twiggie tonight i have to babysit my brother and sister, for 3 or so hours, and i was content with that. there wasn't anything i was missing, so i thought, and i would get some money out of it.

then megan calls me and asks me if i'm going to the lock in. sigh. i *love* the lock ins, i've gone every year thus far.

but i have to babysit tonight, so i probably won't be able to go. last year i ran around in my nylons because my boots hurt my feet. i don't remember much, i know i talked with angie and whitney and sam while we ate...and then i drank coffee with megan, angie, christy, etc. in the little "coffee house" thing. angie was high...megan was wearing a korn shirt. i only know that because i took a picture of it.

i think i played guess who with nicole and jenny at one point. and laser tag...did they have that last year too? i don't remember.

i'm so mad i can't go. and i'm sad that no one told me until tonight. nobody loves me.
silentbob i dont really know what i'm doing tonight or the next night or the friday after.
hopefully i'm going to rochester next friday, but nothing is definite
unhinged i'm going to a lacrosse party tonight...they are having a fundraiser for the club. you have to buy the cup and pay for every drink you fill it with. but the money goes to a good cause so it's okay. next friday i'm going to see ivet in lakewood, maybe with steve...maybe not. 010119
Piso Mojado ended with me and my brother drinking wine and playing card games. after a while we got bored and went into the room that shares a heating vent with my mom/stepdad's room and blew into the empty wine bottle. instead of waking them up or disturbing them, we kept hearing the rhythmic snoring of my mother. she sounded like a wild dinosaur calling to its mate. we found it hysterical that every time we blew into the wine bottle, my mom's snore responded. i havent laughed that hard in a while. 030524
werewolf friday night and she's my dear my darling one 030524
what is in a name She whispered, Come here
As he leaned in she could smell his multiple cans of sour beer
Their lips touched and he could taste her vodka shots
And the flavor grew in intensity
Neither seemed to mind the unnatural senses, though why would they they were gonna get some
werewolf her eyes are sparkling full of fun, no other, no other could bear the likes of me 040322
ethereal Friday Night I was sober.

I was Le Bouncer for Le Partie.

They came, and hurt Krista and Jenson.

Then they smashed the window.

Then her brothers car.

Wish I hadn't been in front of the window.

Wish Jenson hadn't bled.

Glad Lee was there though, taught me a lesson on assholes. Fuck you Lee.

That was a freaky night.

Pete's internet was down. I really wanted to talk to him. I really missed him.

I gave up drinking forever.

I have the flu now.


Stupid Friday night.
freedom sitting in front of the computer.. writing, essays and poems

sick of the clubs
sick of the pubs

wish there was something more to do in this city....
nom i thought of going to a movie by myself or something and instead came to the pool hall to use the internet again 070223
thorn friday night and i'm watching weeds and knitting. such a fucking loser. 101210
unhinged why do you wait til midnight knowing i take the bus to ask me to come out and hang out?

cause that's how much you care, i suppose.
thorn saturday_night was pretty much the same as friday_night. 101211
lostgirl so. friday night.

i went back to the ski house and changed clothes hurriedly....wanted to get an hour of free skiing in before everyone else got there....before the family was all together and before friends arrived. i just had coffee with a friend from the past, tied up some unfinished business....felt great. closed a chapter in the book of me that would blow your mind.

my man was going to be there soon. we had a date planned.

like a new beginning of sorts.

it's really going to be alright.

the boys called me. "where are you ma?"

'be five minutes.'

"meet us at avalanche."


i popped on the tigers and headed out. put in three great runs with my kids. conditions were terrific, crowds were light.

so when i saw the "tourist" was crosscutting the black diamond, i made my move to get out of his way. i expected him to do the same. it's what skiers do to protect each other.

but he was going way too fast. was a fucking out of control, runaway train.

he cut uphill. why did he cut uphill?

the last thing i saw was his face...that's how i know he was going uphill. everyone on the lift saw the collision.

"what were you thinking asshole?" was the consistent phrase i heard people yelling at him as i spit my teeth into the snow. i remember his face being white with apology.

motherfucker messed up my face.

an hour after i had that coffee, i left the mountain in an ambulance.
re_alisma that really really sucks lostgirl. what'd they do at the hospital? 101213
lg the doctors and nurses tried to reassure me that in time i'd be just fine...but i kept seeing their eyes widen when they looked at my face.

i'm broken...

damaged goods.

but really trying to be positive.

D cook something will you....

what's it to you?
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