psyki seize it.
savor it.
live for it.

it will soon enough be gone.
Brad I don't know what Mo meant. Her words are always so obfuscated... 000310
miniver Now is the time.


Now-- Err...Back then.

marina when you say it's gonna happen now
what second do you mean?
WoNDERGIRL hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
for in this moment
I'd choose to spend forever
Barrett When liquid becomes JELLO.
What it takes to make my girlfriend think I'm ignoring her.
lizard isolated - eternity.
in sequence - nothing.

i'll soon enough forget the pain,
and measured glances will once again consume me.
Fly Take my moment.
Take my soul
Take this pain
im going to smoke a bowl......
mareberry if I could pinpoint
the moment i fell in love,
id try to describe it in words.

id explain the way
the clouds looked that day
or maybe Id tell you
the way her pants fit around those hips.

id try to make you understand
how it felt to hear her say my name
that first time.
id recall the shape of her mouth
when she told me she loved me.

id describe the taste of
my tears of joy
and id tell you what it was like
to learn what a true smile was.
id say that kissing her
was like kissing an angel.

i would describe the pain of saying goodbye,
and the joy of seeing her again.
i would try to tell you why
i knew she was the one.
but i couldnt even explain it to her.
i cant seem to find a way to illustrate
just how much i love her.

but i wouldnt know where to begin
to describe the moment my life truly began.
i dont think words would do it justice.
i only wish you could see the world through my eyes,
because i dont know how to explain this.
all i know is that ive never had
such a great emotion in all my life.
and ive never felt so alive.
Gareth The moment is passing even as we sit here typing this rubbish. Less thinking, less contemplating, more football. 010124
mmm becky has an odd way of ruining the good ones...::wedgie::... 010325
enriquecito physics tells us that a ball thrown in the air will go up, stop, and come down. the "stop" is instant - not a microsecond, not a nanosecond, but an honest-to-goodness (in other words, imaginary) instant. taking no time at all that is quanitifiable. I always wondered what this might feel like, and now I think I know. 010502
Casey I agree with Dogma. Life is only a series of moments when you get right down to it.

I'd write more but i don't have time
stupid I need to learn HOW to SEIZE the moment. 011007
distorted tendencies If this is a moment, it's a long one. I hope it lasts until the end of world, when it's burning and falling apart in flaming pieces. 011007
lisa a moment can mean nothing
and everything at the same time
what's insignificant to me
is earth-shattering to you
in a moment, everything changes
everything stays the same
purposeful and effortless
paradoxical delight
a moment is here and gone
eternal and fleeting
this moment is monumentally small
phil this magic moment 020426
puppet Hold on a moment 021007
grim teat Every moment you're either getting smarter or dumber. 021012
openyourbelly hard to live for it when you can't live in it. 021230
Ash Time tastes so good. Never let it slip by without experiencing it. 030206
melvinwang always fleeting 030430
*silent screams I find myself longing to get lost in the perfect moment... but you can't get back the moments that you've let slip away. 030430
joda Later will be better.

You're just stuck in a moment, and you can't get out of it.
shoccolo this is a moment, i guess.
it's passing.
scorpion heart Me forgetting aluminum cant go in the microwave. 031116
what is in a name maybe I just got caught up in a moment that wasn't really there. 040322
Dance Over And Roar share 040323
you -arily 040402
clementine changes everything. sometimes you just know. everything fall together or falls apart and then it just is. and its in the is that moments happen. isolated time periods where no past or future matters. 040604
hsgatincamail you own it? 040620
Aldous Huxley At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction. 040622
oldephebe . 040622
adfada a moment represents an eternity. 040629
still standing freeze the world
stop time...
and capture it
because itll never be there again
trust tree by the time the words form to describe one, it is gone 041231
Utah thats all this is. a moment that continues; never ends. the past is nothing but a fast-fading memory; the future nothing but an expectation. all we have is the NOW. 050101
neesh Utah, is that something you read somewhere or your own thoughts? it sounds very familiar. 050101
milo now 050101
Utah a quote. but still true, right? 050101
neesh yeah definitely. it's very cool. could you tell me where it's from, please? i've been reading physics textbooks trying to find it... 050102
captain_subtext if it resembles eternity, why do we call it a moment? 050309
x twisted x in that one, single moment...i could swear i thought you were falling in love with me too. obviously, i was mistaken. i was the only one falling hopelessly...for the first time. 050317
nonsensical caught in a photograph.
where everything freezes faces grasped by the camera's eyes.
the awful truth i met my friend the other day and he had this to say:
he said my friend we meet again in this way.
on the street we stop and greet and
this may
be the last moment you ever have alive
you might be struck down as you leave my side.
and my friend, well i just want you to know
that you can go.

every day you gotta live it like it's already gone because
the so called long run is never all that long
and when
you awake from this dream
you see what i mean.
you'll see what i mean

you'll be lying in the grass
looking at a cloud
you have never seen before
an ocean you instantly adore
and old friends you have known
they have come to show you the way

the way.

i met my ex girlfriend
she said please don't pretend.
i said it's okay
i want you anyway
and we forgot about our lives that we were leading
in the end every moment is fleeting
once its begun
it begins to end
once its done
it aint coming back again so

every day you gotta live it like it's already gone because
the so called long run is never all that long
and when
you awake from this dream
you see what i mean.
you'll see what i mean.
l0veIsFr3 In this moment.
I was happy.
The world was perfect.

The next.
I died.
But whats the difference.
A moment lives forever.
what's it to you?
who go