kx21 The Protests, Complaints, Compliments, Encouragements, and
implausible Challenges from the Blatherers to kx21:-

Silentbob- i really like the way this person whose gender i am usure of writes. the way he/she asks questions all official like is very admirable. 001203

god - he covers the distance from shit to stars . 010113

daxle- those who know don't speak those who speak don't know you're awfully full of rhetoric for someone who's so wise 010116

daxle- there's nothing inconceivable about blather it's an entirely human product you'd make a good guidance counselor probably just tell the kids "if anyone attacks you in anyway, just tell them that you appreciate their interest in you and walk away" if that works for you, wonderful I just can't believe that you seem to think you've seen thru all the lies when you're more buried under them more than anyone I've ever met by thinking you've found the answers, no matter how prophetic and cosmic they may seem, you only get further and further away from what you're looking for I am sad for you 010116

j_blue- i find his/her listing technique to be very distracting, visually i glance at his/her entries, and get confused real fast i dont mind if people think im dumb from reading this, but when i look at the entries, i just skip them, they lack flow i guess when i read blather i hear someone speaking, the numbered entries aren't very compatible with that fantasy 010117

askophoto read.- BE HERE NOW...and you will NOT know.peace my friend, see you on the other side.. already. 010208

what everyone thinks of kx21 FFFFFFFFFF AA GGGGGGGGGG

mikey to each his/her own. kx21 has passion for what he or she is doing. theres many people out there who have no passion, no sense of direction. althought i personaly dont read kx21's writings maybe a few here and there, i respect this persons right to express his or herself just like i can. not everyone likes what i write. theres 50% of people out there who hate you the other half loves you. the element of chance.
my 3 cents 010307

mikey does blather help you kx21? seens kike its become your journal of sorts. almost like a writing also. maybe a encylopedia and these are your notes you scribble down while in thought. 010308

mikey the ONLY thing i cant stand about kx21 is he or she never just simply ANSWERS! heehee 010309

twiggie i love the way he/she writes. it's different...refreshing. 010309

mikey i think your very clever kx21 i think many havent caught on yet to your style....ignorance makes people dislike things. 010310

Dafremen Ohhh I've caught onto Kx's style. I caught on fast enough to realize that if I spent ANY time trying to answer his questions,(Be they absurd or relevant) rather than a dialogue I could almost GUARANTEE 6 questions he would ask for every question I tried to tackle. With that kind of exponential math to consider, I decided it's best just to let Kx ask and enjoy the questions. 010312
mikey good point. kx21 is quite clever sometimes. if you notice or click on the words he/she (dont know kx21 fill us in) all the words are connected. many times kx21's replies every word in the reply leads to the answer or explanation. i think. 010312

dB I have always looke at kx21's work from a distance. Some of it is far beyond me, and some of it to read is similar to that feeling of standing in the darkness and then the refrigerator light comes on. Maybe the point is not to answer the questions. Maybe we are supposed to react to them. The reaction is the answer, if there is an answer at all because a lot of the time the questions seem rhetorical. Well that's my 2 cents. 010312

Dafremen I wait..I KNOW that all of you silly presumptuous bingleheads that talk about kx's monotony and lack of flow...about the faggery or lack thereof of this person whose gender you do not even know(My guess? Kx is a Do0d)all of you wannabe blather critics can just sit your-not-knowing-a-thing-about-what-constitutes-art asses down and recognize. Kx has succeeded in creating a web of almost neverending ever expansive ridiculogic for you and you don't seem to realize that in the grand scheme of things his creatively inventive theories are as valid as any of your "I studied philosophy so I know" crap. Kx points out what too many of us fail to recognize which is that all the philosophizing in the world doesn't amount to a pile of sh*t or a twinkle in the Virgin_of_shit 's eye if it doesn't provide us with anything except entertainment. And if that's all it's for...mental exercise...then Kx's brand of philosophy is certainly more entertaining than any of YOUR standard philosophy major drivel.
I LOVE your style Kx. I think yer persistance is admirable and that your work is brilliant. I understand that too often people see a piece as a short little blurb, whereas your piece is a huge unimaginably complex web of ideas....most fanciful, some poignant often insightful...ever nonsensical...
Yer brilliant Kx....if only you could fit the Nature of Nothing and the Nature of Everything to your theory, I'm sure I could buy the whole scenerio...but without those pieces it just has too many holes in it.

P.S. You go Kx! You'll get to the end of YOUR search for answers LONG before THEY ever will. 010712

florescent light kx21- you most certainly are a wonder 010722

ge Jesus kx21=wonder thanx 010724
the man-beast yes kx21=wonder especially for the_string_between_man_and_chicken 010724

Dafremen I told you folx. Kx is incredible. You're the weird ones. 010724

dB kx, man. how do you do that? I mean, how? I'd really like to know how your mind works so I could emulate it and put it in a jar and observe it for a few years.
Rock on man. 010725

Dafremen I see the Whole Hole holes are all starting to come together. Excellent work my industrious friend! Excellent! 010726

DannyH q1. Are you a computer? 010727

florescent light I'm very sexually attracted to your blathers kx21.
as I read them I start becoming a woman_with_no_pants 010727
black-dyed gel product you certainly like cutting and pasting. Viva la butchered spanish! 010728
kx21 Please use


for your future blather on this subject.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation...
x-shaped ass no, i will not cooperate.

if i want to call you a ham sandwich, ON THIS PAGE, i will.

kx21 is a ham sandwich.

revolt against 9 volt batteries!
viva la cadillac!
User24 wrong!
kx21 is a ham salad roll
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