deb he's the guy in an apartment upstairs
at my old place
who always came downstairs with a smile.
he would sit and talk a bit,
smile slyly, and ask if anyone wanted a
he used us for my espresso machine
but it's ok,
because we used him for his car

i wonder what he's up to now...
shae andy has a site that i am in love with. 000827
anonymous Never met him.
Never spoke to him.
Even online.
And yet, he is both my best friend and worst enemy.
Billia He's the guy from my psyc class,
I never talked to him.

But I wanted to.

Andy is evidence of all my weakness and shyness, and if I could crumple him into a little ball and throw him away, I would. Any day.
devalis the one I gave my heart and my cherry to. makes me wish that things like that could be coughed back up whole. 020809
Sailor Jupiter Is my little brother's name. 15 and acts like he's 7 b/c of Autism. He's so sweet. 020810
eklektic i still havent really "met" him yet, kate. i've asked him to tell you something or passed him and smiled in the halls. but i've never gotten to "meet" him. you'll have to introduce me sometime. he seems terribly interesting. 020810
cheer-up-emo-kid is my friend. and neighbor.
he just graduated.
I had the HUGEST crush on him in elementry school.... he was the big kid at the bus stop.
celestias shadow I had a crush on him for two years and drove myself crazy over it. Every little thing was subjected to exhaustive over-analyzation. Then I realized he wasn't as beautiful a person as I thought. I got over it.

He's also a Midwestern tennis player who wears a cute baseball cap and dates Mandy Moore.
the game Not sure whom you all speak of, but as another Andy, let me just qualify that by-and-large...WE SO ROCK, WE ANDIES.
Yes, the GAME is really an Andy.
Does anyone ever contact anyone through these channles? just curious...

I once had a boyfriend named Andy. I wanted to have sex but all he would do was kiss my butt! So one day I put my dress on backwards and all I can say is ... love that Andy!

u know who Cuttie pie 040218
ethereal You hurt me in places I didn't know I had.

They're her places, I think I took them from her. Or we just kind of meshed?

Andy. You are seen so much and you don't even know it.

Sometimes when I look at you I just wish I could sit and stare into your eyes and hear everything you have thought, ever.

Andy danger. Stop disappearing.

We both want you to stay. Though why, I'll never understand, you're so...penetrating.

Yes that's it.


You're hard to look at, because I feel you.
oldephebe we met in the summer before 5th grade..

best friend in middle school and jr.high..great and my twin sister moved away to attend highshool elsewhere..learned in college (my fellow sax major from our highschool's girfriend who i also knew pulled me aside at a party and asked me if i'd ever atteneded upper perk and if you, did i remember this girl who was in my homeroom for 4 years and whose towering and distinguished dad i'd known as principal and later school superintendant of schools since second grade, the family lived just up the road from andy who lived up the road from me...anyway we reunited and it was great..she still had a great personality..then i learned that andy was killed in a car accident his enior a car driven by an older guy i also andy's last act he saved his girl friends life..hurled his state wrestler's body and heart over her's to absorb the brunt of the impulse..andy was like that..very unselfish even heroic as a 10 year old who endured racial slurs every morning from rascist 7th and 8th graders who didn't appreciate his speaking out when i'd have to undergo the old daily morning gauntlet of the "n" word amidst other choice racial epithets i'd been hearing in that town since the age of 7... andy was and is greatly missed...

he came from a great family...really really excellent parents...
oE *to absorb the brunt of the impact 040401
oE except i never called him andy..always andrew

sounded much better
. . 040401
i think about you every wait andy didn't endure racial slurs per se.. i mean he was a wasp...he endured being called an "n" lover and never once stopped being loyal..even though at times it seemed as if the whole section of the bleachers was screaming at us...our other friends choose to conveniently loose their voices at that point...he had a great father...

now and then my old see joe and uncle brooks you tell 'em i'll see you all when i get there
phallusdei my name :O
i wonder if some of you are talking about me
l l 040528
Borealis I still love you
I fear I will always love you
puredream "all i did to ashley for a year and a half was damage her, and it's your right as her friend to
shun me"

" honestly, i see myself as sort of a
plague, i tend to ruin people i get close to."

"then tell her, she's good at

"she's a nice girl"

"if you want peace, prepare for war"
witchesrequiem To cute, to funny and in a Hell called Texas..hhhuhuhuu 040615
Borealis ever felt utterly cleansed of something from your past that you thought you could never rid yourself of?


he's gone...
like the strange incurable disease that miraculously disappeared one day after a good night's sleep...

frick I hope this lasts a while
pete i know that feeling, it actually happened less than a week ago... left me feeling so much lighter and more alive...

andy... a brother... andy... a childhood friend... do i know any other andy's i wonder?
ll poops 041020
dreaming trees [i think i love you]

love me please
devalis Android. 051206
Ill take some ssss please Wants it ... needs it ... must get the preciousss! 061113
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