Dafremen Every year, it's the same thing with you. I tell you that I love you, but that isn't enough. So I say "Happy Anniversary", but it's still not enough.

No, you want something more. You want me to PROVE my love to you.

You want me to explain why it is that I love you. You might as well ask me why it is that I breathe. Ask me why roses smell so good, or why babies are so damned cute, while you're at it.

It's like you're asking me to explain to you why time flies when you're having fun, and THEN want to know how time flying could possibly be a bad thing.

I've never ONCE asked you to explain your fascination with curtains, towels and all things fabric to me, yet you would have me explain to you why it is that I can't sleep at night when you're not next to me?

I've never once asked you to explain to me WHY you rearrange the furniture every 3 days like clockwork, or why you need to change your hair color/style once a month. There you are though, asking me to describe that which defies description, explain the inexplicable, know the unfathomable.

I don't KNOW how I'm going to do it this year, but one thing's for sure:

You aren't going to be satisfied until I come up with some way of saying "I love you" besides saying, "I love you."

Happy 11th Anniversary Mi Amor,
I love you more every year.

Your husband,


(I gave her indoor/outdoor carpeting for the patio instead. Mission accomplished.)
Aimee congrats daffy! she's a very lucky lady. :) 011022
sheryl awwwwwww

that is sooo sweet
unhinged looking on all the ones i sent, the only thing i left unsent could have been my bloody heart in a fucking box 011023
Dafremen You always were a procrastinator...get cracking do0d!

Heart...box....hey heart-shaped box!!! That would be clever...for your...valeeentiiiine....your blooody valentiiiine....dooo dooo dooo dOOOOO DOOO da do0d!
unhinged "she eyes me like a pisces when
i am weak
i've been locked inside your
heart-shaped box
for a weeks
i've been drawn into your magnet
tar pit trap
wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black
hey wait
i've got a new complaint
forever in debt
to your priceless advice"

i need to listen to something besides nirvana because it always puts me in a low place. it always brightens my day when i hear this song on the radio.
ClairE aw, daffy!

anyway, here goes:

are too much for me to bear
almost all of the pie chart
I think that I need to weed out
my collection
but how can you thin out
your life?
anti-social butterfly the only kind i write. i have a box full of them. just in case i ever decide to send them. at least writing them helps me to sort through my anger, pain, or whatever emotions more rationally. someday i will be brave enough to send my letters. 011128
Dafremen Coming soon: THE_RED_SQUARE 020623
squint i write a letter ten times, and its not the same. its just be typing. and then i go back and erase it all. i still get the satisfaction.
i finally send a two line email after all the fuss
and theres nothin wrong with it.

now he cant know how obsessive i am.
Mahayana unwritten_lines 020623
little fury bug
a box full of them...so many. i write letters to myself, to everyone...with all the things i've ever wanted to say, but can't. i don't really know what to do with them. i get a stining pain in my chest and a choking feeling in my throat everytime i read them. i've never been that honest. i guess it shocks me still.

one day i'm going to burn them in a bonfire or do something ritualistic to get rid of them...or if i had the courage, maybe i'll buy myself some stamps and envelopes, and get them to where they should be.
Sonya I've got a couple laying around. Some to him, some to him, some to her, some to them....some even to me.

Somehow it's just now hitting me...I've lost a treasure...so a letter shall have no destination now. Oh well, one stamp's live has been saved I suppose.

No sense in mailing something drenched in tears or blood or love.
girl_jane I have a lot of them left over from last summer. I'm glad I don't need to write them anymore. 020626
girl_jane I have a lot of them left over from last summer. I'm glad I don't need to write them anymore. 020626
Mahayana unlicked_stamps 020627
Zoe one of my best friends used to say that she would write people mean letters when they were mean to me. i guess she never wrote them. she and i never talk anymore. i guess we have grown apart. i used to write letters to my father... i hated him but i never sent the letters. i once wrote a suicide note, in case i ever got the courage to do it, my mother found it and flipped out. now, i don't write letters anymore, too many things go wrong when you put stuff down on paper that you don't want anyone to see. 020628
phil Daffy, baby, describe love?...just read her some song lyrics :) 020629
Mahayana = 3cent postage increase? 020629
Dafremen THE_RED_SQUARE 020926
string an_email_unsent 020926
nomatter letters meant to be sent
have been torn
Borealis lacking in completion
yet itching to be set free
pete i feel like everyone has unsent letters addressed to me *sighs* 040706
Borealis perhaps they do. 040706
Borealis know that it is not out of vice. 040706
pete and what is vice but the absence of virtue, and virtue but the absence of vice?

too much augustine... way to much augustine, still 1.5 hours to go before the test and still about 150 pages to read..
ever dumbening one has the word "podocarpus" in it
one speaks of wu neng's smile
one just spins around and around, words in eddies
pete another unsent letter. this one to a friend i haven't spoken to in four years, or is that only three? (it's my fourth year of university, and we spoke last at graduation during that first fall away). written at age 15 i read it and laughed, throwing it into the building pile of recycling. good thing i got to these files before my mom did... 060831
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