no reason if you like
because i like questions and answers and i need an excuse to write something since apparently i'm not enough of an excuse.
whitechocolatewalrus dearest no_reason,
if you had to think of just one reason, what would it be and why?
god paper or plastic? 050310
Christine Titanium...
Do I have words?
Am I a pathetic little bitch?
Is my IQ not up to par?
Am I minever?
no reason well, ms. walrus, that is a very good and very tough question. i would say that i probably have more reason now than i did at the beginning, (at least different reason), but still and possibly not ever A reason. however, if so, it would probably be a smorgasbord of a reason.

the way i can best describe it would be something like this:

a girl sitting cross-legged on a blanket on a beach under the stars, writing on a pad of paper and listening to a walkman, and maybe eating food or twiddling her toes in the sand. sheís staring across the water, where she is entertained by visions of a tall dark-haired guy playing the guitar and smoking a joint + a funny funny person telling funny funny jokes + two girls with paintbrushes running around and waving. the girl is so enchanted that she waves back, puts her pad and walkman down and swims to these visions, where she finds out that they are in fact not visions, but real.

i can't really explain why, but i hope you see.
no reason god-
yes please!

but really, i'm never very good with plastic and i find it all very ambiguous, i don't like not knowing and constantly having to keep track of/keep up on things. also, people don't take as good care of plastic as they do paper (my plastic is ripping already while my paper is still intact), so i shall go with
no reason Christine,

i'm not entirely sure how to answer your questions, but i will try.

1. yes, you evidently have words.
2. no.
3. i would say that your IQ is not not up to par, although i suppose it depends on what your standards are. you seem intelligent to me.
4. i'm not sure if you are. although here you can usually be whatever/whoever you want to be.
milo underwear vs. going commando
Christine . 050310
no reason underwear. 050310
dreamer do you have any birthmarks?
is 195,487 a prime number?
why does gas cost so much?
is elton john faking being gay?
joshua tree or achtung baby?
no reason yes, i have a little birthmark on the palm of my left hand that people usually mistake for marker or chocolate. i've also had a couple of people think it was a cut.

i would think so. i'm not sure. i'm not willing to find out right now. ;)

because the gas gods are against us! or perhaps the petrol police.
where i am right now, it will probably go up even higher if our subway/bus system strikes like they say they will. that way they can inconvenience us AND take our money!

of course not.

i'm not really a U2 fan, but i would say "achtung baby" because it has "one" on it, and i like that song.
milo dearest no reason:

if your house ever burned down, what would be the one thing you'd like to save? + do nice finish last?
silly milo ..err..meant so ask, "do nice guys finish last?

no reason i am assuming that my garage wouldn't set on fire, so my drums would be safe.
i would say my cat, but she's not a thing.
so nerdy as it sounds, i will say my computer because it has so many parts of me and mine and it's the best way to save as much music and writing as possible.

they may finish last, but i'm hoping they finish best. i'm working on this question/answer, i may let you know in a year.
whitechocolatewalrus what do you miss the most? 050605
no reason the innocence.
of childhood,
where i didn't notice things, couldn't see them, didn't worry about them, wasn't affected by them because they weren't even inside my head yet.

the naivete, the blissful ignorance, as they say.
the blissful innocence.
i miss the days where i could just be.
sab one thing ive never been able to figure out:

why is orange?
where do the butterflies go when it rains?
why does dust dance for joy under car tires?
why does the dishes_fairy visit me in the night?
and why doesnt the money fairy do the same?
does this grey suit mE?
why does worry come in lines?
really do they find most dinosaurs with their necks stretched out cause they were trying not to drown in the flood?
why do evil angels dance in the firelight?
where can i find my lost socks?
why cant i find my shoes?
why was there a man in a suit in the foyer of my building with no shoes on, walking around happily in his white socks?

when oh when will the bbc learn that fish fingers go the other way around?
no reason holy mother of thought-provoking questions!
i'll be bach.
nom is my toy accordion
actually a melodeon?

and are 'toy xylophones'
actually toy metallophones?
no reason huh. i was never bach, was it? sorry, sab.
i'm full of empty promises.


as far as my knowledge goes, your toy accordion is not actually a melodean. however, my knowledge of melodeans is not very extensive. what i DO know for sure is that your toy accordion is awesome and lots of fun to play.

i wouldn't consider toy xylophones to be toy metallophones, because non-toy xylophones are not metallophones. however, if the toy xylophones are made of metal (which they usually are), then they are metallophones all on their own.
no reason "was it" = "was i" 061008
nom i saw a melodeon in my dad's instrument book that looks like my lil accordion

so i was googling it and according to wikipedia: "Some diatonic button accordions (e.g.: melodeon) are bisonoric, meaning each button produces two notes: one when the bellows is compressed, another while it is expanded"


is it raining?
no reason nope! it rained yesterday for the first time in awhile, but it's done now (hopefully for another while). 061016
nom what's the difference between my toy xylo/metalophone(?) and a/your glockenspiel? cause i just noticed it says glock... in brackets on the back of the box. shouldn't i know this already? maybe i did but forgot?... 070201
no reason i wonder if you got the same toy glock as me! we could play duets.
the only difference i know for sure involves the sound. glockenspiels sound more bell-like. and are silver.
megan a little birdie told me to ask you how i publish a childrens book? 070228
no reason crafty little birdies...

i'm not sure i'm the best person to answer this, as i've only done magazine publishing. i assume some of it is the same, but i'm not positive and wouldn't want to misguide you.

i can ask around and see if those in the know know. it's a good question.
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