burden just be yourself. 020728
freakizh scare them off. 020728
J ♥ try not to be 020728
Torch Be an asshole 020728
radioactive talking parrot alienate anyone who seems to care about you and don't go out unless it's life or death. 020729
nuthinbut think you exist 021023
gay gizmo I know that sometimes it is good to be alone. But if you stay alone for too long, you will lose everything. I thought I wanted to be alone. After highschool I thought I wanted to be that kid in the back who never talked, but was oh so good-looking and stylish. But it did nothing for me. It just made me worse off. Now I feel like I'm socially inept. I find it hard to carry conversations with people I've just met. I go through mood swings that my new friends dont understand so they always just think something is wrong. Which, in turn makes me want to be back by myself. But the hwole time all I ever wanted was to have someone. And I now I do, but I dont want him. What is that all about?

To be alone is to be free from all, but to be burdened by everything.
sahba plug in your earphones listen to a song you love and walk down the street at midnight and think nothing else but the music in your ears and you will almost be able to see how to be alone 041124
sahba leave who ever you are with, walk 20 kilometers down a mountain road get on a 12 hour bus ride home and you will know what alone means 041124
sahba sitting my room making plans trying to make my dreams come true listening to music from 10 to 6 in the morning 041124
sahba cycling an hour to the middle of nowhere at night only to sit on top of a small hill to get a better view of the lake 041124
sahba and ever since she said its not time yet my folks at home just cant stop saying that everytime something doesnt work like some godforsaken force has asked them to use those very words
"you couldnt get this done awww dont worry maybe its just not time yet"

"you go there awww maybe its just not time yet"

"you want this why its not time yet"
sahba they should have just gotten a big printout and put it up in my room so i could read it every freakin day 041124
sahba apologies for the outburst 041124
Piso Mojado you dont need to apologize for yourself :) 041124
me how to be alone is to be around peole that can't accept you for who you are and alienate you and think its funny. How to be alone is to move from bright and sunny Daytona Beach to fucking Dallas Texas. How to be alone is how to be me. 050118
Eraserhead Being alone is simple. Its just a matter of understanding the lack of inherent meaning or purpose in the people around you. Watch them scatter like roaches. 050126
Deomis never trust anyone.
It's that simple for me.
You open up just a sliver,
and the people you loved will take a needle,
and jam it into your heart.
You can't trust people.
The only way to do anything
is to be alone.
hsg move thousands of miles away from everyone & everything u'vever known. ride a bike everyday for ten hours. go places you've never been every time you "be" at all. live in a tent. be willing and enthusiastic to work earnestly at every available job.
become very lonesome.
eventually there's such a void yet a sense of sobriety that upon meeting any stranger you want to hug them or listen to them, look them in the eyes and behind your own hold love. at the very least you hold more doors for people. no longer take company for granted.
mustard Sleep in clothes. Pop zits. Eat salty foods. Talk to yourself in the car. Look at pictures. Read words. Wake up. Go to sleep. Look to call someone on the phone. There is no one. Spend lunch breaks at the grocery store, looking around. Stay late at work. Go to sleep too late. Wake up too early.

Escape when possible. Smoke a cigarette. Drink until you have sex. Paint your nails blue. Look up flight prices to exotic locations. Write a craigslist ad. Don't respond to any of the replies you get.

Take a bath until you are human milk. Eat half a box of cookies. Wake up. Go to sleep.

Talk to people. Nod your head. Review conversations you've had. Wonder if you could've done more, if you could've said things better. Check your work's gmail account.

Set three alarms. Listen to books on tape. Read until your muscles are cramped and it's hard to be comfortable. Turn on the t.v. Fall asleep. Wake up.

Think of baking something.

Think of fixing your bike.

Spend two hours in a craft store, looking for something you keep forgetting.

Remember dates you've had. Remember parties you've been to. Look at the phone as if it has a delicious meal it's not sharing with you.

Go to 24 hour grocery stores. Eat watermelon in the parking lot, in your car. Turn the heat on. Go to the movies. Draw seven lines on a piece of paper. Use old gift cards. There is now time.

See other people. They are laughing, always.
In_Bloom You really do learn a new appreciation for good company
You also learn to wean away from empty company, not look to it for diversion
A period of being alone can be positive in that you come to know yourself, maybe like yourself for specific things
what's it to you?
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