nah....! your splendor transcends even the finest, my darling, even the *finest* of lovers.

when you sing, i can see images in your teeth. lovely little images of shining faces from the past. please tell me how such seemingly non-aesthetic features can become so breathtakingly beautiful. please tell me how itís possible that everything about you is so extraordinary, because indeed it is.

i think of you, i look at you, i listen to you, and an inexplicable torture comes over me, because you're so painfully out of reach. so incorporeal, so surreal. so bleedingly abstract.

the loveliness that seeps from your mouth is unmatched, and upon hearing it i fall onto the floor and turn into a pile of sticky smooth wax, entranced. i think i'm lost in you, but then your gaze tells me you're lost too. well maybe we're both lost. no one is so enthralling as you, love. no one.
i still donít understand how you can have this influence over merely listening to your voice can intoxicate me with a musical sweetness so empowering that even the blue_ice couldn't compete.
thereís no hope for me around you; i dissolve into a hundred tiny green pieces until there's nothing left for you to do but soar above me.
i want you more than you can possibly fathom.

and your_eyebrows, sweetness: those eyebrowsÖ..they jump and drift and dream all around. the speak to me in ways that voices canít, they speak of a love and longing and sweetness that only you and i can understand.

your footsteps move slowly toward the darkness, toward i stand alone and dreaming, waiting for that lovely m_a_d_n_e_s_s to wrap itself around me like your voice does, like you do.
and then in a flash, i'll be gone. youíll take me there, to that place.....that place on the hill. the place where the sky bleeds green instead of blue; the place where the grass is a pale reddish color, almost pink. the place where ethereality takes over. the place where you reside.
nah....! just realized sticky smooth is a bit of an oxymoron. ha! 020216
unhinged i bought him a gift
and now suddenly
i don't want to give it to him
gull if i had to sum you up
in just one word,
and my entire life
depended on
that one simple word,
i'd still pass.
because there
hasn't yet been created,
in any language,
a word to describe you,
a word to match
who you are,
why you are,
and what you are
all i know is that
i love you
so much it hurts.
continuous ache [First Verse]
it seems i can't make you feel anything
i'm just another passing face in a crowd
one more object blocking your stride
for everytime i've cried since all
this started
you've been able to conveniently turn aside
so i act like i've mourned and finally accepted
act like i'm not still trying to bum rides off cloud nine
act like i am so alive

i've never been so high on the ground
i don't want you back,
but i miss having you around
days are so meaningless without the sound of your voice
you've found the smile you were searching for
you transcend, i fall down
where is your love for me now?

[Second Verse]
i stepped into your house and pretended i was home
you dropped your condolensces like a stranger
sickened by the weakness in my tone
it's so hard to do this alone when i was sure i had a partner
i'm not saying i can't do it on my own
but everyday it's such a struggle to convince myself i'm alright
i'll just stick with cloud nine, the only reality i've known
walk away and leave my life where it's thrown
life is better alone

but i miss you
[Repeat Chorus]
Photophobe has tickets Is it better to be empty or afraid?
When all is done and your dues are paid.

When she goes up,
I come down.

When she wants to stay still
Still I'm running around.
Mahayana you_transcend______i_fall_down
or is it that
as i transcend you fall down

either way it is a continuous circle
from you transcending and I falling
to you falling and i transcending
finger trace it between us

and perhaps sometimes
we shall be on level ground
as we meet upon the horizontalness
of the great wide circle

[never ending circle]
MollyCule someone posed the question once, is it better to have metal armor or nothing over your emotions? Feel nothing or feel everything? See you crumbling or merely read about it? So far as I can tell, this remains unanswered. 020313
i really mean it love. "...this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you" 020313
comma i really mean it, love. 020313
Photophobe continuous ache:
Is that song yours, or a quote?

I really like the lyrics, and found myself singing along with the "I've never been so high on the ground" bit when playing guitar before. stuck in my head.
continuous ache *blush*
actually, photophobe, it's mine. and if you ever find some music that fits, please feel free to put the lyrics to it. that's the problem with my writing...i don't write music.
nah....! this is now dedicated to the three men who have made me truly guitar_obsessed:

yes yes and yes
spider from mars voice obsessed, too

see: first post in here
nah....! yes, but of course 020903
nah....! why did i just blathe that under my spidery name? 020903
spider from mars because you felt the need

i guess that means i did too
since we are the same person.


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