psyki nectar-stained night drips acidic caramel upon the delicate ears of the dreaming vocalist. what she hears as she sleeps deeply is nothing. sounds of the dull collapsing of my veins are inaudible and cannot be heard by her. like ultra-molten lava flowing down the side of a volcano is the lemon which has been never squeezed. i looked at the tree and what i saw was lots of bark. where fake penguins are happy. orange cake frosting is smeared upon the brick wall. could be someone's toothpaste. if orange-colored toothpaste has been invented. but not orange-flavored toothpaste. like silver lipstick, impossible. the vocalist is thinking about flowers and mice and salt. who is the vocalist? i touched her leg once. i saw it. but can they believe there within the shadow that faintly is seen harshly smoking and tired and sleepy and blue. she wants to understand or know vegetables or why the pickles have stolen the pizza that could not grin if swiftly eaten with pitchforks and the glowing green flame. bouncing off of the moderately wispy ceiling, is not the light relected into the plaster less than extreme? purple mental cream, when i saw it limping still around. have you ever been a vampire? fall for a trick or you must crawl for awhile while shirking denial's corn, an empty small clam shell. limping will abound. surrounded by otters. fish aren't keen. then i saw it: waffles and cake. fake plastic lake. some waterfall's great disaster lonelier than thou grass never greener internal love corruption lather and fade. sparkling the twinkle of dust. unwrinkle. unwrinkle. unwrinkle. can of sweet juice can make you unhappier. ablink of the dark. is your eye irritated by the yarn-twisted? yet another day at the good ol' chopping block. wow, my neck really hurts. rotting giraffes aren't so tall. whisper and kiss her. sweet thing. sparks fly, into my windshield. i'm annoyed. your wipers can't clean the molten tar from the cubicle door, but you're not really trying very hard, are you? i'd give a copper nickel for some fresh beefy steaks and 35 100-watt campfires. speaking of stakes and vampires, the sudden impact drove a long automobile. when dost the blood beginneth to spew forth? no sir, i believe your fruitfly is actually over there, wearing the blue shirt. my blue shirt? quitcha yapping, ya sweetchie pie splatcherer. plop goes the easel after i smacked it with my trusty broom-o-matic. would you eat lime warts for a buck? 000129
apple i was just thinking that today i might buy a bicycle. 000529
Splinken Pretty fuckin cool:

I do have a car, but this almost makes me want to leave it on the roadside and air up my bike tires.
*nicole* oh, to ride upon a bike ;oP 000809
ThighsofSteelTank i love chrome_wonder because it makes me fit, because it is environmentally friendly, because it gives me joy, because it vicariously helps car drivers and because it is so special. 000915
tourist I live close enough to work, that I can walk when I have to. But I ride a bicycle so I can sit down while I do.
It's faster than an automobile because I can ride through the gridlock.
Shugarhi I used to ride my bicycle and whenever I saw an ant r any other dort of insect, I would drop the bike and run inside to be placed at the mercy of my mother's laughter while I told her my tale of battling an insect. 010517
silentbob i rode my sisters bike to and from school the past two days. it felt good. i felt really refreshed. like i was ten again 010517
phil please, stop driving your cars, and use a bicycle. I am going to start shooting people in cars. 020305
bethany i dont know how to ride a bike
and i live in the country
guess i need to get my bike fixed 020306
cresentwhench bike
my knees!!!
who put you there?!
i need a rubber.
littleidiot bicycle keeps me sane. (relatively).

there is nothing quite like flying through tight twisty singletrack and having speed-tears well up in your eyes, and airing over roots and dropping off ledges.

and there is nothing quite like dancing with a bicycle in an empty parking lot in the middle of the summer all night long.. and then watching the sun come up as you try and take it all in.

ahh bicycle. sigh.
to my trek 7000, i will never leave you.
to my haro master, i will never leave you.

i love you both very very much.
Sundari Raine Pre-dawn steaming school field and damp blacktop. Like a suburban phantom I zip along and barely stir up the mist that breathes from the grass. Behind me are only the evaporating tread lines my tires left after going through puddles. 040420
badjonni oh let me ride my bike 051020
hsg bike everywhere. ride everyday. peddle as fast as u can. make ur lungs burn. run errands for people so they don't have to use their toxic cars. get thin. be lighter. improve the efficiency of the allocation of resources as we continue our journey of transporting our consciousness through the use of our bodies. we should practice doing so with the littlest waist possible. because that's sexiest. 061113
pete i bike where i can. lime green and rusting. i bike when i can. looks broken, though all but the frame and seat are mostly new. those that aren't new in the last two years are old in the last thirty five. i like my bike. it goes fast. it gets me where i'm going. but it doesn't get me to you. 061113
VELO Jen My bike was the best dumpster_dive I've made in my entire life. Way to go hsg!

epitome of incomprehensibility I'm trying to bike when I can because soon it'll be snowy up here. Or not. It's hard to tell.

The end of hsg's comment (disclaimer: I do not usually use this expression because it damages my already fragile dignity): lol.
TK Blather feels nothing like riding a bicycle. However I know the effort will be worth it once I get all this molasses excavated from my brain. 140410
flowerock the stickers said "bicycle against oil_wars" and "burn_fat not oil"

my bike says "oil_addict in recovery"

I think I will try biking again soon, on a flat smooth path. my wrist is still injured/in a brace and it hurt last time. I ll start slow_and_gentle.

I noticed "nike" is almost "bike" bike-y?
e_o_i Yes, but the Roman goddess would totally win in a bike race against the sportswear company. I'm betting all my imaginary names on it. 140910
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