reviuquer It was a typical chat-room romance. Typical to a "T" to anyone who had observed others or maybe even been part of some.

By the time the inevitable, face-to-face meeting finally occurred, they had deluded themselves into thinking their sitaution was special.

But in reality, it was just a typical, chat-room situation. A house of cards with considerable uncertainty about even the number of cards, about whether there was even one full one. A house of cards facing the cold huffing and puffing of wolf reality.

Everyone who participated regularly in the chat room knew what was going on. The two lovebirds were first coyly and then blatantly making it known.

The observers who had any understanding or experience saw everything as run-of-the-mill, typical, headed with a probabilty exceeding 98% to something between a waste of time and money with a modicum of disappointment and pain, at one extreme, and a complete disaster for both birds for many years to come, at the other.

Fortunately neither bird in this case seemed inclined to be suicidal, so their ultimate recoveries seemed to be assured even if the romance would terminate in complete disaster. Sometimes these complete disasters are not temporary.
Cases of sucide arising from collision of typical chat-room romances with reality are uncomfortably common. Probably because the percentage of clinically depressed people among chat-room users is about five times higher than among the general population.

(Remeber, chat-room romances have been around since the early days of bbs 18 - 19 years ago. So we can speak reliably of the effects for "years to come" or forever of chat-room romance disasters.)
It is amazing but puzzling how on the surface a relationship can seem to be so deep - especially to the two directly involved - even though the relationship develops almost devoid of reality. Reality that everyone beyond tender years who is not completely in outer space knows that any relationship, even just an acqaintanceship, needs for sustenance.

Chat rooms, even when supplemented with e-mail and telephone, do not allow for such reality. Reality like things that can be seen (e.g., body language, spontaneous movements and reactions), smelled (e.g., body odors, pheromones), heard (e.g., whispers, laughter, expressions of anger or intense pleasure), touched, or tasted.

It was a typical chat-room romance ...

C 2000 Do not steal this from me.
amy fuck you, buddy.

are you being serious? are you doing this for my benefit? do you think i'm an idiot?

now you were sort-of supportive and sort-of beautifully so for a little bit...

go back to where you came from.
reviuquer Sorry, but you must mean somebody else.
I don't know you.

Sorry if I touched a sensitive nerve or two.

But, then again, maybe it's a good thing I did. One reason writing into the blue is so darned frustrating is that one never knows if it is having effects one hopes it might have.

Sorry I cannot abide your desire that I go back to where I came from.

The only place I'm going back to is Dublin later today with my partner/lover. (See St_Patrick's.) Then two weeks from Friday we will be back here at Ballyconneely.

Best wishes.

C 2000. You or mr. typhoid or both of you may steal this if you wish. Otherwise I reserve all rights.
amy an apology for hotheadedness. although i do not feel as if i am performing a script. but i mainly took offense to your implication that we don't know that we don't have the complete story, when in fact we are keenly aware of that... anyway, sorry.

and since when did eris become the benefactor of eros?
reviuquer Thank you for the apology. It came as a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately I do not understand the question. It is meaningless in my life. I have never known a woman who could be characterized as an "eris." You still must be mistaking me for somebody else.

Again, best wishes.
myfingersmells fuck you
mr. typpie that i saw right over there
im caught in a stereotype
that you dare slap on me
like the nicotine patch your mom ate.
you think the same as the others
i think the same as the others but only
you know why?
because you're mr. typpie.
a sheep in a herd of herds ALWAYS heard
and i am isolated.... UNheard... im not you...
kingsuperspecial of course, the girl has issues.
of course, she's already got a boy.
of course, the idea of
happily ever after
is the equivlent of drinking naplam

sure, you SAY you would do anything.
anything but reach out.
anything but take a chance.
anything but give up a little safety.
anything but suffer.

fuck you.
Dafremen Well, I'm on my way to live poor again.
Just walking away from my fat job and selling everything and with about 2000 dollars to our names, we're heading off across the country.

My wife has to go for family reasons and I can't stand between her and family. I really miss being broke. Being without the cash for the luxuries. I know it sounds silly, but I do. I guess these changes, these events and adventures in our lives have served to bond us very strongly, so strongly now that poverty doesn't worry us anymore, we've been there...many times. No our life has been anything but typical, but I'm not sure that I would have had it any other way. We're both enjoying the show too much.
CheapVodka I agree all the way Dafremen...

I lost everything 'cept for 4 packs of cigs a few days ago. I like being this way. I like not having pressure. I like not having stress. I like just being able to let go and free myself from all the stepping of my head thru my parents and what not.

So yeah...being poor is cool see: hoboism
Syrope spitting this word at someone is probably something i need to do more often. 020405
poor little me why do you think of me as typical? 040503
totally typi...cal 051005
what's it to you?
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