Shar it's been a year today since my first blathers.

really, beeyatch, and freakazoid

and i haven't gotten any wittier. poop.
jennifer one year on tuesday 001202
silentbob the anniversary is a band, and a damn fine one at that. someone from the get up kids is dating the chick who sings along in anniversary. lovely. 001228
j_blue been reading blather since it was new

used to use other aliases, but never became a regular until this year, when i began working full time

things like anniversaries get left out of the j_blue_list_of_important_things_to_remember though, which means they are kinda lost somewhere behind my eyes...
Aimee *sighs* 010729
mulder an hour since my blathering began,,, i speak too much 010729
Daria Do you?
Maybe you speak too little.
Itz been a few months since i started blathing(blathering,blithing?)I havnt kept track.
silentbob i saw them

with dashboard
kill rhythm today would have been 6 months.

on november 8th, we were kissing in the rain. and then he asked me to be his girlfriend.

on may 8th, we were playing baseketball.....


no kisses this time.
he looked amazing to me. his hair looked perfect. his clothes looked perfect. and she, of course, looked perfect my his side...
kill rhythm *by his side 020508
stacey i hate anniversaries now, and u know why, its because of u!...i loved you so much and u didnt even care if u hurt me. it was our 3 month anniversary and we were on the phone, right b4 u broke up w/ me i was thinking in my head where we would be in the next 3 months, then u told me, i wanted to cry right there!..but u know what i didnt, i had to finish my thought of where we would be in the next 3 months, it came to me quickly, nowhere, thats where we would be! i hate it how whenever we were together with your friends you would always blow me off and whenever i confronted u about it all u ever told me was that.."oh well i have to act different for some ppl."..well fuck that! u know i was always there when u needed to someone to talk to, i was your best friend, or so i though, i thought that u gave me everything i could ever want! sometimes, i wish we never would have met so that i wouldnt have to feel like this all the time. i hate being in love, it sucks! i guess it wouldnt be so bad if the other person loved me back, but they dont, and never will!..u know when u asked me if i was okay with everything, im not, i couldnt say nething bc i would have cryed! i dont like to cry over u bc i dont ever get newhere! why cant u just see that what u did hurt me so bad, not only that u broke up w/ me, but that u broke up with me on our anniversary! thats what pissed me off...u told me that u would always be there for me, but your not! all u are and all u will ever be is a lie! your way too immature to handle a serious relationship! all u need to do is grow up! maybe then will people like ou more, and maybe then i will be able to enjoy an anniversary with someone that loves me! out! 020702
cheer-up-emo-kid yesterday
was our
5 month anneversary
(me and
my boyfriend,
that is)
deb one year and one day
since that stress-filled day
has come and gone

i was so happy for it to come
and just as happy to see it
done with

no more planning,
i thought
no more stress,
i thought
i can finally relax,
i thought

and then the two pink lines
peering up at me
from that little plastic test
changed everything

happy anniversary babe
one year down, lots to go
let's just make next year
a little less
shall we say?
silentbob The Heart is a lonely Hunter 021216
jane hey_bobby, have you heard that song sweet_marie? because it kicks ass and that was the first of the anniversary i had heard, and now i have a cd 021216
silentbob i have heard sweet_marie i don't like it as much as most their other songs. its just kind of repetitive to me and boring. 030128
jane yeah now all things ordinary is my favorite song by the_anniversary
i know what you mean about sweet marie...i liked it a lot and listened to it too much
Andrew Sier One year since one year ago.

Party! Or mourn?
love & hate the 12th 040727
birdmad i can look at a calendar and realize that any specific moment is just some point that perception moves outward from, shrinking with the distance of miles traveled or accrued time.

on a three-dimensional field, given enough distance and time, every place is some other place's vanishing_point

i knew someday i'd figure it out.
unhinged 9 years ago today, she died after a protracted illness. i got on an airplane to eventually land in praha. i didn't get to attend the funeral. i still see the look in my brother's eyes at the gate in the airport (before 9/11; him and my dad sat and waited with me because my mom was sitting with my grandma's body saying goodbye). like he wanted to say, but didn't because he didn't want to spoil my trip. some of it only aches more with time.

5 years ago today i ran into sam at the bar. he was with frank campbell for his birthday. he was so happy to see me, he wouldn't let me go.

2 years ago today i went to the lake and lit a candle. i stood there tending the flame for as long as i could. i walked up the hill to the bridge and it was still lit. as far as i could see, it stayed lit. some of it only aches more with time.
someone you know ours would have been in june 080329
Isaou It's almost midnight, almost two years since you asked me to be by your side for a while.
And I think I've managed, even through the roughest patches it was always you who'd
leave and always me who'd be patiently
waiting for you to come back.

So it has been two years and where are you?
You come back in two days, but because of the date line you only get two hours of our special day.
I thought we'd be together, we managed to be against all odds last year.
Remember? I came into your room and lay down beside you until it was time to go.

Two years
I do not have anything to give you but myself
But because of pool I feel that it wouldn't be right.

I do love you
heartfeltsuperego 4 years ago today
I poisoned myself with 25-30g acetaminophen chased down with vodka.

this shocked the shit out of my liver

I am still here thanks to him.
I am here to serve him for eternity as thanks for giving me the life I did not want.
what's it to you?
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