unhinged i try to think of you as a past event. something that has already come and gone.

i fill my head with echoing lies and deceit. hoping that's all i mean to you. knowing too well the frightened look reflected in your eyes.

i know things about you that you haven't told me. the same things about myself i run from.


abre los ojos
abre los ojos
abre los ojos

we could rebuild the ruined church of each other. we met each other on a mistaken trajectory, like planes that accidentally collide in the sky.

we both hang silent thinking we could deny it. a mistaken trajectory, a broken path, an abandoned temple.

abre los ojos
abre los ojos
palm gah! 050422
whitechocolatewalrus i like this a lot. 050423
. sitting outside the library with the soft dark skies and warm wind

i meant something to him
he meant something to me

it was real
unhinged gah?

gah fo_sure

unhinged it's only been about two months, but it feels like i've known you for most of my life.

what am i going to do without_you ?
misstree i can't even look it in the eye
now that it's cold and glassy
unhinged one week almost to the hour and i'll be gone; i sat on your couch last night trying not to cry. it didn't help that you were listening to jeff_buckley when i got there. hallelujah...love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.

you still want her. you still wear her pants. you_and_i
i'm not sure what that means

and we spend so much time smoking ourselves stupid, trying hard to deny it. pretending that if we don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist. you_and_i

i talk about leaving to get any reaction out of you. your eyes crumble just the slightest bit 'that sucks' and i see what you aren't saying: 'what am i going to do without you?' but you still want her. you still wear her pants.

an impossibility
a ghost
a blackhole
escapism at most
silently reduced to the friend
once again
you still want her
but you've got me
silent and waiting
but i saw it
even though you try to hide it
'what am i going to do here without you?'

abre los ojos
abre los ojos
abre los ojos
Ari means 050516
mt "all i ever lerned from love
is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya."
buckley echoes pain in two universes at once.
Lemon_Soda I don't know what I meant to her.

She meant a new life to me.

Still does...but in a different way then before.

"I think...even if this doesn't work out, and we're not together anymore...I'll still do my best to better myself..."
megan something fleeting i'm sure
but if to only hold a crystal clear moment in my hand, to look through the looking glass of my spectacles and thouroughly understand
did you truly change my life
alter my course
throw me off my path and force me to find my own way
i really don't think i'll ever know
perhaps you've wondered the same
i hope you have, i would feel like i wasted my time if you didn't
however it's awful hard to describe what we meant to each other when the only recurring memory you have is on your couch...dark...tv blaring... and a tongue down your throat
there was more
i know there was more
but that's the only haunting memory evicting the others from my view

to reminisce would be to lie
and to lie would be heaven

perhaps when we are both cats...
tree monster nothing 050604
unhinged and i walked across the footbridge lit up like so many stars holding your hand trying not to squeeze too hard.

and i sat on the little porch of the little house in the little town where you live now and i felt more at home.

i haven't let anyone else in the same way since i left. and i probably never will, love anyone else the way i love you.
unhinged friends
fucking great

i hate that fucking word 'friend'
'end is the only part of the word
that i heard
call me morbid or absurd
but to me
coming from you
friend is a four letter word'
dries&hardens she said, 'you wish you had friends like these'
mocking what i never had
disbelieving what is right now

well, fuck if i care because you were nothing more than vacancy
and you can't make something out of nothing
unhinged but you can make nothing out of something
it's a powerful tool
unhinged .

( left_to_wonder
harrisburg )
unhinged faded into nothing over the years. or worse than nothing, i was a convienient escape route, dumping ground when i had told you to pass it by in the first place. your ears deaf, your heart selfish, you've become so self_absorbed i don't even know you anymore. the person you were when we first met, non existent.


but believe me, i'm not losing any sleep over the fact i don't talk to you anymore. i don't have time for selfish assholes that would willingly hurt me just to save themselves. at the least, in my definition of the word, friends don't do that to each other. friends we are no longer.
unhinged love

someone to listen
someone to hold
someone to depend on
(well...for you anyways)

and then
the throat contracts
in the gulping motion of a swallow
im out on my ass again
that's all i know

i can't leave it
i can't forget
you ran out on me

im dreaming of your_lips

unhinged to_alex

i still am puzzled what i meant to you. but whatever it was, i know at some point you felt it too.

what's it to you?
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