silentbob A band.
they COULD be considered punk.
they COULD be considered christian.
but those little christian music catalogs sells them as HARD ROCK.
fun times.
basically, if Mike Herrera wasn't in a punk band, no one would think he was hot and none of the little christian punks would want to fuck him.
but their lyrics lack substance and cleverness. their music is decent enough. but i can't get past how many fucking times mike rhymes Alone with Phone.
i know so many people that have those Left Coast Punk blackhoodiesweatshrit s , its nuts.

an mxpx punk is basically someone whose whole knowledge of the punk scene is mxpx and doesnt really have many "punk" views or lifestyle things, and if they pretend they do, they're lying to look cool.

of course, im not saying that if you like mxpx that you are an mxpx punk. i know a lot of people who do who arent. see? its just crazy.
stupidpunkgirl personally
i have never liked mxpx
they're no good
i saw them play at warped last year
and i went and sat on the grass
i don't care if they're famous
or if they "sold out"
i just don't think they're any good at all
babybat i never liked them
and i remember getting in an argument with a boy at lourdes about how i thought they sucked,
he liked them.
my friend went out with him for about 2 weeks.
he got her into mxpx. it's amazing what kind of effect boys can have on girls, and vice versa.
silentbob no, i dont think they sold out, they were just never good, you're right. i'd like to steal the guitars and put good lyrics to them, thatd be FUn 010103
alkalinepixie i used to like mxpx.
and then one day i grew up.
daxle here I was all ready to bash the band but it's all been done for me, which is even better i suppose 010104
silentbob mouhahaha
what were you expecting, daxle? three songs maybe? and a record-label written biography? man i hate those...

... i like their cover of "Take On Me" orginally done by Ah-Ha. bwah ah ahh! i like slick shoes. 010122
SkaMan I like MxPx, i have for a long time. Im not christian, i dont even go to church. I like fun music. I like lots of bands, a lot of local bands mostly. i dont think MxPx have sold out. 010324
Jackie I think that what MxPx is doing is really great. I have alot of respect fo what the guys are doing, as well as for Mike Herrera as a song writer. They are christian guys ministering to many different people. I am a christian and I think that they are doing something wonderful for people who need good role models. They seem to be truly amazing people. I know I first got into them when I was doing some bad stuff. They helped me out alot and I am very greatful to them. 010421
silentbob it depends on what your defintion of Selling Out is. In my opinion they havent.
And sure it's a good thing to spread whatever message you have. I'm just saying they aren't that great.
Five Iron Frenzy has more talent.
silentbob but at least nofx is funny 010422
punk im listening to them right now. HAHA :P look, it's silentbob :P it's me, "..." heh heh heh i drank iced tea today and ate a cookie. hell yeah. cookies kick my ass. 010425
focus so annoying. the music isn't that good...i use to think the drummer was good, then i started playing drums. my favourite mxpx moment was on mtv. some news program...anyway, there they are...saying they were never a christian band.
yeah, right. and i'm a chinese jet fighter pilot.
this was when a&m signed them..i think a&m...i don't know. but i thought that was funny. mxpx fans are funny people too.

i like people who like the clash a lot more.
yoink i like them. i listen to them. i listen to a whole bunch of crap. who cares?

don't think about it and it will all be okay.
PunkPrincessKris I was a HUGE MxPx fan. Then I went and saw Officer Negative and saw how REAL PUNK RAWK Christian music was supposed to be. MxPx isn't even punk anymore, they're rude to their fans, Mike has begun to become to be full of him himself, and they don't even reach out to non-believers anymore they just make money off of them. If you're not going to act appropriately and your songs have to be de-coded before you can find anything that MIGHT be religious then don't play as a Christian band! If you support these veiws then please support me by signing my guestbook at Http:// My old MxPx page is directed there so of course I get lots of hate mail and signings so please support me! Thanks 010709
captain anarchy the ocean is my middle name! hurrah! 010803
unhinged i was supposed to see them at warped last year but my friend's band was playing opposite them so i went to see my friends instead.

"i thought you were going to go see some other band."
"ok dude...later."
sdf I think that Mxpx's music is incredibly boring. I know many people that like them though. A lot of people seem to have have respect for them. 010901
bryanfrbs Well, as you can probably tell from my email address, I like MxPx. But, I really could care less what other people think of them because I like them. I don't have to explain myself and you don't have to try and persuade me that they suck because I like the music I like because I like it (confusing, eh?). I like Primus and I've been told by numerous people (including Primus) that they suck. I like Louis Armstrong, Zao, the Descendents, Sunny Day Real Estate, and a ton of other bands that I have been told that suck, but I could care less because I like those bands. Oh well, that's just how the world works. Everyone thinks that something sucks. I guess I just fall into the category of liking sucky things. That's what makes me different. Anyway, have any of you guys heard MxPx's old stuff? It's actually pretty darn good. Not Teenage Politics stuff. I'm talking Pokinatcha. That was a moochy bueno album! I'm out.. 020225
poeticmisfit mxpx makes me happy....stupidity makes me happy? thats cool, i can do that. 020729
Kate enter boy and girl, wedding reception dimmed scene, 3 summers ago:

boy: so, what kind of music do you like?
girl: um, Smashing Pumpkins, Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails...
boy: ever heard of Mxpx? I really like them.

so that was how I started liking Mxpx, which lasted my whole freshman year. Then I started listening to other bands and I haven't listened to them in a very long time. Perhaps some of us just needed Mxpx as a beginning stage into "better" music.
Lcpunk You guys don't know how hard those guys worked to get where they are. They have fun punk music which is great. They have inspired many of the bands you here today. I myself am from bremerton and its hard to get noticed unless your really good.(Check out another Bremerton punk band magnetic north at 020905
lcpunk my bad hear 020905
daxle see, we don't care how hard they worked because to us, they worked to get nowhere. it's like telling us "look how hard hitler worked to get where he did". that's great, but he still was a failure as a human. 020905
silentbob except hitler like...achieved a lot of what he wanted to do, but you're totally right, i don't consider mxpx a band that has gotten anywhere. they were kind of huge for like twelve seconds in the underground mainstream, with all the horny mxpx punk girls with their left coast punk rock hoodie sweatshirts... other than that...
they have a greatest hits album now. people hate them and they've never even been on TRL. It's awful if people hate you BEFORE you go on TRL.
myplasticmind I would hate them if they were on TRL...but knowing that they never have thats special. Maybe their an ok band. 020906
GirlNamedLover heh, I thought this blathe was gona be a bunch of lyrics and stuff and I was going to be the only one that disliked them.
Im glad I was wrong.
hopefailuremisery They release new material every year and gig heaps. They deserve what fame they do have. You don't have to like them to admit that they are pretty dam good at what they do. 101013
somebody They may be good at what they do, but they are absolutely NOT punks making the music. They just SOUND like punk. They are not a self-producing DIY.

Punk is not just a genre of music, it's the capitolist ethics used to produce the music.
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