dafremen As we've gone through this life, on this planet, in this society, with these people..we've been told many things. Along the way we've been shown some things that were true. And we have been shown some things that were blatantly false.

Now, you'd think that eventually, we'd figure out that the false "facts" are incorrect, but here's the thing:

All along the way, we've seen examples of what happens to people who try to step outside of the bounds of these "realities" we've been shown. Social pariah-hood, ridicule, discomfort. Roving gangs of thugs with guns and clubs showing up to "re-educate" those who are disinclined to believe the manufactured "truths."

Here's an example:

In reality, if we see an apple tree, we may approach it. If it has apples, we may take one, or we may take many. We may choose to throw the apple, eat the apple (and spit the bite out if there's half a worm in it.) If there are no apples, then we may climb the tree, explore it, carve our initials into it (not too deep now..poor tree), or a number of other things. We can EVEN choose to move on without noticing the tree one bit.

Here's what we may NOT do in REALITY: We may not own the tree or the land where it grows. It belongs to no one and can belong to no one. How does a being with a lifespan measured in decades, presume to own a piece of the system that birthed him..a system with a lifetime measured in BILLIONS of years? The claim of one little 100-year-long pink blip on the radar of time, trumping the claim of a 6 billion year old planet to its sovereignty?

Here's how we are convinced that reality is otherwise:

We see an apple tree and approach it. A man yells at us to get off of "his property." We disregard him, since he's obviously lost his one can OWN a absurd is that?!

So we've reached the tree and it has apples. And they look tasty. So we take two. One for ourselves and one for a friend. We shine them. We look at the ants crawling up the trunk of the tree. We notice the way the leaves shimmer in the sunlight when the breezes make them flutter. We notice a voice behind us.

"Don't move." Uh oh.

It's a man in a Navy Blue uniform and he doesn't look to happy.

"I'm placing you under arrest for trespassing and petty theft."

Now here's another interesting slice of reality. See, in DON'T have to do what another man orders you to. Why would you? His life is his life and your life is yours.

It would make absolutely no sense for a bunch of free spirits to just up and give up their independence in exchange for being told what to do.

So you think: "That's interesting. I wonder what he means."

And you say, "That's nice. Thanks for stopping by. Would you like an apple?"

At this point he grabs your arm and twists it. He places it behind you back and grabs your other hand. Maybe he isn't aware of the fact that you are a sovereign being free to go where you please and under the thumb of no one?

Apparently not, because he places restraints on your wrists, sticks you in a car and drives away.

And the man with the apple tree? He's too old to gather them anymore. He lets them drop, and rot.

And so in order to convince you to believe these "untruths", (or at the very least to convince you to live your life as though you believed them), you are educated, convinced, threatened, harmed and/or locked away.

Truth doesn't need to convince anybody. Truth doesn't need to beat anyone over the head to be believed. Truth is accepted because of its substance, and needs no external influence to bring about that acceptance.

Time is sufficient for Truth to take root in our hearts. No guns, clubs or brainwashing required.
dafremen After hearing about this guy's life goal, I asked him why he didn't go for it. His response was typical for all of us: He was waiting until he had enough cash.

He wasn't going to do what he could, with what he had. He was going to wait..until he has enough cash. Which, if other human lives are any standard by which to measure, means he will likely die without ever achieving that goal.

I asked another man why it was that we agree to accept cash in the first place.

He told me it made barter more convenient. (Hasn't that been the only selling point a banker has EVER had? Not value, not tangibility..convenience. P.S. Convenience costs little or nothing to provide.)

"So we accept cash because it benefits us to do so, is what you're saying?"

He nodded his head and I shook mine.

Here's your reality check for today:

In the beginning, there was a business transaction between two people which sometimes required a little extra effort and work out terms equitable to both people involved.

Along came a 3rd party with no REAL interest in said business transaction. He offers to provide a medium of exchange to facilitate the transaction. Everyone says..sounds great.

And now, this third party, with no real interest in the transaction, has complete control over that transaction. He can determine the value of the items in the transaction by simply lowering and raising the value of money overnight, then scooping up the deals. He'll raise the value of the money so that his buying power is strong for buying up desirable, expensive assets. Then he'll deflate the value of the money drastically so that what money people have, buys less. Now they're they start selling their assets at bargain basement prices. Guess who can print up as much of the worthless currency as they want during these times? Guess who scoops up all of the other assets during these times?

Then boost the value of the mopney again...and sell the assets back to the very people you stole them a substantial profit..which they'll pay..because the economy is healthy and they aren't worried about survival.

Strangely enough, in order to facilitate a more CONVENIENt transfer of our assets between peoples, we've allowed a 3rd party with no entitlement to have complete control over ALL assets.

Money is the hooks around a tapeworm's mouth.
dafremen Some people tell me that there's nothing wrong with this system, while there are people living lifestyles that would take 1000 man hours a week (at least) to sustain. But no one has a thousand hours a week to give. So in order to sustain these lifestyles, they have to take those hours from someone else. That's how one person can work 20 hours a week or less and live like they were working 1000, while others work 40 hours a week and live like they were working 20.

If you are poor, you are asked to prey on the people around you in order to thrive rather than just exist..and maybe, just maybe, become rich. If you are rich, you get to sit back and watch your brothers and sisters scrabble (while fending them off..and becoming more suspicious of them.) The whole time telling yourself how different you are because the money is preying for you. You have isolated yourself from the predation and misery which feeds you. You can ignore it and write a check to appease your conscience. Congratulations. You are successful.
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