somebody Definitely not with last summer's lab partner! Can you say, Freak? 980819
sage mmm, ethyl amine... 980916
k "it's not you, it's him" --- what i tell people about last year's chem teacher when he gives people C's. 981121
megan all i wanted to do was play with the centrifuge. i hate cancelled labs 990228
Lothaine "You don't need an equation for that, you need a brain!" attributed to an anonymous chemistry professor at Brandeis University 990729
Lothaine And for the time. . . EVERYTHING is made out of "chemicals" 990729
Lothaine And for the last time. . . EVERYTHING is made out of "chemicals" 990729
daxle why do we have to qualify to start from the beginning and how did I qualify knowing absolutely nothing? I must've approxiamted the width of the test booklet right. 990729
trakie chemistry is fun once i understand it. only problem is it seems i take longer to understand it than the rest of the class. 991205
trakie though i must give credit to the teacher, mr. murry is the best. he teaches chemistry cause he failed it in college. he admits almost everything he's teaching us is a lie, and tells us maybe we'll be the one to figure out the truth. he never tells us we're wrong. if we answer two, he says, "that's correct, 4." he makes it fun to learn chemistry. according to him, "it's EEEASY!" 991205
hahaha The only good thing about it is that it blows up 000106
lisa_is_bionic _2nd year general chemistry in an American college is the equivalent of a Gr. 12 level chem course in Canada.
_Apparently a second year chem student (in Canada) can't synthesize MDMA properly. I suppose that the ppl cooking Ecstasy than, are professors, who do it as a sort of hobby.
_How do civilians acquire weapons-grade plutonium?
weepy the chemistry between us
Everything is dead
Every single word
Like a hammer
Is in my head
chanaka isn't it odd how this word has two highly inflamatory meanings?
chemistry a bane on my existance: giving me gray hairs and bald patches. why must i hallucinate in chemistry lecture? why is it always 20 degrees hotter in there? and why can't i seem to stir up chemistry of any kind with anyone? the eternal it me? or is it you?
NinNy Nu Nu Sex is shit with out Chem,
things fly in de air,
and they are existent microbes,
its the repeat of the Cockoon,
the situation Royale with cheese.
sheridansquare nope, i didn't think so either 011106
foolonthehill is what we were supposed to have together, but you picked physics at the very last minute. it was going to be fun, why did you change? funny how chemistry is never something you wanted for us. 011106
lost my favorite element is plutonium. more like the isotope plutonium 181 thats the kind they use to make bombs. i dunno why. chemistry is the favorite subject out of what i'm taking now. i want to take physics next year. i like science. i think i like it because it is things that can be proven and gives you a way to prove things. plus you get to mess around with dangerous stuff. 011106
whoknows i think my lab partner last year was the only reason i passed the class. i never knew what the hell we were doing. i think she had a crush on me. 011106
femme when studying the states of water[H2O]
we were told that at a certain temperature and pressure, water exsists as a liquid, a solid, and a gas, simultaneously. which is beyond our comprehension.
so if this is true.
why can't i be happy,loved and,in love at the same time. miracles happens with water, but not me.
maybe because jesus never walked on me.
Syrope i feel less and less chemistry with people as time goes by. sorta like approaching some sort of equilibrium, or maybe a limiting factor jumping in. it makes me feel old, to grow so unexcitingly comfortable with people so soon. 030413
angie maaaaa chemistry
avagadro's number
6.022 * 10^23
thermochemical equations
solubility product constant
i have chem at 11 :)
i need to remember my colocolotor
een stomme kind chemistry is evil... moles and atoms and volumes and concentrations and dm-cubed things are so evil. i got a 37% on that test, and the highest grade was 40% ...and now i gotta take it again .. :( 030414
cube For some really interesting chemistry, visit:

It's a new process which turns almost anything into oil. The process is called thermal depolymerization. Check it out...
god boron is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "boron" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 030530
ruecksprung at my high school in chemistry class:

teacher (reading out final grades): "nina, 0 points." [on scale from 15 (best) to 0 (worst), with no one ever getting 0 points, as this implies you cannot transfer to the next grade but have to completely retake the current one!]

girl (having expected to get to get at least 1 point): "but i attended of the classes!!!"

teacher (dryly): "well, that's why..."
shinequwa I just don't understand it! science is my worst subject... semester grades are going to be out soon, i know that my worst grade will be in chemistry. the rest of my class seems to understand everything we do right when my teacher first explains it, but i usually dont get the concept 'till i start to cram for the test doing everything humanly possible to understand it! 040116
emmi i used to love chemistry. especially lab experiments where we had to wear white coats and goggles. and long equations that looked complicated but made perfect sense. the_periodic_table. i used to rock at chemistry. 060423
LS potions 060423
unhinged even after all this
after i tried so hard to cultivate_compassion
my chemistry procudes my
ofsuch i used to know so much more than i do now. it sucks getting old. trying to remember what i knew so well five years ago is tough. all these equations and reactions are all jumbled together. i look at a problem and don't even know where to begin. thank you internet! 110912
h|s|g just_breathe 110912
ofsuch chop wood carry water.

i feel overwhelmed and that i don't belong, like i have too much to overcome to be where everyone else is.
re_alisma The subject is like one big endless game of WTF, and most textbooks will speak to this.

There's a lot of supposedly not-cheap thrills in "analyst view" because this shit works! I still don't really get it.

I'm kind of of the mind that if it seems unambiguous to those that are teaching it, it's more like physics or counting or something.

The synthesizers might as well be Gods, or maybe just really good listeners.

re_alisma Also, biology started out with Let's Name, but then it got all chemistry-like.

I heard of a whiny biology grad school dropout tell his class recently (paraphrasing): so YOU STUDENTS TELL ME, why are we not-so-much into this evolution thing?

My own (more recent) biology teacher was able to be completely even handed on it. He was so excellent and I had a big crush. Besides that he didn't seem totally happy in his marriage so the whole class turned into this great big torture. It was definitely not where I wanted to be, really. And I don't think I learned any science, per say.

So yeah, don't be scared. There's so very much homework to either do or not to do, depending. I'm always pissed at myself for not doing more homework. Also, I have a Darwin book I'd like to read, somehow. But then again maybe not. If I read Darwin, will I know Darwin, and you know it is an endless wonderment and I don't want to figure it out, for the negativist of reasons!?!

Chemistry is pennies. Or the periodic table.
Or something.
what's it to you?
who go