yolanda i sorta enjoyed the apocalypse from 5 months ago. i found it wildly cathartic. and nothing bad happened. 000528
grendel i was at a rave that ran from early evening until sunrise

we all stopped dancing as the clock counted down

from a couple of blocks away, the city's over-budget and underattended block party launched into its one successful aspect with a 20 minute continuous fireworks display

the pretty concessions girl selling glow-sticks decided it was a good time to randomly kiss the people in her path as she made her way through the crowd

that was how i spent my apocalypse

and it was good
Barrett Now,

"If" is the middle word in Life...
Wiffel, (ball bat)
It's not really all that profound.
But it's still pretty cool.
The Schleiffen Man i wanna be the minority
i don't need your authority
down with the moral majority
cause i wanna be the minority.
Alexander Beetle KABOOM!
or maybe splat.
Either way, I'm getting it on tape to listen to again and again.
Dafremen I think it's gunna sound more like that last bit of water that gurgles down the bathtub drain. 010629
ClairE always in the future. 011201
xyz Last year my highschool held an assembly about drugs. Midway through, a woman came running up one of the aisles and opened a body bag, which made a really loud noise. Everyone screamed, and, upon realizing that the body bag
wasn't out to kill them, began making a variety of incomprehensible noises.

That was the scariest part of the assembly, by the way.
Machiavelli70 ClairE, god, I hope it's not in the past.

Or maybe it's in the present; each moment completely annihilated and each transience after absolute genesis.
stork daddy it's a shame if that's the case, that i keep being spawned with the same boring sense of continuity. 040304
Bystander I am curious and am wondeirng if I may make an inquiry....
Must an apocalypse be what people typically imagine it as...
A great bang or destruction.... Explosions resounding across the galaxy destroying all that is, crushing, twisting, deforming and obliterating all of everything? Must an apocolypse be such a terrible event?
Or can an apocolypse be something of beauty... People seem to always see the end as this terrible thing coming at us. Although I will say that in my opinion it is a bad thing... I cherish life, understanding and wisdom more than all other things, but cant an end be something of transcendental serenity? Tranquility that spills over the edge and fills all with joy?
The end is a terrible thought... The lack of your mind and spirit - or another's mind and spirit for that matter - is perhaps the only thing one should fear if anything at all. But there is no reason why the passing over for our universe should be one filled with suffering.
Of course this is simply an inquiry and an opinion. Im not saying the universe is going to end as such... actually according to physics the universe is going to keep accelerating away from each other and end up freezing to death. But theres no telling what will happen before that. 'Tis all.
Machiavelli70 With flower, smell, taste, or any other skin, how can the end of Being be beautiful. The end of beauty must needs be an atrocity 040304
Derghaust Rend the veil. He comes [again]. 040507
Messenger of The Antichrist Y'all need to loosen up and smoke some DMT. Everyone, simultaneously, on the planet.. It would be like a nice little miniature rapture Apocalypse.

Too many people are afraid of ridiculous things. Too few people are able to find themselves being able to employ the powers of altruism and compassion. Why am I even posting this? Everything I say is just common sense.. I state the obvious.

The only thing holding people back is their inability to UNLEARN the things you have learned incorrectly. To SEE through your own bullshit artistry which you constantly throw at the mirror to cover up the flaws you never knew you had. The way to live your life, you say is YOUR way, and you fail to understand that there can be no designer way for you other than that there is rational and irrational. There is a path to take to your own damnation, as in death, as in life long misery, only buffered by the relief of fleeting gestalt-perpetuated happiness. Are you happy as god or like a pig in slop? It's a choice, love. To ascend or continue to hide beneath rocks.. going rock to rock your whole life, or club-to-club.. lipservice clown suit-to-leather Prada purse.. Mac Donalds-to-Brown Palace.. There's more than this. There's more. STILL, so very few people have seen their way out of these primitive ways of thinking. HOPELESS ADDICTS!! JUNKIES TO NORMAL WAYS OF BEING! BREAK THE CYCLES! WAKE UP!! (No ammount of Prozak or Zoloft will snap you out of it either.)

I am so tired of waiting around for people to start seeing differently. I can't even begin to guess how long I have been waiting any more.....
super monkey robot team hyperforce go! oh fuck. talk about dramatic. whine on mesenger of the antichrist. whine on. 050627
Lemon_Soda I hear it has a "Hostess"... 050627
Doar The hostess with the mostess.

Couldn't help myself.

. hostess_of_the_apocalypse 050628
. siren_of_the_apocalypse 050628
syringe I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

~Albert Einstein
darwinyele I expected more out of everyone for this topic. maybe the coming already happened and took away all the good blathes 090617
hsg "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

~Albert Einstein "

then world_war_III is fought wit words.

i've solid evidence to back this up:
"Sticks_and_stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me."

hsg *break duh_typo 090618
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