnt me. I appologised and took more than my part. I gave her every bit of my heart. I dont understand why we faught. I only think that maybe she was caught. In her own web tangled and thick. In her own sadness she made me the DICK. Even now she still uses me. the cell phone, closet, and house key. All I want is a desicion to be made but her actions toughts and tears dont say.
Her voice says stay away. but then she comes over.

All I know is never again. she wont hurt me not ever again. I would take her back. because My love is forgiving, but I wont be hurrt or her life ill be ending. Not in death of body or soul, but in love I will grow cold.
As much as I want to be mean like her I love her and want for us to look into the eyes. The ones we love that give no surprise.
So in the end all I have to say. Ill never again love that way.
i love kyna 011122
lost when ever i say those 2 magic words i know i will be back to doing withen a week 020716
cheer-up-emo-kid means absolutely nothing to me now 020719
littleidiot never not ever again
finally replaced every promise you've taken away...
how do i find her?
bearing my heart in my hands...
last winter, anne arbour was all i had.
AFI "will you
wrap your arms around me

as i'm falling?"
Jane Doe Never again will I go back to you. Somehow you've got everybody fooled, even I at some points in time. But not anymore, never again will I be so open and so free, for I know that whatever it is I am with, they have the chance to rip out my lungs, taking the very air I breathe, but I still try to scream bloody murder as loudly as one's voice will allow. Hoping that time will erase the pain given unto me, I know in my chambered organ that pumps my blood throughout that I will never allow you access again. 031207
stork daddy usually precedes, "one more time" 031208
once again my antithesis 031208
x "I gave you SO MUCH, never knowing, that it would NEVER be good enough. NEVER AGAIN!" 031209
x oops, you did it again
Boyd Never again shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Never again shall we sit and take orders
Stripped of our culture, robbed of our names,
Raped of our freedom and thrown into the flames,
Forced from our families, taken from our homes,
Moved from our God then burned of our bones.
Never again, never again, shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Never again leave our sons and daughters,
stripped of our culture, robbed of our names,
Raped of our freedom and thrown into the flames,
Forced from our families, taken from our homes
Moved from our God and everything we own...

Wu-Tang Clan


these hazel eyes are open wide now. facing forward.

being so close to losing it all was an eye-opener like no other.
the bird who destroyed the world (but since then we've lost our glow) 101130

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