andrea totally happy
feeling you enrich my life
day after day
touch after touch
perfectly aware
our time together is coming to an end
hour passes hour
minute drifts past minute
yet i know there's so
much more away from here
so much yet to come

copyright 2000
birdmad nothing anymore 000829
jennifer I know...I am
I know i'll never have that chance
to hold you close and keep you warm,
I know i'll never have that chance,
to walk with you hand in hand.
I know i'll never have that courage,
to ask you to dance,
I know i'll never have the courage,
to tell you how i feel.
I know i'll never be,
the girl of your dreams,
I know I'll never be,
the girl on the TV screen.
But what i am is this:
i am not perfect,
i am not yours,
i am not your dream,
i am not who you want.
But i am.
I am in love with you.

~angel in spirit
Syrope you're thinking something, i know you have an opinion on something..anything.
why won't you tell me? why do you laugh when i raise my head off your chest and ask "what do you think of me?"

i lay there and listen to your heartbeat and feel the warmth from your hands resting on my bare back...i know you can feel my nipples pressing into your chest. i know you think im a little crazy...i know you watch me when you dont think i can tell you're looking at me. just tell me what you want from me.
how unfortunate. but you don't. 020716
nightcrawler that i need to go to bed,
so i can sleep,
instead of wasting time
wishing i were someone else.and feeling the hotness
behind my eyes
hint at tears
that finally, i'm not willing to expose.
today was a day where i experienced
several real connections
with other people, surprisingly.
for once i didn't feel detached

i'm sick of hiding behind computer screens
and letting people hurt me
and still talking to those who do it
over and over again.
trying to build my own
only makes me confused about what i'm really
running from.
fiona apple and you can use my skin
to bury secrets in
and i will settle you down
and at my own suggestion,
i will ask no questions
while i do my thing in the background
but all the time, all the time
iíll know, iíll know
eklektic now i know that each of our emails are individual and special. he emailed me and told me to disregard an email that says anything about monopoly and other things i wouldnt know about because it was supposed to be to her. now i know he's not taking advantage of the copy and paste mechanisms. 020802
Sparticus that everything is going to be ok

for so many reasons

but mostly, for love
.x. blank walls .x. i know who you are.... i know who you are! see : what_do_i_do 040627
girl_jane I know you've read things on Blather that I've written. It doesn't bother me...

You said you read a couple then stopped because you felt guilty. Fine, but I know you've read more.
ungreat I know I'm that girl that you're planning your future house of cards around. I know i'm that girl that you're depending on to make it all better. I know you think i'm perfect and gorgeous and you put me on this pedestal even though i'm afraid of heights. you talk about moving in when you know i'm afraid of commitment. You tell me you love me five times a day, and some days i love you and some days i dont, and i hate lying to you like that, but you dont let me not say it because i know that your heart's still broken you and i know thats why you'd rather let me lie. I know you love me, and will love me no matter what. I just don't know why you let me be in control, because i'm driving us down a rocky road and i'm pretty sure there's a cliff at the end. Did you know i'm afraid of heights baby? 080220
ungreat i know that your husband likes to cyber. i know that he's a total ass. i know he thinks he's mr. wonderful. i know he doesn't give a rats ass. not about you, not about anyone. jus this little computer his little plug in friend. i wish i could watch him fry when he gets electrocuted but wishes don't come true. not even on christmas. not even on birthdays. not even on stars. so pinochio will never be a real boy sister dear no no no. he won't even fane the resemeblence of a man. just so you know you'd be better off alone. 081221
Doar This has been an age that grows on us,
this withered few, a glance at the time we have spent here, watching as the leaves begin again.

This numbered few who fed a darkened fire, who exhaled when others breathed.


that discourse lost is not lost,
a sand trail is not a trail,
a sound from your heart is still a pulse upon my hand.

you, who have my pulse in a small kettle in your hearth, a sound, a small sound.....

Ungreat In the quiet moments I know I will never love you the same. I know you will never love me the way I need to be loved. I know that I should walk away. I know that one day I will.

Perhaps I never loved you the right way either. Perhaps I've become more unstable.

But I know the scar I bear from 3 years ago still sings stingingly into my ear. And my heart screams "Run!". I know what to do but I stay planted, firmly rooted in this mess. I cry, I scream. You don't know. You don't ask.

This is never going to stop. I know.
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