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birdmad this is the way

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Sixstop you want to complain about what US troops did to some prisoners, and then be conspicuously silent when an American Civillian is. . .destroyed, and the footage circulated across the internet? 040511
x america has inflicted more than 10 fold whatever it has received

i say we deserve whatever comes to us
sixstop you sir, are a moron. There is nothing redemable in your discourse. 040511
x wow, you really showed me what's what. 040511
blather spell check redeemable 040513
birdmad With John D. Negroponte as the new US Ambassador to Iraq, we can count on more atrocities from both sides, especially if we take his record as US Ambassador to Honduras under thh Reagan administration into account.

Except I imagine this time it won't be nuns that Negroponte's boys drop from a helicopter
the-crapture a hypothesis:

having seen the video of the beheading of Nick_Berg, and based on three years of forensics training i have to conclude that Mr. Berg was already dead and had been so for at least several minutes when the killers severed his head.

I say this based on two visible factors:

*lack of arterial spray during the act

*comparative lack of blood as Mr. Berg's head was held aloft for the camera

From my experience as a criminal who has resorted to violent methods of persuasion to extrat information from people, i would also conclude that he was alrady dead based on the lack of any discernable flinching, fidgeting or chage of expression when the blade first made contact with his neck.

most people, unless they are highly trained and conditioned otherwise, instinctively flinch when put in contact with metallic objects or sharp edges

between that and the odd editing of the tape, i find it entirely too coincidental that footage of Mr. Berg's death comes so quickly on the heels of the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Also oddly coincidental is the fact that for his vocal opposition to the war, the right-wing website Free Republic named Mr. Berg's father as an "Enemy" after finding his name on the rolls of an anniversary anti-war demonstration around the same time as NIck Berg returned to Iraq. Prior to the coincidence, Nick Berg did not metion having any significant trouble with authorities or anyone else on his previous trip to Iraq (

At the risk of venturing into tinfoil hat territory, based on recent events, the release of the video of Mr. Berg's killing would have to be the most ass-backward propaganda move that the terrorists could ever have made in that it conveniently allowed the eyes of the world at large to divert from the ongoing issue that is Abu Ghraib
minnesota_chris there was an official in the Bush Administration (there's an oxymoron for ya, unless you consider they're administering kicks in the ass) who was talking about the Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr (who is a figurehead of the anti-American fighting in Fallujah).

He said that the problem with al-Sadr is that he is advocating violence for problems that should be handled through democratic means.

Um, kinda like we are?
sixstop offer an intellectual alternative. 040515
minnesota_chris was that a request to me?

Ok, I'll answer that rhetorical question, because SMARET PEOPLE DO THAT!

We need to send flyers and take polls. Ask lots of people "If you were to join a political party, what sort of party would it be? What would you fight for, and who would lead it?"

Then form parties, allow time for public debate, and hold elections. I'd have it all done within a few months. Of course, we'd start off with some really anti-Americans in the government (since al-Sadr would probably be leading one of the largest political parties), but it's either that or keep oppressing them. And if we set them up well, we have a shot at a future where they don't hate us. And the best way to stop a popular tyrant is to put them in charge, pretty soon everybody hates them.
minnesota_chris oh, and x is neither male nor a moron. She's a school teacher out in the bay area in California. And she has a good point or two, but she doesn't argue with fools like I like to. 040516
x plenty of school teachers are idiots

plenty of intellectuals can't figure out how to be happy, and that makes them idiots (yes including me)
minnesota_chris hey I've worked with those teachers! And ignorance is bliss, intelligence and selfawareness are overrated. If I could just be happy making widgets for the Man, life would be a snap.

The only atrocity is that none of these warring parties seem to be able to do change anything.
gloom "america has inflicted more than 10 fold whatever it has received

i say we deserve whatever comes to us"
- x

untill it does come to you, then you'll be crying for mercy. you are an idiot. your entire statement truly is moronic.
kookaburra maybe she wouldnt be crying for mercy.
i wouldnt doubt it.
me, i would have been sniveling on the floor a long while ago.
but there ya go...
bird *December 29, 1890 - while trying to supress a religious ritual, US Army troops kill 150 Native American men women and children and wound 50 others on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota in an incident now known as the Battle of Wounded Knee

*The internment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans

*August 18, 1953, CIA assists with coup overthrowing elected Iranian Premier Mohammed Mossadeq with Shah Reza Pahlavi. Pahlavi, friendly to US Oil interests rules by force and fear until overthrown by the Islamic Revolution, led by exiled cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

*1956 - 1975 US presence in Vietnam Beginning with the Eisenhower dispatching the first group of "Military Advisors"
--------The Christmas Bombings
--------the My Lai massacre

*September 11, 1973 - Covertly sponsored by the US Government, the Chilean military, led by Gen. August Pinochet overthrows elected Chilean President Salvador Allende, Pinochet's govt establishes close trade ties with the US to export Chile's mineral and other natural resources...several thousand people are "disappeared" during the 17 years at the hands of the Pinochet regime.

*The arming of BOTH sides of the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988 and the US Government's move to de-rail at least one official UN resolution condemning Iraq's use of chemical weapons

*1980-1988 the Honduran and Salvadoran governments, with US military aid (Tin the form of trianing at the "School of the Americas at Ft. Benning GA and $6 billion dollars in funding to El Salvador) and diplomatic backing in spite of documented atrocities engaged in tactics similar to those of the Pinochet Regime in Chile, thousands are "disappeared" by secret police and death squads including

----------The El Mozote Massacre (an entire village of 767 men women and children machine-gunned to death and then burned to the ground) (ES)
----------The assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero (ES)
----------the disappearance of 30 nuns and other church workers who fled to Honduras from El Salvador whoa re alleged to have been tortured and thrown from helicopters by a Honduran death squad while then-US Ambassador John D. Negroponte helped the Honduran government get their military aid increased from $4M/year to $77.5M/year

*1980's - US Gov't provides training, funding and diplomatic backing to Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt.

The Montt regime, in what it alleges to be part of a counter-insurgency campaing destroyed several hundred Mayan villages resulting in a death toll of approximately 200,000 Maya Indians

*U.S. training and funding of the Mujahideen insurgents in Afghanistan (who later became the Taliban and also included Osama bin Laden) during the Soviet Occupation

*The US govt's ongoing alliances with regimes not known for their sparkling human rights records in Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Israel, and Egypt.

so "gloom" get your shit straight and learn a little history before saying anything so immensely stupid again
minnesota_chris gloom is saying "It's good that we are the side that's winning."

x is saying "It's bad that we are the side that is wrong."

Both are right I guess. Not right, but correct. I'm glad I'm not getting bulldozed or strafed or killed by rockets, like our boys are doing in the Middle East.
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