oren "There is nothing to fear but beer itself." ~Wayne (from: fear) 051023
. But there is an infamous and odd sort of beauty in the forlorn white teacup lost in the papered shelves of Halloween paraphernalia in a withered up drugstore.

-- dipperwell from the_most_prolific_blatherer
oren "i would be pissed if someone went back in time and treated beethoven's obsessive depression or mozart's ADHD."


(from: i_m_not_excited_about_music_anymore)
oren make that:

unreal "Any substance that can create both the Haiku and the Holocaust is something to be regarded with suspicion."


(from: brain)
oren "i would like to slay the creator of the 'one beer' myth... there is no such thing as one beer, that's a great big fat lie."


(from: myth)
oren "that stupid fucking duck hunt dog. always laughing at if he could even hold a rifle." ~stork daddy in nintendo_music. 051105
oren "On the South side of the bay between the ocean and the bridge there was a path that ran along the steep edge there. As I was walking along I came upon an old fence post standing beside the trail by itself. It was covered with objects nailed tied, or jammed into the cracks in its surface, keys, bus tokens, earrings, calling cards, all sorts of signs of humans passing, pausing, leaving a marker. I reached into my wallet and withdrew an elementary school lunch token that I had found months earlier while walking around Bar Harbor Maine. I had felt drawn to pick it up then, and I felt drawn now to place it here on the other side of the continent. And so I wedged this orange round object into a crack took time to see and feel this moment,then continued on toward Golden Gate park.
Blather reminds me of this sometimes. Seeing the signs that others have left, leaving things yourself, sometimes things that you picked up without realising why." ~tourist (in san_francisco)
oren "sometimes the desiring of something is better than getting it"

~anne-girl (from: desire)
oren I asked and it said "my sources say yes".

however the 8 ball denied having any sources.

~yummyC (from:magic_8_ball)
oops make that magic_8_ball. 051106
oren Ever notice how putting any word in front of.."..Uranus." sounds so fucking funny?

Rocket to be launched from Uranus.

Monkey found on Uranus.

Godzilla licked Uranus.

.....and the ever popular...

Gaseous clouds around Uranus.
Makes you wonder...don't it??

cresentwhench (from: uranus)
u24 "There is something out of the ordinary about this whole thing."
from dallas on strange

**Real American Heros music plays**
((denotes the singing guy in the background who says funny stuff))

((Real American Heeeerroooos))
Here's to you,
All you blathering Blathermen,
typing perilessly into the
blue, all night, all day
((you're not geeks, we promise!))
expressing truths, lies, all of it
thoughtfully, emotionally
((are the chicks watching?))
You know what it means to put
all of yourself out there
for millions of strangers to see
((and not get arrested!))
So crack open an ice-cold
-beverage of choice-
You emotional, expressive,
blathermen, you.
((Cause you know the blatherwomen
love you!))

**fade out**

~Sintina (from: blathermen)
Death of a Rose Wow ... this really IS blather_sex! Will you still respect me in other blathes?

oren from blather_sex

Sintina "i think a grown-up is one who acknowledges that they will always be a child. and a child is one who thinks that they are a grown-up."

so true!

andru235- a_question_for_grownup_skites
Sintina "Wait for a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, wait for the one who turns to his friends and says,"...that's her."

Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you."

You're awesome, man.

Syrope- waiting_for_you
oren I won a fish in a plastic bag at a carnival, from throwing quarters into these little fishbowls filled with water.
Really, I was trolling for single guys
at the carnival, but most of them were
more scaly than the fish was.
While the fish swam in circles in the plastic bag, I circled the midway, but neither of us found anything worthwhile.
So we went home together.

DarklingDuck (from: fish)
oren I sing, people cringe,
the proof is in the look on their faces.

~sameolme (from how_do_you_prove_your_existence)
oren i guess that means we're going to need a lot of duct tape

visibly hidden (from: morning_has_broken)
z And Science has overlooked this, this most salient of facts about nature: that nature is a novelty conserving engine. And that from the very first moments of that most improbable big bang, novelty has been conserved because in the very beginning there was only an ocean of energy pouring into the universe.

Terence McKenna - timewave_zero - 031210
meta meta 051213
oren i always wanted to wrap my legs around the belly of a cello, feeling the deep vibrations on my inner thighs as i slowly swept my forearm across the edge of its torso, with its neck resting lightly on mine

jane (from: cello)
Syrope i'm honored :) 060216
oren boppity boppity bop

nibble nibble nibble

scurry scurry scurry

procreate procreate procreate

evolve for gods sake evolve!!

Sol (from: rabbits) 010418
The Heretic The Heretic
egger ... 060829
oren Many people ask: What would Jesus do? A better question might be: What would jesus do for a Klondike bar?

Posted by Calidor on 020701
Blathe: truths
oren i saw a crab crawl on the beach, put a pebble to his ear, and listen to the land

Posted by Vanessa in pebble on 040819
unhinged 'we should all have meta stamped on our foreheads right now'

you know who you are and when you said it ;-)
oren and Abraham said to God,

I'm sorry, you'll have to speak into the microphone,

and God said

oh i'm sorry, is this better? check check, check check

Posted by stewie in oh_I'm_sorry on 061120
panda that was worse than cancer. 090720
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