? ... 010517
unhinged humanitarian 010520
bloodhound gang "I hate lesbian feminists cuz they're all so damn ugly." 010520
j_blue eww

but for reals, feminists can be a bit wrong sometimes (in every sense of the word, with a higher frequency than normal)

not to talk shit though

if hatred of women is misogyny, what is hatred of men??
silentbob "People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute."
(Rebecca West)
dove Here's another one: If feminists believe women are equal to men, what do chauvenists believe? 020722
Sailor Jupiter I am one. 020722
Syrope misandry is the opposite of misogyny 020723
calum bawdy tubthumper 030729
Shaun humanitarian?Moe like woman supremacists. 040419
hyena "feminism is the radical notion that women are people."

"all extremists should be taken out and shot."
thieums Woman, without her man, is nothing. (boys saying)

Woman ! Without her, man is nothing. (girls saying)
bean dip feminists are hypocrites. they scream "equality" at rallies and hold signs in protest, but when they come home at the end of the day this is what happens.
"hey dear how was your day?" husband
"oh you know... fine" feminist
"so after dinner do you want to mow the lawn?" husband
"oh come on im too tired. why dont you mow the lawn? you have more energy than me. i'll clean up the dishes" feminist
"nah i got stuff to do. you want equality right? well do what i do and mow the lawn."

because of these feminists our power as women to play the whole "weak" role is being ruined. no longer shall we be able to sit at home on our asses and watch tv! since we want to be "equal" to men this means we have to not only go out and get a high paying job, but come home to do manual labor that for hundreds of years has been the man's job. eventually man will regress into the role of women and we will do all of the work. it isn't a bad thing to take on the roll of our mothers and grandmothers as housewives but now because of all of these flaming feminists out there that option to be a simple housewife is being taken away from us. pro choice! stop those feminists!!!
Emptyness Alive my sisters called a feminist when she speaks of differences between her and a doormat 060523
feminist Yes, what a woe for men to mow the lawns. Horrific. And mowing a lawn is significantly harder than dealing with staggering rape and violence rates (about 1 third of college men, in replicated studies, admit that they would rape a woman if they could get away with it) or female genital mutilation in which the clitoris is sliced off (sometimes with the whole labia as well) with a shard of glass and the vagina repeatedly sewn and broken to stay "tight" for the hubby, still widely practised on millions in many African regions, or making 78 cents of a man's dollar for doing the same job for the same hours, or a society that propogates women willingly spending ridiculous money on clothes or makeup to further the idea that sexual appearance is a lady's only real asset - and thus she is treated accordingly, or the fact that every one of you probably knows at least five girls who seem way too insecure but you can't duplicate that effect in males...yeah, honey, it's about mowing the fucking lawn.

And for the record, the statistics show that females still do more housework.

So quit whining, you little brat.

(This, for the record, is for everyone who is too ignorant to even make such accusations satirically!)
LS Its all about respect, if you ask me. Any role, for men OR women, would be fine if they got respect while enacting it. I think its horrific that some women in other countries are forced to get vaginal tightenings with substandard equipment(torturous), but on the other side of the coin, in california, women pay out incredible amounts of money for that very same procedure. Its unfortunate and true, that the average woman earns a quarter less than a man at the same job, but women are also more likely to be hired by large corporations than men.

I am ignorant of the experiences that inspire women to become empassioned feminists. I hear from them and from history how terrible they have been treated. The situations and events that they site, however, are completely alien to me. How could I ever really understand?

The one thing I would really like to know is is being a feminists about being an empowered women, or is it about hating men?
feminist Personally, I'm an avid feminist, and have a boyfriend and a good chunk of male friends. I certainly don't hate them.

A good bit of intelligent feminism is about *not* generalizing; about breaking down the borders between genders rather than reinforcing them. Hating anyone will not improve the living conditions of women.

You can learn as much from the common media representation of feminism as you can about Islam: the extremist angle.

I also don't believe that just because a woman is willing to do something, that makes it okay. Women, for example, are willing to bend their lives backwards in order to avoid rape - and I don't think it's okay that rape is seen as this obvious and inevitable occurrence in which the only logical thing to do is hope it's a different woman it happens to, because you've worn the long pants and walked on the right road and are firmly holding your car keys in one hand and followed all the other contradictory and often downright amusing "safety tips". Nobody talks about preventing rapists, just preventing yourself from being raped. Whose responsibility is it exactly if a woman is raped? Juries, according to studies, are less likely to believe a raped woman who didn't follow the safety tips.

I don't hate all men nor love all women. But I'm not a fan of gender inequality.
LS I'm sorry, but I still don't understand. When you say equality what do you mean? 060524
unhinged i wish the real definition of this word was social, political, economic equality of the sexes

but what it really means to those that are threatened (i.e. men) is that a girl should give it up whenever he wants it, but as soon as she starts clamoring about equality he starts saying she's a bitch, incapable because of her hormones, as if men don't do stupid things like start wars because of their hormones all the time.

aggression is ok if you are the aggressor
oppression is ok if you are the oppressor

the greediness of human nature, only fed by most of our societal structures, doesn't want equality. 'if that person has the same as me, it diminishes my status. i can't be diminished.'

is tired of a society where all interaction is about the power struggle
what's it to you?
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