Raina if I undress my physical in front of you, you'll see a few stretchmarks, a patch of freckles on my right forearm, and a scar or two.

if I undress my psyche, you may not like me.

how 'bout you get nekkid first.
birdmad is a trait i dare not show again soon

because sometimes the anticipated caress is a well-disguised strike

and the hands and voices of the ones we love, mortal weapons
Barrett Yeah!
Leave me alone!
(by the way, who told you?"
miniver Achilles toe. 000928
power through passion it is sexy in a woman
a blonde bombshell with a racy dress
but hiding her face
behind strands of hair
hoping we cannot see her vulnerability

I search far and wide for a place
with people like me
but they rarely appear
that is my vulnerability

But this is something we need
to be without it is to be invincible
never a good thing for ego control
silentbob I let anyone in.
if everyone was vulnerable...and no one was cruel...the world would be a better place.
i let my wall down almost regularly.

People have the wrong idea about me.
i dont think i'm that hard to understand.
but some people think i'm "scary"
and other people think i want to be different simply for the sake of being different
and that i want to shock people
someone told me i should cut my hair cuz THAT WOULD REALLY SHOCK EM!
but i have long hair, NOT for them, but because i like how i look with long hair.
and if something is mainstream i dislike it cuz it sucks, not simply for the sake that its mainstream.
im not that different.
amy submission
has bad connotations, especially for strong women-types. but there are many ways to submit and allow.
but you don't necessarily always build any trust, so there is no escaping that unsafe, anxious, and not very secure feeling, whenever you open up again... i don't think you *should* feel secure, because that would ruin everything.
startfires eleven/twelve/thirteen 001204
startfires ankles 001204
chanaka sometimes it is good to be vulnerable. everyone must be sometime, and it is so hard to keep up the "tough as nails" image. but the key is to know who to show your vulnerablity too. how hard that is. 001204
misstree vulnerability
is what i don't show
so i don't get hurt,
and end up getting hurt
because i won't show it.

*points gun at foot*
*shrugs helplessly*
gwyllynne ::snickering:: but....but....but.....ummm..... errrrr..... my darling misstree is soo much fun to shoot when you have a water gun!

::twirls around:: and nevermind what good ol Josepe would say.
splinken draculalike 030320
  gates in my fences, gaps in my defenses. you come in, you press my buttons, you watch me selfdestruct 030320
jane i'm trapped in a cage
for you all to poke into
endless desire i have my vulnerability.
and even more,
i hate how much i hate it.
because it should be alright to be weak
and afraid
and not in control.
but i always need to feel that control,
even if i dont have it.
the mine is an easy/difficult thing to manipulate.
endless desires silly correction *first line. have = hate 030604
endless desire thinks its time for bed *mine = mind 030604
biomech birdmad vs the psychologists is the petrie dish from which inhibition grows 030617
werewolf sometimes you just have to give up. 030617
trixie why is this so essential 2 b human because nobody wants to be vulnerable o their own accord. 030617
megan i'll tell you what vulnerable is

it's when you're dancing on the feet of someone because your heels hurt. and it's not your father. and it's not your husband. just a stupid high school dance.


i trust my life with him. i eat, sleep, and breathe him. that's vulnerability. when you aren't afraid to wake up the next morning and call to see if you can stand on his feet again sometime.
jane i stand before you. i am strong but in this moment i am naked and vulnerable. you don't seem to care because you strip off your clothes with ease, like i should be able to do. summer breeze is stuck in my heaad but there's no way i could tell you that. i don't know you, i probably never will. you don't really care to know me any way except carnally. how can something so significant & built up be diminished into an impersonal dance between two people [sometimes more]? what happened to courting, and being able to say no? is it because i don't demand it? if that's it: tell me how. how do i regain my do i demand more of these strangers? summer breeze makes me feel fine...i am thinking. thinking this is wrong...i should be alone. why is being alone so scary? is this how i feel unalone? i do not say a word. i remain quiet & pretend this is fun. i do not dare to speak. 040114
pd gimme dat gun, misstree... 040114
pvc me, with my heart on my pink sleeve and my soul in my eyes, all of it shadowed by my smile. as long as i smile nobody will see me bleeding away silent misery. 040114
oE "me with my heart on my sleeve and my soul in my eyes.."..damn! that one got to me pd..radiant radiant flower.. 040114
oE feel better pd 040114
7 being alone is so much different
than being lonely
there's still strength in being alone
there's nothing in being lonely
lonely is going to dark bars to drink
with strangers for a few
hours of security.
pvc you always make it better, oE my love.

otherwise....marginally. no. i don't know. i don't think so, given that i'm sitting next to him while he works and i kill time and this is being friends and man! i can be proud of myself; i am in control! sort of!

*goes in search of a hug, nonetheless*
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