vicious my
typhoid maintaining the illusion of infinite memory. 000119
emily "Love is an illusion, but I would willingly fall for it if I could believe in it." ~Sylvia Plath 000526
Brad I live for illusions, most of the time. Really, all of life can be considered an illusion. We wouldn't know otherwise, if it was, so it's fair to assume that it may be. I don't mind. It makes everything seem of less consequence, and less responsibility means less stress. 000526
Q-Dogg and reality
are figments
of our collective
tourist Lush confines
ineffective terms
gentle Quirks
minute reproductions...
Deaf velvet tones,
syllabic cracks,
trusted vehicle
vintage expressions
serve to acknowledge styles of
vauge understanding of my
genuine apologies.
whos counting? -----score============
known 5
unknown 22
kx21 Life is the function of illusion, illogicality, imagination, ideal and reality. 001020
brad timely 2+2=5 001021
Marjorie i think there was a form to fill out
some sort of form to verify that the illusion wasn't really an illusion at all.
a certificate of authenticity.
done in triplicate, with carbon copies sticking together.
i think there was a form... but i'm not sure.
kx21 What is the TRUTH?

Time is an Illusion or
Time Really exists?
Snakeyes Am i an illusion or a delusion? 001111
Megan what I wanna know: Why the hell does everything good I've ever known end up being an illusion of some kind on my part??

I'm the most naive kid I know. I'm practical, but I still look at the world like I'm 4 years old and my dad can lift cars, and someday I'm going to grow up and become a beautiful sorceress. Maybe even a faery. I think about not trusting people all the time, about shutting up every once in a while, about thinking about what I say before I say it, but that's just not me. So the illusion goes on, and I go on feeling the pains of life.

Maybe illusions are what life is all about.
unique butterfly i live in an illusion. i can't find the right place to be. is it real or is it something else? the world doesn't see quite right. does it? 010309
mike i reach out...
into what?
why did i reach for nothing,
its not even like i saw anything,
i just decided that blam, words
wood form and i wOOd have them
and they wOULd
make me reach for - nothing,
and so what?
isnt life just a big flock of words
...reaching for nothing
distorted tendencies Sometimes I believe that everything that I love and am happy with, is not real. I merely creating it for myself. 011006
Casey An illusion is anyone who seems to lead a "normal" and "perfect" life 011006
edenmoon fierce impetus nature
entangles my very essence
obsessive compulsive urges
complexity obvious
obscured realities
reassuring this illusion
that is you
misstree everything is an illusion, from the ground up. we agree on the existence of the illusions of most things, and fill in the blanks without even realizing it.

so bust out your surfboard, hop on a reality wave, and make that baby your bitch.
birdmad chasing_mirages 020310
listless how do you know that i'm not just an illusion?

please stop saying that. stop saying that.

just stop, ok?

i might wake up someday and realize that you don't really exist. i doubt it enough already.

just stop, ok? please?
unhinged i wake up in the morning
i smile
but every night i am nothing more
than a wilted addict
i can't live like this anymore
pretending that hope exists
when it's just a drug fabricated illusion
of what i want to be
of what i need
to stop my heart from shaking
i keep trying to smile
keep trying to be what everyone wants from me
but happiness is just an illusion
i wear to keep the look of concern
from clouding his face
just an illusion i wear
to make her think my life is fine without her
drug induced happiness
there's nothing like it
~gez~ through the looking glass i saw a man . distorted by the cracks and warped tendencies of the pain of morphed sand . he scared me , as do many things in this world . but his voice was soft and comforting as he said "do not ever let me go" , hmm methinks . he is a puff , "run!" 020809
angie was it an illusion?
or did i really see who i thought i saw...
probably an illusion...
so strange if it was...
very possible...
but very strange.
. . 040311
dakota among your confusion you'll see the illusion.
through the pollution you'll find the solution.
andru235 an alliance, struck within our midsts:
guild of necromancers and illusionists
what to be had of such an alliance?
drama from the corporate tyrants

"no, they couldn't yet exist!"
you protest of their secret tryst
but of course you cannot see
the net effects of illusionry

unless you simply say, dispel
illusions goeth unto hell
and since that hell is merely mental
the illusion's gone, quick as a rental

the necromancy comes about
when burial has too much clout
the more you seek to live forever
the more you prove necromancy's clever

resign yourself to seventy years
you'll die, and then will come the tears
the moment you have left the earth
you've begun a brand new birth

to keep you all enslaved as such
they say reincarnation isn't much
when you fear that this is it
you desperately jump in the pit

the pit is that which seems quite normal
the illusion begins while yet hormonal
as children have so often said,
"i remember before i was dead!"
divine madness what you appeared to be..
what the mask was..concealing you
your true self..
narcisstic_grapes maya.
i believe in you, i bequeath myself to you, i am you. i am illusion.
. truth is real
maya is a lie.
krupt there has been no greater illusion than the one created by the devil himself... convincing the world he didn't exist. 080114
Syrope part of me thinks i may have just imagined it away...convinced myself that it's not there any more. but it's such a relief.

the pathetic part is that if it should come up for me later in life, i won't even admit to myself that i could have done something sooner.

they were both so excited to see me so bright eyed and perky. it made me realize the last year or so of my life has been a chore. i've been so zombie-like, and i know i had energy - i guess i just spent it poorly.
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