http://fu.le.ro/ Walking thought thecity of the social contrastsSão Paulo/Brazil a scene changed my life for ever. I shall share this to you not only because we have a statement with the global acculturation process, but because YOU are already part of it.

Hurrying up (late) to the university until swallowing a diet coke can seemed to be part of another normal routine day. Suddenly a beggar approached me asking a sip on my diet cokeHe seemed hungry and thirsty so I led him take it all. Searching for a spare change in my pockets the beggar looked at me and said:

-NO, I don’t want your money. I want you the answer I’ve being looking trough all my life.

He smiled slightly, pointed his finger on my face and asked me:

-Tell me, what is an idea ?

I remember having for a few seconds all my life thought my eyes until trying to find an answer for that question when suddenly the beggar despaired… Was that real?

what is an idea?
farmfish when God be sayin' ..."hey fishboy."
and i be listen' for once instead of turnin' me head away.
Lucas "who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear" 020309
Photolosipher Plato's use of the word idea is closer to the way we use the word 'instance' 020309
Photophobe_the_solipsist solipsism:

an extention of Descates' widely misquoted 'I think therefore I am':

Basically comes down to "I think therefore you exist".

A belief that the universe only exists because of one's perception of it. If a tree falls over in the woods and I'm not there to see it, not only does it not make a sound, the whole of the woods doesn't exist.


Good people do you love your lives?
And have you ears for sense?
Here is a knife, like other knives,
I bought for 7 pence.

I need but stick it in my heart,
and down will fall the sky.
And earth's foundations will depart.
And all you folk will die.

- A.E. Houseman


So an idea is the whole of existence, according to solipsism.
lycanthrope of course the compliment to that idea is that something must first exist for ideas to come into existence...even ideas need a forum...a context...i wonder what the first idea looked like 020309
Phil Depending on how complicated an answer you want, here you go :)

"Ideas are memories"
"Ideas are anything"

"Ideas are seeing the problem, and creating the solution"
"When you have an idea, you stop thinking, and start acting."

"Ideas are not necessary, some people like ideas, some people never found any use for them."
"I have an idea of what I need to say. But it is harder to actually say it, than to know it myself."

"Ideas are like a fuel, a fuel that builds from learning, so when what you've learned has stopped working, you can use this extra fuel to make up new learning on your own"
"I think there are certain moments of mental relaxation, when ideas are created spontaneously, along with other things. Maybe staring at the wall there, you are trying to recall an old idea you once had."

"If you really need to give yourself an idea, sometimes you have to find an idea someone else had. For example, think about why people wear shoes. The reason is that someone had the idea, long ago, to wear shoes. This was a good idea, it served a purpose. Now what you need to think about is how they got that idea."
"Good ideas seem to come from creating something logical, and then looking at it in a new way. Dreaming is a lot like having ideas. I notice ideas come from changing brainwaves. I could think up and idea right now if I wanted to. Give me a second.
ex.I think I need some water.
advice. Try to get ideas all the time."

"I never share half of my ideas since they are too far fetched. Something about dragons and couches.
I think a writer has ideas that help his writing. A weightlifter has ideas that inspire his muscles. The very question, "what is an idea?", is in itself an idea. I am sure you have some reason, some feeling or instinct that made you want to ask me. What that could have been is what is hard to say. I think your mind is very overworked. And you're feeling in need of an answer."
"One day I met a poor guy who had to spend a whole day outside waiting for a ride home, I let him stay at my place and got him lunch, he spoke spanish. I was taking Spanish as a student at the time. I felt real dumb talking to him, but before we said buenos noches he told me, that if I was ever in Mexico I could always stay with his familia. Of course there is no way I could have found him ever again, but it just gave me a lot of hope. Like he would be praying for me."

ultimate answer from God coming in another issue, but try looking for that guy again, and really give him a piece of your mind.
birdmad i have no earthly idea

i know only that mine are always dead_in_the_water
Freak The co-relationship between the material world and our mental sphere is given by an idea. As René Descartes said: “I think therefore I am 020311
is is 020311
Syrope an idea is an itch, deep in your brain. you can claw at it and kill it, or realize it for what it is and patiently coax it into bloom. 020312
farmfish affame_le_geant_the_good_idea 020410
u24 idea. a spark from inner space. pre-thought. purest form, synapse translated into words and pictures. notion. idea. thought. not similies. 040908
begar cogito, ergo sum

(Latin“I think, therefore I am”)

Dictum coined in 1637 by René Descartes as a first step in demonstrating the attainability of certain knowledge.

It is the only statement to survive the test of his methodic doubt. The statement is indubitable, Descartes argued, because even if an all-powerful demon were to try to deceive him into thinking he exists when he does not, Descartes would have to exist in order to be deceived. Therefore, whenever he thinks, he exists. Furthermore, Descartes maintained, the statementI am” (sum) expresses an immediate intuition, not the conclusion of a process of reasoning, and is thus indubitable.
coss Ac proinde haec cognitio, ego cogito, ergo sum, est omnium prima et certissima etc. 040930
sameolme you are 041001
Ken Hakuta Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle. 041001
falling_alone an ever-changing thought, that spans across the universe.
something we may all subconsciously share, it only waits for the one to relize its there.
brainwaves and signals that come into your mind.
i suppose...
this an idea. blather is an idea. we are an idea, we are an ever-evolving race, changing slowly, so slowly.
it's time this idea sped up.
beggar "and the cock crowed for the third time..." 041107
hsg see: memetics

go oogle it & report back.

an idea is the de-fake-ated object of the imagination.

a tibetan said that imagination is the strongest force in the universe, more powerful even than love.

so if an idea is the object of imagination's desire, than in a way, doesn't that make Imagination, Idea's bitch instead?
what's it to you?
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