Q Not Too Soon

Up before the sun could come
Through the fog, been trying
To see the point of crying:
Lake's edge, the other shore,
Around the mighty Missouri's top,
Moon's backside?
Now the sun did break
Through the mist, been concerned
To feel any lesson learned
Yesterday, days and days before.
Unimpeded sun pushes rays of mystery
Into gray matter redly, clearly:
Cut away the lake, the Moon,
See yesterday's not too soon.

Copr. 2000
moonshine Its ohh so quiet... SHHH 000909
kx21 String from Shakespeare:

The mutability topos
p2 forget the rhyming scheme
that's not even iambic pentameter!
p2 shakespeare?
why doesn't anyone remember petrarch?
without him
abba wouldn't be abba!
jane first_two_quatrains_of_a_sonnet 021231
angie ive always been a fan of the spenserian sonnets. haha my fav. shaksepearean sonnet is the one where he totally disses his current love interest and says all this bad stuff bout her physical self but he says it doesnt matter and that he loves her more than anyone...Sonnet 130 check it out...its funny stuff...all this sonnet stuff reminds me of ap lit. Does anyone know what a sestina is? those are crazy! 030120
Fire&Roses Expiraments with poetry (Thank you Mr. R... Do not go gentle into that good night)

Sonnet I

Shall I inscribe my love on sheet for thee,
so that you forever may know me true?
Shall I write my love for the world to see,
for perchance our lives that verse might ensue?
Shall I promise thee my eternity,
so that this love might out live my last breath?
Shall I love all of thee with all of me,
and so continue loving after death?
Shall I time and time again set you free,
so if you love me you will return?
Shall I shower you with soft moist kisses,
that I might incite your passion to burn?
And if I should do what is writ above,
will it forever guarantee your love?

AND for angie... I wrote this on a dare. Not great, but I tried


Deep inside a desire to know
pulses as strong as our need to be.
We all want to explore and go.
There’s drive to discover and see,
an innate need to overflow
the riverbank and be free.

O, to be free,
free just to know.
To be like the river and just overflow.
And wouldn’t it be
great just to see
all of the places there are to go.

So many places there are to go,
and so many ways to be free.
There is just so much to see,
and everything to know,
and anything that you can be.
Let yourself over flow.

And once you overflow,
there will be a world to go,
and everywhere to be,
and you’ll know you’re free.
Yet there’s still so much to know
and still yourself to see.

How I wish that you could see
the river overflow
and the beauty of the sunrise I wish that you could know.
I wish you’d understand how far there is to go
until you can be free.
Until then just be!

Be whatever you can be,
and when you look please see.
That’s what it means to be free.
Like the riverbanks, overflow!
The river knows where to go,
just like you too will know.

So be the river. Overflow.
And see everywhere there is to go
and when you’re free you’ll know.

We did villanelles and verzanelles as well... o the horror, but in a good way
oldephebe i am just ... out of words, what you wrote .. I thought it (Sonnet I)
was actually Shakespeare until I got to the end of your post (i guess i probably need to read more of shakespeare something besides the big three tragedies) wow what a wordstorm of rapture, quintessentially borne of that indentureship to loves' usaries

and yeah still trying not to appear
(not just a fastidiously buffed exterioirization or ah compensatory self projection) spiritually barren
a> The soul within oft seems half-life, half-death;
In mere existence e’er we perish all -
Each mortal sigh brings close our final breath.
Oh! temptress Passion has us in her thrall;
She elevates beyond temporal strife
And in so doing captivates the mind.
But ne’er can we forget the truth, the life
Wherein restriction and sour duty bind:
Each man on Earth must play his own dear part.”
In this philos’ I sense our toil most long.
And yet find I such solace in the heart
The beating muscle, vital-red and strong
Which aches as though it knows my own mute thought.
But what speak I? This must amount to nought.

been reading much too much of what I believe u24 would call 'wanky romantic poetry'. ah, as usual, dear.
oldephebe well then that means your blood filled bruised heart is still alive...still exhilirated by rituals of romantic seduction..the stone citadel under seige by the quil dipped in the hearts purest fire... sooo...
Fearless Leader Sonnet v.3.4: Attention Deficit Disorder

That fluid clockwork ticks behind your eyes,
So much like mine that I can empathize.
Your mind wanders and will not rest on me.
Your vessel is still, lying vacantly.
Your soul’s exploring worlds your words outlined.
Your eyes! Crystal windows into your mind.
Your gossamer-like form of almond hue,
Through which you live in this world and renew
My love for your corpse, your life and your soul.
Through these flesh machines our minds could gambol
In eachother’s worlds and the world we share,
And our two minds incarnate could prepare
To come together; feel the warmth of skin,
Lie in the shade of Venus’s garden.

copyright me.
Fearless Leader Sonnet v.4.2: Awkward: adj. Causing Embaressment.

Each day we meet in passing sansHello.”
Each time I hope that you will address me.
Each day you pass me by. Why can’t I be
Content with any other girl I know?
You said you were disint’rested inus,”
But is disinterest disgust or no?
It’s this I’d find each time I sayHello.”
For good or bad you will not make a fuss.
Do not say that you ought not be with me,
But rather you will not or that you will.
Fully banish me from your life until
The day our lives are parted completely,
Or, if you’d brave the awkwardness, I’d know
We’d never meet in passing sansHello.”
Fearless Leader that last one was mine too.

damn legals suck.
David DeSaxby could someone spill some bright splashes of color any where would be fine 041229
Fearless Leader Sonnet v.5.1: Ellipsis.

Experience is passing, will not stay,
Adrenilin drains away, will not stay,
Memory is fleeting, it will not stay,
And love fades away after just one day.
But letters in the mail each month or so,
And passing words in cathode ray can sew
Toghther fragments of the day i know
Was when my mind stoped growing with the flow
Of your face i've a single photograph,
Of your voice i recall half of your laugh,
Of our day my words tell the lesser half
Of your mind writen words are but the chaft.
Yet from so far away, you're still the ray
That warms me time to time with light of day.

what's it to you?
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