pete Shit, I feel like I'm growing too old for this. I say stupid things (everyone does) but my stupid things may catch up to me. But that's okay. Hopefully. I need to stop advertising a party that I am not hosting. I think I want to start rallying for its cancellation. Make a smaller occasion. But I can't even fit the people I'd like to see in my apartment. I guess that is, in a way, a good thing. The good friends I wish to celebrate being in able drink in our not-always-so-friendly neighbours to the south's domain total close to twenty. That said, I really just want to spend a lot of time with one special lady. Who I didn't spend any time with last night. We form the connection between to non-mixing rings of friends for each other. Which is too bad. I miss her though I saw her yesterday. January and on will be harder, her in Quebec, me still here wanting to be with her. But it will all work its way to a harmonious whole. But the drinking... I sleep well til I wake. The 26er is gone. Helped the first years drink, and gave the token victory lapper something to sip on. And then sipped the rest straight. I do think I may have some friends I love though. A sinking realization cemented by drinking. Not created or realized by it, but confirmed. The people you can be non-sexually touchy with are those who will help you through the shit you get yourself into and ignore the shit you spew. Ahhh my good friends. And those recently returned from galavanting in Europe. But that is all I have to say in this rambling waking thought. 060915
Lemon_Soda There was something in there that really tasted like me...hmmm... 060915
pete Within ten minutes of writing this this morning I realized that I was still drunk. An interesting thing to be at 11:30am with an orientation for work (I am an teaching assistant at my university) in an hour and a half. Showering, throwing back some coffee and water, and eating some pita bread and hummus I did my best to look semi-presentable and be on the game. The only three people who were at both phases of the party that are also TAs woke up drunk as well. It made me feel a little better, but, still, I need a new context. I have a year to wait before I am done here and can pick up and move again. But until then, more water, less rum. 060915
Piso Mojado drinking_and_walking 060920
beulahry ergh.
so many things i regret from last night.
i'd give anything to undo them
except this glass of water
gja Apologies officer - I was too drunk to walk. 070307
stephshine there's not much worse than waking up drunk and knowing the hangover has yet to hit, and not knowing when it will. 070308
misstree there's at least one thing worse
a few new years back, working two jobs
got drunk at the end of one,
went to waitress at the other from 10pm to morn
very drunk
until that started to fade
and the hangover had me in its nauseous boa grip at about 2am, when the people began to pour in, before the drunk had even fully faded.

you're absolutely right, not much worse than that, but every once in a while, it does happen. :P

(and writing all this was accompanied by the most sledgehammer sense of dejavu, down to every detail except mentioning the dejavu. so there, i violated my prescience, nyah nyah.)
pete i'm more worried when i wake up not yet hungover, but a bit lazy.. i usually have to work that night, and it's usually a friday or saturday. busy as shit. it sucks when the hangover kicks in right in time for the rush... 070308
stephshine or worse yet! waking up full of energy not knowing if it's chemical, hoping it's just you and your own wild spirit until 3 hours later when you're mainpocusinlifeusnotpuking you realize it was all a sham. 070309
stephshine i mean


i guess it's early for writing
high viscosity like waking up in a strange house surrounded by strange people, remembering bits and pieces of the night before, especially the episode when you puked on yourself and others and the voices of people yelling in disgust: "that smells like shit!"

i stumbled out of there, not before using the washroom and apologizing to a couple of strangers, wishing for a ditch to die in or for the hangover to pass. inside the cab, on my way home, i gave up drugs and booze indefinitely. as i got home i couldn’t be happier. finally i laid down on my bed, naked and thirsty as the noon sunshine came through my red curtain.
stephshine i have woken in stranger's beds before.

but they are usually just as confused.

best to smile.

and get out of there.

of course, they aren't really strangers at that point, are they?
pete moral hangovers, words said before thought, make the nights before seem darker, and dimmer. 070310
yes it's true 070311
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