psyki "We're in love, we're in love, do you really think that makes us something?" - Jetenderpaul

"It doesn't matter, what might come true." - Mates of State

"All the devils in the world couldn't think of a more painful thing, than to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back." - Of Montreal

"Do you really believe that if I could dream, I would stumble all over myself to dream you with me?" - Pookey Bleum

"Here I stand sad and free. I can't cry and I can't see what I've done. Oh god, what have I done?" - Ben Folds Five

"This is my life, and it's going to be good, don't you know?" - The Dismemberment Plan

"I miss you, and I wonder how you feel about me too." - Weezer

"And I wanted to know you before you started to fade, but I gave everything to a lie and a farce and a fake." - Neutral Milk Hotel

"Don't be concerned, you know I'll be fine on my own." - Dashboard Confessional

"This is a song for you, in case I never make it through to where you are." - The Mountain Goats

"Sometimes you're wrong and I am right, but that's sometimes, not all the time." - Keepers of the Carpet

"All walls are great, if the roof doesn't fall." - Bjork

"I didn't really lose you, I just lost you for awhile." - Slowdive

"The night is only half alive." - John Vanderslice

"Every day I tell myself that I'm a lucky boy." - The Olivia Tremor Control

"Don't spend the rest of your life wondering." - They Might Be Giants

"The moon is closer to the sun than I am to anyone." - Nada Surf

"No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful. Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful." - They Might Be Giants

"Loneliness is cleanliness." - The Smashing Pumpkins

"I can't close my eyes, make it go away." - U2

"The louder I say I'm happy, the more I believe it's so." - Patience & Prudence

"I'm not a threat to myself or others." - God Lives Underwater

"It's just a little crush, not like I faint every time we touch." - Jennifer Paige

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather." - Outkast

"And then it catches up, and you notice what you're made of." - Mates of State

"Red - how I feel on the inside, how I feel on the outside." - Knodel

"Everything about you is so easy to love." - Muse

"Still waiting to hear from you, still wanting to be with you." - The Rocking Horse Winner

"Mechanical perfection, mechanical perfection, mechanical perfection, mechanical perfection, mechanical perfection, mechanical perfection." - Servotron

"So lonely inside, so busy out there." - Michelle Branch

"It's just the thought of you in love with someone else." - Weezer

"What was I thinking when I said it didn't hurt?" - Wilco

"It's a long way to find out who you are." - Enya

"She's a blur that's just barely there, but I still see her face everywhere." - Wispher

"When I catch my breath, it's you I breathe." - Michelle Branch

"You and me will never be fine." - The Beta Band

"Sail away, sail away, sail away." - Enya

"Then you wake up and remember that you can't forget." - Pet Shop Boys

"Every time I look at you pins me to the ground." - My Bloody Valentine

"Your waste of space is mine too." - My Bloody Valentine

"I've made a mess of everything I do." - Fine China

"It's not what you got that night, it's the sparkle in your eyes, a song about you." - The Rocking Horse Winner

"A destiny that leaves you wanting so much more." - Bis

"No one means what they say, and you can tell as clear as deep sea fish, all internal organs and glowing eyes." - The Dismemberment Plan

"I feel my luck could change." - Radiohead

"Like days that don't end, I know that we've been there." - The Rocking Horse Winner

"She never lies, but she eats me alive." - God Lives Underwater

"It's a nightmare that you'll never be discovering." - They Might Be Giants

"I can't control my brain." - Weezer

"Any time is better than now." - Mates of State

"I was lost, I was lost, crossed lines I shouldn't've crossed." - Coldplay

"I'll spend a long time letting you go." - Namelessnumberheadman

"What were you thinking, it's your life?" - Mates of State

"You should know I could never go on without you." - Coldplay

"Maybe I will never be all the things that I wanna be." - Oasis

"I can see I'm going nowhere, somewhere that I've already been." - PFR

"Lonesome tears, I can't cry them anymore, I can't think of what they're for, oh they ruin me every time." - Beck

"I was just guessing at numbers and figures, pulling the puzzles apart." - Coldplay

"Look at what you've done to me." - Disturbed

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just fine, I've realized I just don't like jokes." - The Dismemberment Plan

"Who am I to say this situation isn't great?" - Jason Mraz

"I'm blending, I'm blurring, I'm bleeding into the scenery." - Jewel

"Maybe I should try again, start over, let gravity have its way." - Namelessnumberheadman

"I just can't figure myself out, or what's surrounding me, or what I surround myself with." - God Lives Underwater

"What is forgiveness? It's just a dream." - And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

"You and me were never meant to be part of the future." - The Flaming Lips
epitome of incomprehensibility Near McGill University; during a discussion of Bill Gates:
"You know how the Greeks personified arts and sciences and stuff? Well, Bill Gates is the muse of geekiness."
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